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Wedding Photography is so very specialized and takes years and years to perfect as each wedding is different in so many ways – time of year, weather, venue, indoors/outdoors, type of wedding photography requested – candid, storybook, creative/artistic, number of people and so much more and so years of experience, as I have, makes ‘all’ the difference.

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I have a passion and love for photograhy (was the yearbook photographer in Grade 4 - yes, you read that corretly) and all music and also am a musician and have been so from an early age - piano/organ, guitar, drums. Most photographers do the minimum and delete half the photos they take and then charge you for the full files if they even give them to you at all - I don't! And, most DJs just sit and play music at your wedding while I stand up, entertain and engage with everyone and play the music that you and your family, friends and guests want to hear and dance to, so the dance floor stays packed all night long and everyone had a great time - even the older folks who often get 'passed over' at weddings.

From the beginning (age 17) I realized that by having my own business I'd be free to do more than the basics, get more creative, charge less than most yet exceed their expectations and more 'interactive' with everyone as there'd be no 'middle-man' involved to tell me what to do. This has worked very well for me but more for my valued clients as there is always immediate and 'direct communication' from the beginning of the planning process to well after your wedding is over.

In a word - passion! I have a very real 'passion' for both photography and music and so have built my life and career around these two passions and they work so well with each other and actually compliment each other. No one does both - I do, and do both very well. Please ask and I will email you the many, many reviews that I've had over the years! And, I'm 'in shape' and well dressed and groomed, unlike most, so will 'compliment' your wedding day and evening and will even match the colours that you've chosen for your special wedding day.