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4311 12 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 4P9, Canada

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No family left behind. That is our motto at World Financial Group.

Everyone has financial stress. I help reduce that stress by providing financial education. For some Understanding finances is as clear as muddy water at best. For others, its so overwelming that you can make a sandcastle with that mud.

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I get to meet many families in many different situations and help them go from positions of despair, to hope and empowerment. To building their once forgotten dreams and being able to help realize them.

Learning about finances and how money works at 40 and wishing that someone taught me when I was in high school. Being able to Implement these strategies when I was 20. Would have left me with a more secure future for myself, my children, family and friends. Now I help other families in similar situations or younger families and individuals learn how money works.
If I was able to put these strategies in place when I was 20. I could have retired by 40. Now at 45, My plans to save for my twins education and retire early are in place and on track. All I wish for is to be able to help other families reach their financial goals and dreams.

I’m passionate about what I do. Not because of the actual money management. But because of those families. There is nothing greater than getting hugs after enlightening my clients and giving their dreams and goals back to them. If that’s retirement savings. Saving for a little ones education. Savings in general through bill reduction and higher paying savings options.

I can’t always make the kind of change that get that kind of response. I aim for that goal to make sure that I can give my clients the best options with the best company and product to meet their needs. It’s about you and your family and your future.

My company has multiple partnerships with major professional money managers with multiple products offered. Unlike most advisors that can only work within their companies products. I can make sure that the product I select works best for you.

My consultations are free. 100% of your funds go towards your investment options, not to me. The company that you are investing with pays me.

I do not have any metrics that I need to meet as an employee. Nor do I upsell you a product to make a better commission. I can work with you at your pace and timeframe to make sure that you get the best options availbe at that time.

Meeting remotely via video calls (zoom) is my more prefered method. If you prefer to meet in person. We can discuss those options as well

Video calls and digital paperwork have made meeting in person with clients a thing of the past. Everyone is safe. For those that prefer that hands on exchange. I am vacinated and I constantly sanitize my hands, wear a mask all while maintaining distance while indoors.


Most families live paycheque to paycheque with little left over at the end of the month. Creating extra cash flow and reducing debt go hand in hand. I help you by analyzing your family's financial situation and look for ways to both increase cash flow and reduce debt, without sacrificing lifestyle.

Do you know how much savings you need in case of an emergency? Most people use credit cards or lines of credit as their emergency funds, but those often come with high interest and sometimes have annual fees. I help you build an emergency savings so unexpected events don't derail your goals and dreams and you stay out of debt.

As your family grows, I help make sure your wealth grows as well. Building and preserving wealth is key to ensure you maintain and increase your family's standard of living as time goes on. I help you put in place an estate preservation plan for your family so you can pass your accumulated wealth onto your loved ones with a minimal tax burden.

Are your assets and family income protected? The foundation of every financial house is proper asset and income protection. Life is always unpredictable and I help you prepare your family for everything life can throw at them.

For some Understanding finances is as clear as muddy water at best. For others, its so overwelming that you can make a sandcastle with that mud. First and foremost I try to educate individuals and families about finances so that its clear again. Break myths and empower you with your financial decisions.