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L.A. Tan

Toronto, ON


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2 August 2020

I love LA Tan.  I've been going there for years however, I don't think that every year you should have to pay a $50 reactivation fee. For this reason, I won't be going back More...

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5 January 2020

By far the best tanning salon in the city of Toronto. It has been over a year since I have come here and plan on coming as long as I can. The employees of LA Tan are experts in the field of tanning; they are honest and caring with their opinions. The line of lotion selection at LA Tan is excellent. There is always a new line of choice in the lotion. The LA Tan staff are there to help select what cream is best for one to use when starting and what one to use once one begins to get a darker skin tone. When I first came to LA Tan, I started out doing 6 minutes, then 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and finally, the ultimate limit of 12 minutes. It can take somewhat of a while to have a colour tone one wants to have. As a member for more than a year, I have noticed newcomers concerned that they are not dark. Depending on the skin tone of one, it can take a bit of a while. I will use myself as an example. When I first came to LA Tan, I came pale. Literally. It took two and a half months to three months for myself, as well for one, to notice a difference in my tan skin tone. It takes patience, and with it, one will have the colour tan tone one will want to have. Again, LA Tan is a must-go-to! More...

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