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I am a piano and music theory teacher. As my parents worked in the music industry, I showed interest in music at a very young age. I was trained as a classical pianist. After finishing my degree, I also studied harmony and arrangements in jazz and modern music. That allows me to play and teach different styles.

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My favourite aspect of teaching is getting to know my students. Every one of you is different and has a different learning style. By discovering how you think and learn, I can build a personalized approach for each of you.

During my 17 years teaching, I have worked with many different methodologies and gathered tons of resources and skills. When I teach, I combine all those resources so I can tailor your lesson according to your preferences and ideal learning style.

I also was a music school academic manager for 7 years before starting my own music studio. During that time I addressed parents and students' demands and concerns and mentored students to help them achieve their professional careers.