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Jeffrey Crelinsten

Toronto, ON

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In my experience, the key to success in life is knowing yourself and finding a way to help others so they can help you. My coaching practice is focused on helping individuals find ways to improve their lives and learn new ways to build resilience and empathy for themselves and others.

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I love coaching because people are so different yet we all face similar challenges and I enjoy helping connect the larger picture of being human with the details of living a fulfilling life.
I love my publishing and consulting work because of the smart people I meet and the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers, investors and social innovators to make a difference for Canada and Canadians.

My inspiration for my coaching practice came from seeing how empowering it was for me to have mentors on my own journey who cared enough to listen and share their wisdom and experience with me. One of my mentors helped me understand human psychology and how to navigate relationships, both personal and professional. Another mentor helped me understand that the key to successful business in any field is creating value for your customer. This secret applies to employees as well as entrepreneurs, and to not-for-profits and government as well as companies, big and small. My professional path started as a prof teaching undergraduates, but I left to do a PhD in history of science and science policy. At the same time I began writing radio and TV documentaries and got hooked. My freelance writing morphed into starting a consulting business with another consultant and we acquired a publishing company along the way. He left to run two other firms we started and I now run the consulting and publishing companies with my own team.

I'm passionate about helping people learn about themselves and how to identify their strengths and build self esteem, self-confidence and the ability to help others. I can help you recognize self-defeating habits, accept reality and develop the courage to make important life decisions. For those of you dealing with career issues, I can help you understand how the working world functions. I have diverse experience with public and private sector organizations and can help you figure out where you can add value and how to go after what you want.

Yes. I have a Zoom account and can invite you to online video meetings.

Since the beginning of the pandemic I have moved all of my business online. I work with customers via email, text, phone and Zoom. All sessions will be via Zoom or phone.


After an introductory discussion (typically an hour), we jointly decide if you want to continue working together. We map out your career goals, your dream job(s), what you can offer, what gaps you need to fill (if any), research you can do, potential contacts and any personal issues you may want to address that can affect your career success.
I have extensive experience working with entrepreneurs, executives, policy makers, colleges and universities, government agencies, investors, startup and scaleup firms and not-for-profit organizations. I know and understand different work cultures and how to adapt and create value. I've given career advice to young people starting out as well as middle career people looking for new opportunities.

Sometimes all you need is to talk with someone neutral about your hopes and fears, your goals, your experiences and the challenges you're currently facing. Whether it's about changing habits, dealing with relationships, gaining confidence, exploring spirituality, professional development or any other personal issue, I can help you develop positive and constructive ways to address challenges and seize opportunities, based on a strong foundation of self-esteem and empathy for others.