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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


I am a certified personal trainer, as well as a certified purple belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor

I have certifications in Strength Training for fat loss and conditioning.
I also specialize in self defence training for women and children.

I can work either in person or remotely/Online

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9 customer reviews

5 April 2022

Personal Trainers

We were very impressed with Jason’s knowledge. In particular, the variety of exercises and approaches worked well at my level of fitness

8 February 2022

Jason is awesome! Got me motivated to work out regularly. Started feeling much more energetic after working out.

8 February 2022

Personal Trainers

Jason was awesome. He made me enjoy working out and he’s always very engaging. Withins 2 weeks I was already motivated to start workout on my own. After a while I started noticing changes in my body and realized I was stronger also. I would definitely recommend Jason to whoever needs a personal trainer. More...

Jason's Mobile Gainz

Reply from Jason's Mobile Gainz

Ella you made it a pleasure to help coaching you to your goals, looking forward to adding in the jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing.

25 October 2021

I have been working with Jason for almost 3 months. Really enjoy the training sessions, lots of variety, gives options for modifications when needed, very knowledgeable, and always asks how I’m keeping active the days we aren’t working together.
My strength has definitely increased, I have more energy, noticing changes in body composition, and feel my posture has improved.
Jason genuinely cares about helping his clients. So glad I made the decision to train with him!

10 October 2021

Personal Trainers

Jason is an amazing personal trainer who truly cares about the overall wellbeing of his clients. When I met Jason, I had a very negative attitude about exercise but I needed to make a change in my life because my health was being impacted. I'd had a previous negative experience at 9Round gym that left me with tendinitis in my right shoulder so I was skeptical but desperate. From our first contact Jason put me at ease. He listened to my fears and built a routine to fit me. Throughout the entire experience he listened to me and adjusted as I needed. He never pushed to hard or put me down when I could not do something, instead, he would come at it from a different angle until I could eventually meet the goal. This was completely opposite from my experience at 9Round and helped heal me from the trauma of that experience. Now, 3+ months after working with Jason I have lost 24+ lbs, something I thought impossible when I began. I wholeheartedly recommend Jason as a trainer but would remind any potential client that as great as Jason is, he does not do magic. This has to be a team effort and you will get out of the experience what you put in. If you are willing to work with Jason and follow his guidance then you will for sure see the results! Thank Jason...you are awesome! More...

25 August 2021

Personal Trainers

I hired Jason on May 24th and I started training with him on the 26th.

It was fun training with him cos its a combination of different kinds of exercises? Core exercise, Kick boxing and martial arts. Jason is always patient explaining each exercises with me even though most times I would forget. lol.

I am outdoorsy person but I did not realize that I am sooooo out of shape. Hahaha. I thought being active is enough to be in shape but I was wrong. In fact, I had a hard time lifting 20 lbs of kettlebells and I could not believe it.

Anyway, I have noticed on the first month that I was getting stronger (able to lift 20 lbs no problem) and my body composition was changing too. I was getting discouraged when I was not seeing any changes on the scale but when I was able to wear the clothes I bought in 2011 I was ecstatic!!! I still weigh myself everyday though and kept going with the training. Btw, I was 144 lbs when I started and my weight for the entire June was fluctuating in between 144 lbs and 140 lbs.

In July after some cheat days cos of Canada day, I weigh myself on July 4th and my weight was 139.3 lbs and I screamed cos I was so happy. LOL. I was so motivated to keep going. Fast forward to July 28th. My weight was 134.4 lbs. I have lost a total of 9.2 lbs in 2 months. I wish I can upload pictures to show the before and after as well as my weight progress. I have recorded it on myfitnesspal. Also, some friends have said I have "abs"! hahahahaha. I was over the moon. LOL

Jason is very decent and a kind coach. I have only known him for almost 3 months but when things are falling apart. He was also there to listen and give me some advises. I truly highly recommended him to everyone. By the way, I still have one more session left.. yep, I stopped for almost a month cos I have too much on my plate right now and I told him, I wont continue. He replied "No you've got one more left and we are going to do it. I am not gonna give up on giving you your monies worth". So folks, hire him! He is not only going to give you results but you know that he is not going to run away after you've paid him. Plus, you would learn some self defense too!!!!

I am so happy to meet you Jason. Thank you for making me "beach ready"! hahahaha

10 May 2021

Personal Trainers

I contacted Jason via Bark, he got in touch with me right away.
We chat a couple of times, he answered my questions and concerns and we met. He gave me a free trial class. We have been exercising for a month already. Jason is very clear explaining the exercises. I highly recommend him. More...

10 May 2021

Personal Trainers

Great workout and focus on my goals.
He has been very flexible and very helpful.

10 February 2021

My time spent with Jason has been worthwhile and fantastic. He's personable, friendly, professional, and is always available when I'm struggling or need help.

His workouts are easy to follow and get results.

In my 6 weeks with him as my trainer I've lost 12.5 lbs of fat (who knows how much I've gained in muscle because I can feel them working), and lost 5 3/8 inches over all.

I'm tickled pink at the progress and look forward to continuing this journey.

Thank you so much, Jason!


By asking lots of questions to really get down to what they really want and need, as well as building the program to fit along side their goals that consistently pushes them to do better each time, as well as listen to what the client is saying and adjusting the routine to fit what they can do that day.
Wouldn't be beneficial to try and make them do squats if their knee is hurting them.

Knowing that it took years to get to the point you're at right now, so expecting something to change over night is unrealistic and sets the client up for failure, as well if you want something to change you are going to have to make changes to your life and consistently work towards your goals.
There is no magic pill!

The fact of seeing people change for the better and in so many different ways, I've helped a man regain the ability to walk up and down his stairs in his house, I've helped train a older gentleman in self defence and his girlfriend has commented on the benefits that has come from that training.
All in all I love the fact that I can say I have made positive impacts on a lot of peoples lives.

I made the jump to a Personal coach after my jiujitsu professor said her brother was looking for trainers and since I had been helping instruct the classes I thought it would be a great career move.
I was head hunted by the general manager of Fitness on the Go and the freedom and possibilities were to good to pass up so I made the move to be an independent contractor and haven't looked back.

I listen to the client and try to work with what they are feeling but won't sacrifice the quality of the workout, for example if the client has a knee issue that day and we were going to do squats, I'll adjust the workout so that instead of putting load on the knees we'll target a different area like the core or anything upper body wise.

Another reason is I bring many training options to the table, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, strength training, Muay Thai kickboxing, so I have many options in my tool belt to create a workout routine that gets the client the results they want and need and when the hour is up they feel like they've only been training for 20 minutes.


Covers basic movements and attacks that could happen and how to deal with them and not freeze up on the spot.

Increase mobility and cardio.

Learn to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Strength training for fat loss and conditioning

Programs built to fit your goals.

Exercises include free weight, kettle bell or body weight.

In home, in the gym, or online/remote training available

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu self defense