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I'm a shameless manifesting addict who started studying and implementing universal principles to change my own life 18 years ago. Then when I got good at it and had my own results, people noticed. Lucky for me helping others with it became a pass time.

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I love the energy that comes from helping people realize the changes and the ideas they have for a better life! When they realize they can get results with something as abstract as a manifesting framework, there's a huge surge of empowerment that happens and it's like a light turns on for them.

Being informed by my doctors that the job I had been doing...one I'd manifested for myself, I might add...wasn't going to cut it for me. I had to find another type of employment because going to work every day was making me sick. Thank God it was nothing that couldn't be helped, and eventually, I recovered.

When I was speaking with a friend one day and explaining my frustration with the situation, he pointed out that I was already coaching on this topic. At first, I thought the idea was a wee bit wacky, but I couldn't think of anything I'd want to do more, and I realized that as scary it was to make such a big change, this was my solution. So I got certified, and the rest is history.

Even though we've got these powerful universal principles that we use all the time, not everyone notices how things actually come into being. The idea of manifesting is often thought of as evil or requires rituals. That's not what I've found at all.

It's natural to use universal laws; that's why they exist. The best part is you don't have to be perfect to get results!

I've created pathways to take you through the process of co-creating what you want. You can start as the newest manifesting enthusiast and know nothing about it. Here's how it works;

*Join Powered UP FREE.
*Show up to some events and take something away each time.
*When you're ready to invest in your development, you can start at a moment's notice and follow the entire learning pathway at your own pace. The learning gets deeper as you go.
*If you're a more advanced student of manifesting, pick and choose what you need the most right now.
*Keep going until you're getting the results you desire.
*If you feel you need 1:1 coaching because you're stuck or want more personalized attention, book a clarity call with me, and we'll chat.

Here's something super important. I only work with people who are interested in co-creating their life with the help of universal/spiritual principles. And I'm serious about you getting results you're happy with.

Here's why I've built a learning pathway for manifesting upfront;

> I want us to get to know a bit about each other before you decide to invest in 1:1 coaching.
> I want you to know what I'm about and what to expect before you decide to commit.
> 1:1 coaching is deep inner work and if done right, it gets you results fast. That means you want to be ready to do that work.
> I find that clients who've learned manifesting principles before they start working 1:1 get better results and know what to expect.
> The most significant part of coaching happens between our sessions. That means once you've purchased 1:1 coaching, I'll be in communication with you almost daily for the set period of time you've chosen. There's more about that on my coaching services website at:

I only offer remote services.

I coach 1:1 with the help of zoom or a phone call. Getting distracted during a coaching session is a big no-no! Deep listening to my clients is what makes the difference. That means I don't like doing video calls in this instance because I find I do better with just voice for 1:1 coaching. There may be other opportunities to do a video call though.

My iylc.me website offers community-based learning and interaction. That's where you'll find memberships, courses, etc. I include group-styled coaching with most offers on that website.

No changes are needed since all my coaching is done virtually.


Ready to dip your toes into manifesting waters? Get ready to have it demystified and revealed as something altogether natural that you can easily learn to do.

Powered UP FREE- Price: 0
Built on three mini-courses to start your journey with, it's a convenient one-stop point for all our free content. There's no need to go anywhere else to find it.

Powered UP Essential- $7/Month USD
Add to FREE with a low monthly cost.

Get access to a more co-creative experience with weekly live streams, a monthly technique, and a monthly event for all types of manifesting students.

Powered UP Premium-$27/Month USD
You get access to FREE and Essential at no extra cost.

The foundation of Premium is 12 targeted mini-courses each dealing with a different aspect of manifesting. You also get your own community, a monthly book club episode, and a group meditation experience.

Powered UP Advanced-$47/Month USD
You get FREE, Essential, and Premium at no additional cost.

Advance your co-creative experience with a monthly group coaching session to add perspective and get the most supportive experience.

Take a dive into accelerating your energy and mastering emotional guidance.

Offered once per month at $27 USD

Take ownership of your co-creation by learning about the elements that make the LOA work like it's magic even though it's not. This is a 4-day immersive experience like no other.

Offered 4 times per year at $57 USD.

This is a 12-month expedition into universal principles and how they help you realize each and every desire you have. It's obsessively nerdy but a lot of fun with a crackerjack community for support and guidance.

Offered one time per year at $997 USD.

Take it from someone who started manifesting to change their finances; there's a specific flow to money. You have to get into that glorious cash cascade and stay there if you're gonna change your financial future. Yes, attraction is attraction, but lots of people quit trying because of a sticking point with money. Or maybe I should say some are "not-so-sticky" when it comes to the currency equation.

Re-frame your money beliefs and find out exactly what to do to turn on the flow and keep it on for good.

Offered twice per year at $197 USD

Do you secretly snicker when someone mentions the all-consuming vision board? I've heard from plenty of people it never did anything for them. And on closer inspection, that's sometimes because a vision board is akin to vision-eering in that not everybody is supremely talented with it.

If you've ever thought in your whiniest voice, "Aaaah, I can't visualize. It's too hard!" then this is for you.

Our 2-day workshop will give you insider info on how to know what you really want, see into the future that you desire with vivid clarity, and how to be stunningly tempting to it so it appears before your very eyes.

Offered twice per year at $97 USD

Do you ever feel when you listen to people talk about manifesting that you have to change who you are to succeed? If you're wondering, with all you've heard about the Law Of Attraction, why you have to be positive or change your thoughts, things aren't making sense to you yet. If you're finding it hard to control your emotions, you're still very much in a trial and error stage.

The solution to overcoming these significant challenges comes down to your image of yourself.

When you're manifesting your dream life, each part of it requires a bit of adjustment, and there's no better place to do that than in your imagination. It's life-changing!

Offered once per year at $497 USD.

You're the logical sort, and trusting your inner knowing (or instincts if you prefer), isn't the easiest thing to do. When faced with a huge decision, you sometimes envy those that seem to be able to throw all rationale out the window and go with their inner guidance. After all, it works out so well for them. Or maybe...

You say you're the spiritual type and you just know you have intuition because you've used it before. The trouble is that it's often AWL and difficult to find when you need it the most.

IN-Sight Your Intuition is for anyone who's ever struggled with doubting themselves or connecting to the deeper knowledge of their inner genie.

Offered once per year at $197 USD

If you've been part of a really great mastermind group, you know it's a thrilling experience totally unto itself. The idea behind it is credited to author Napoleon Hill. It appeared in his classic book from 1937, called Think And Grow Rich. He was inspired by this divine idea because of his time and many convos with industrialist Andrew Carnegie.

Mr. Hill believed that when two or more people come together focusing on a purpose with an aim to work together harmoniously for it, a "mastermind," is created and with it, extraordinary things are achieved.

A mastermind is a co-creative effort of the best kind, with people coming together and contributing to a huge solution-oriented fiesta. It puts you in the right place with the right people, ideas, and resources. This one is for your huge-ass goal!

Offered once per year at $1197 USD

If you're wondering where personal, private coaching comes in, then listen up, friend. Sometimes you just gotta have more than group coaching or a course. That's the truth. Here's where it might come in handy.

*Personal coaching can be for people who are super-stuck in one place and probably have been for some time.
*Or if you've got a big goal that you're working on, one that's very important to you.
*And you're ready to do that intense inner work to make changes in your life permanent ones.
*Also if you want more personalized attention to make things go faster. Much faster!

I offer a six-month or a twelve-month package called Unlimited You Coaching. These packages come in two different ways.

1. You get one, 15-minute laser coaching call per weekday. Why laser coaching?
> Laser coaching is fast.
> It keeps you focused on what's most important right now.
> You get targeted feedback and tools to help you deal with the issue at hand.
> You don't get overwhelmed with too much to think about or to do at once.
> It's efficient and makes the most of your time.
> And if you stick with it, with a bit of time you can make big, quantum leap type strides.

2. Because coaching is a process and breakthroughs are often made after the session is over, you still have access to me at any time through a special site that helps keep everything organized and ready to go for you.
> All of your important paperwork is in there.
> I check in with you every weekday we don't have a session to see how you're doing.
> You can send me a message with questions at any time.
> I send you homework, reflections, and exercises through the site or the app that can be done right there at your convenience.
>You can send me feedback about our session.
> I send motivation and inspiration the same way.
> I'll remind you of things that are waiting for you to get 'em done.
> I'll be there supporting you, cheering you on, listening to you, and celebrating you with each win.

Here are the choices for coaching:

* Unlimited You 6-month package
* Unlimited You 12-month package

!!! Please feel free to email for pricing!!!
***Payment plans are available***

Okay, coaching is great but what if you don't need those laser coaching sessions? What if you want some of the benefits of coaching and definitely want the results, but at a smaller price?

That's where I step in with manifesting mentoring. This gives you some of the personalized attention but without some of the cost.

Here's what you get:

Personal access to me at any time through a special site that helps keep everything organized and ready to go for you.
>All of your important paperwork is in there.
> I check in with you every weekday to see how you're doing co-creatively.
> You can send me a message with questions at any time.
> I send you homework, reflections, and exercises through the site or the app that can be done right there at your convenience.
> I send motivation and inspiration the same way.
> I'll remind you of things that are waiting for you to get 'em done.
> I'll be there supporting you, cheering you on, listening to you, and celebrating you with each win.

You can choose from a 6-month mentoring package or a 12-month mentoring package.

Please feel free to email me for pricing.

***Payment plans are available***