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Please note that we find the quality of inquiries on BARK to be mostly suspect, so we do not purchase credits very often. If you are interested, our contact info is readily available and we are easy to find online and are happy to share portfolio samples, quotes/estimates in a simple and quick manner - we won't chase you down for your business.

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Designing the information experience first and most importantly - stop pretending that you know better than us. That is why you are paying us to do something - because we have way more experience, knowledge and capabilities than you.

You don't want us doing your taxes, but when it comes to branding, design, web, marketing, photography/videography, advertising and growth marketing - you will not find a better partner.

What are your growth, business and brand goals?

From there, we reverse engineer the path to get you there.

We all want more customers.
We all want to have those customers spend more with us.
We all want them to be our customers longer.

Our creative process ignores all of the jargon and fancy buzzwords and focuses on what is going to actually deliver results for you and your business/idea/campaign/product/brand/service.

And then we go and build it and do the actual work.

We need to make sure you are financially sound and can afford our services and that you have a solid business plan, are legitimate in the business community and are smart.

We like smart people, we learn from and get excited by smart people.

Seeing people turn their small businesses into brands that get acquired, that grow from $10,000 in sales to $10,000,000 in sales and their products are carried all over the world.

Seeing brands come to life that change the way people see the world, a service or campaign that helps people change how they do things.

Seeing a tech platform being designed, built and launched to help open up worlds for people and change how they do things.

Seeing that every other agency was doing a horrible job of serving the small business owner and start up.

We do really good work and we act like we are your creative partner, not like a freelancer trying to make a quick buck.

We can provide remotely, online and in person and we can photograph and video with covid and physical distancing protocols in place, or in our studio.

We are a professional service business, so working online is easy and normal for us.


We provide the Custom Web Design your business needs,
at a price that fits your budget. Our team has years of practical, hands-on experience in web development, and only thing we love more than creating outstanding websites is the challenging of learning something new. To position your business as a brand authority in this challenging market you need a strong online presence paired with powerful web design – and that’s where the team at Hot Soup can help.

From the creation, implementation to management we provide a fully tailored social media services for your brand. We can be as hands-on, or as hands-off as you like. We focus on ensuring that your social media helps to drive your business goals.

Digital Content Creation and Search Engine Optimization team comprises of content creators and analysts who curate engaging content and optimise sites to ensure visibility on the world wide web.