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I combine my 15 years of experience as a corporate financial executive with my following 15 years as a small business owner to help people navigate finding what they truly want in their life and livelihood and how to get it.

My first career was as a Chartered Accountant - it paid well and I was good at it but I wasn't happy.

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22 June 2021

She really listens
Helps me find what stops me
Her encouragement always helps me move forward


As a coach I get the privilege of travelling alongside someone as they explore what they want from life and help them to find their road to get there. I love seeing when people can find that thing that truly fills them up and they can carry that into the rest of their lives.

My coaching practice started originally when I started my practice as a massage therapist and health and fitness trainer. I found many of my peers were highly passionate and talented but lacked the business background to understand how to be successful. I used my corporate and finance knowledge to help where I could and discovered that teaching and helping others find their best selves was what really lit me up.

I have a passion for helping others.
I have no agenda, no bias and no judgement - every person is unique and has their own path and approach to the world. My role is simply to try and illuminate what is already inside of you and help you figure out what to do with it.

All of my one on one coaching services are provided either via Zoom or by phone.
All group coaching is live/online and some programs also have a recorded content provided online.
All movement classes are via zoom or by recorded classes.

All my client contact is online so there is no concern regarding Covid-19 (or any variants)
For local clients (in the GTA) there is a possibility of social or group meetings in person but this will not take place until we are fully clear of Covid-19.


Let's chat and find out if I can help you.
No obligation, no sell job, just a conversation.

Working together to help you gain clarity and awareness on your goals.
Your accountability partner helping you hold yourself accountable to what you want to achieve.
Your unbiased sounding board for your great big ideas.

Meeting in community to help each other achieve more and share ideas and energy.
These sessions are facilitated and a safe space to share - as the coach I may or may not present. These spaces are to gather with and share the collective hive mind to solve problems.

These are run under the Energy and Flow Studio and take place daily in Zoom.
We are a collective of teachers from around the world who share a passion for community and energy.
Monthly and punch card classes are available.