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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


ONLINE ONLY by Skype or Zoom.
Credentials: International Coach Federation Certified PCC level
Erickson College International Certified ACTP- ECPC
Landmark Curriculum for living.

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10 July 2019

Eric has very effectively helped me with Relationship Coaching sessions at a juncture in my life in which I really needed advice on the best attitudes to hold. My husband has been very slowly recovering from major health challenges and is still struggling in so many ways, while his medical prognosis is very good. I needed to talk about what has been going on: it is pretty heavy stuff, that most people don’t really need to hear about. So, nothing like talking to a relationship coach for that! Furthermore, I needed clarification in regard to some of my tendencies in relationship, like being the one who sees the more positive side of things, while the other clings to the negative. And, in a big way, I needed confirmation and support to hold certain boundaries and set some limits for my very basic sanity and health.Eric was extremely good at listening and clearly identifying my needs, seeing how I tend to operate, and showing me how important it is for me to simply be myself in the dynamics of the relationship, while affirmatively honoring the needs that I have.As a result of our sessions, I was able to decisively set the boundaries I needed. By being much more direct in relation to these essential needs that I have, changes happened that mean a lot in terms of my ability to endure this phase and move towards really thriving. More...

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10 July 2019

I have huge appreciation and respect for the work of Eric Bensoussan! I feel deeply, safely supported by his sensitive and insightful skills. He holds a powerful space as I navigate some edgy, scary stuff in my relationship. In our very first hour we unpacked so much. I felt seen and supported for all of who I am in my full capability and full vulnerability. I can live in the full range of myself, rather than needing to swing back and forth. This is incredibly real and grounding. I feel kindly invited through Eric’s simple, powerful yet provocative inquiries; I’m able to move into owning and speaking my truths now in stronger ways than I was before our work together. I’m better able to navigate the fallout in my experiences of not being seen by my partner. I see the places I’ve been holding back the gifts of who I am in my relationship, not feeling honored or safe. So now, rather than do this conditionally, I’m feeling resilient and resourced enough to circle back around to trusting what is true for me, and finding the ways I can deeply owning these truths. I know that showing up 100% for both of us in this relationship is the real work here. Ultimately it’s the way I will access what I need to find out. The work we’ve done has restored a lot of clarity and trust in my own innate power.Thank you Eric, for your powerful reflections of me as a wise empowered woman. I so needed this right now. Blessings and gratitude for you! More...

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23 May 2019

I have contacted Eric a few months ago, as I was going through a break-up with my wife. I was feeling pretty rough and didn't know what to expect. Eric encouraged me to look into both how I felt about myself along with my marriage.

The work we did together over our sessions had a tremendous impact in every area of my life. The process led to be more confident, understand my needs without feeling guilty, and start to set loving boundaries. I stopped the old habit of people-pleasing and started to feel really good about myself.

Because of this transformation I have changed my job, and most importantly-- I could begin to have a different kind of conversation with my wife that lead us to be back together! I have transformed the relationship I have with myself, I enjoy the man I am, and I don't pretend to be someone else.

It was very easy to work with Eric, and having him supporting and guiding me has made a great impact. He is genuine, generous, kind and keen to share his own experiences. I am deeply grateful for his insights and help.

17 May 2019

Eric is the most wonderful person and an incredible Coach. He makes you feel like you’ve known him forever. He makes you feel completely at ease, which allows you to open up, and he helps you understand your current dilemma and gives you the tools to help you recover. I was going through a breakup which was greatly affecting me emotionally. Eric helped me understand the underlying issues in my relationship, he helped me understand my boyfriend’s motives, and he helped me gain closure and move on. More importantly, Eric helped me to better understand myself. More...


I love helping people transforming and healing their relationship with themselves and others. I love to empower people to make new choices that support fulfillment and happiness.

I have always been passionate about Relationships, Self-empowerment, and Healing. I have a gift to connect with people and understand their dynamic so I can be great at helping them.

I am very compassionate and heart-centered. I have a gift to recognize people's dynamic, patterns, and beliefs.
I help them to focus on what matters the most, so they can live the life they want, and live it with power.
I am also very selective with my clients. I only work with people who are ready to show up and open to new perspectives.