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Designing and building wildlife friendly gardens full of native plants and life! Enjoy your own personal nature oasis.
***I am currently fully booked for Spring 2021. If you are interested in going on a waiting list for later this summer, please send me a message with your email address so I can contact you**

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7 October 2021

My husband was skeptical in hiring someone at 1st but was quickly won over as I was with Chris's method and obvious passion for plants/gardens. If you just want to hire someone who will do everything and not ask questions, not sure if Chris offers that. What he does offer is a premium exterior design service where you will not only be delighted by the results, you will be left feeling like your garden is a new member of the family. Don't miss out on the design process! What a treat it was working with him and his crew. Thanks Chris. More...

16 July 2021

Chris impressed me with his professionalism as well as his enthusiasm and expertise. His contracts were detailed and clear, his pricing was very reasonable and he delivered exactly what he promised. He was a pleasure to work with and his enthusiasm for the project matched my own. The design process was fun and I loved the beautiful 3D renderings, a nice bonus. During the build he and his staff worked hard and were done more quickly than I expected, even finishing up the last hour in pouring rain! I can't wait to watch my new garden develop and I would be happy to hire him again. More...

23 June 2021

Chris created a plan that we could manage, worked with us and kept to his quote. He was friendly and very passionate about his creation as it came to life. He was also respectful and cleaned up at days end. More...

13 June 2021

Chris at Habitat Blooms created a full-sun, meadow-style perennial flower & grass garden to replace my lawn. He chose a thoughtful mix of plants that met my functional and aesthetic preferences and will provide a beautiful field of blooms and architecture all year round. I am delighted with the end result.

Habitat Blooms was prompt and professional with their communication and kept in close touch through the entire project. Chris was generous with his expertise, taking the time to explain his plant choices, their insect & bird counterparts, and their proper care. He even identified an infestation on my existing beech tree and gave me tips for pruning my cedars.

The project was completed ahead of schedule, thanks to their very hard work and a bit of luck with the weather. And at a price that was very reasonable -- and on budget!

I cannot recommend Habitat Blooms highly enough. Thank you Chris for the beautiful garden and fun experience!

10 June 2021

From start to finish Chris's level of service, expertise, attention to detail and professionalism was top notch. We couldn't be happier with how our garden turned out and would highly recommend Habitat Blooms to anyone thinking of upgrading their outdoor space.

28 May 2021


Working with Chris is a pleasure. He is knowledgeable and a good communicator who is happy to answer questions and consider options, with a collaborative approach to planning and making adjustments as needed. The work is high quality and was done on schedule. We are delighted with the results! More...

17 May 2021

I can only say the most positive things about Chris. First of all, he is a great communicator. If you ask him any question in the planning process, no matter how ridiculous , he responds very professionally and you can tell that he has extensive knowledge in the field. He shows up on time and works diligently and conscientiously. His pricing is very fair and reasonable. He even goes the extra mile and fixes something in your garden for free that wasn't in the original order. When he leaves, he tidies up and leaves your garden/driveway clean and presentable. I highly recommend Chris and his team. More...


Watching a garden come to life! It's amazing to see how much wildlife even a small urban garden can support when built with the ecosystem in mind. From songbirds to butterflies, frogs to foxes when we plant it they will come!

Gardens have perhaps never been as important to our mental health and wellbeing as they are now during the times of COVID. However it's all too easy for new (and old) gardening enthusiasts to accidentally fall into the trap of buying sterile over-cultivated plants that provide little more food and habitat for our wildlife than a paved parking lot. Many garden centres even sell invasive species that will readily take over your gardens and damage the surrounding natural areas without any warning labels to let you know! With our degrees & knowledge in wildlife biology, conservation, and zoology, we're here to help you every step of the way to ensure the garden of your dreams can come true.

We're knowledgeable (and extremely enthusiastic) about native plants and the wildlife they support. We will work with you through the design process to ensure the garden is perfect for you and your garden friends. During the build we only work on a couple gardens at a time to ensure we can be at your property almost every day getting the work done quickly, efficiently, and expertly. We don't use any loud machinery or toxic chemicals so you can sit and enjoy your garden while we're working in it! The wildlife will thank you for choosing Habitat Blooms!

Our garden design process costs a flat fee of $350. This process includes a personalized list of recommended plants tailored to your specific garden conditions and aesthetic preferences, a top-down map view of the garden for planting purposes, as well as several 3D digitally rendered 'views' of how the garden will look and a bloom calendar to show you the garden throughout the seasons. This process can begin with an in person consult to discuss your garden dreams, but can also happen entirely online and over the phone remotely, even if you are not within our area of operations. Contact us today for more information.


The Garden Design process has a flat fee of $350.
Show us around your property and describe any and all ideas you have.
We'll ask you questions about your budget, favourite colours & plants, what types of wildlife you're hoping to attract, pets and children, allergies, and more to ensure we can design the perfect garden for you
We'll take notes on the garden conditions including the size, degree of sloping, any existing plants, shade coverage, soil type and PH, and water level.
Our design will also take into consideration whether the garden is located within an ecologically significant ecosystem such as in the Carolinian Life Zone, along a lakeshore, part of an alvar or old-growth forest habitat, or whether there are any at risk species in or around the property that the garden design could be tailored to benefit.
After the in person consult, we'll turn your ideas into a digital garden map which we will submit to you for another round of revisions
Once the design is settled, we also provide several 3D rendered 'views' that include major feature areas of the garden so you can see exactly what your garden will look like as well as a complete plant list and line by line quote of how much the final project will cost

$100 from your consultation fee will go towards buying your new plants if you choose to have us build the garden!
We also accept designs from other companies (or ones you have created yourself), however we will only build gardens that fit our 'wildlife friendly' focus. We're happy to work with you to alter your design to better serve the wildlife around you
Build quotes are based on a $30/hr rate (each), plus material costs (plants, mulch/rocks, membrane, any unique features).
During the inital build we'll be coming to your site very regularly (even every day) to dig, mulch, and plant your beds as well as build any unique wildlife features included in your design. We promise to always let you know 24hrs in advance when we are planning on coming to your property
At the end of the first summer we will return to your garden to show you how to prepare the garden for it's first winter.
The following spring/summer we will return once more for a FREE garden check-up, replace any plants that are not thriving in their new home and make any necessary changes as the garden develops.