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Compassionate and non-judgemental Mental Health & Wellness Therapist providing counselling services for individual adults. If you are struggling with the following, we can help:
-Relationships & Communication
-Depression & Anxiety
-Negative Emotions

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I love the opportunity to learn about my clients and help them to achieve a greater sense of peace, balance and inner strength.

My purpose in life has always been to help others, and I have been a therapist for many years. I saw a need for more services, tailored to help everyone cope with stress fuelled by the pandemic and societal worries. I'm here to meet that need and help others.

I provide a tailored therapy experience that fits your needs, schedule and life. I offer multiple formats, such as by phone, messaging, video conference or in-person, and am ALWAYS available to my clients 24/7. I use many different types of resources, including various media formats, to help clients outside of our sessions. I ensure that you're left with resources, handouts, worksheets etc. to continue your emotional and mental growth.


This is a 45-50 minute session where the counsellor and client communicate to resolve any and all issues, conflicts, unresolved or negative emotions, and discuss resolutions for growth. Worksheets, resources, infographics, links, videos or posts may be sent to the client afterwards to ensure continued growth post-session and between sessions.

In order to assess your needs, how we can meet them, evaluate your current functioning and develop a growth plan, we offer a full-length consultation at zero cost to you.

You can determine whether our services are right for you and whether or not you feel the therapist relationship works! It's a great way to choose the best option for you. If you choose not to continue with us (for whatever reason, no questions asked), we provide a FREE official referral service at no cost, to help you find your own path to growth.

We offer support groups for victims of COVID-19, first responders and trauma, addictions and many other areas where you would need support.

Registration is limited, and groups are capped at 4-6 members. Groups may be cancelled based on low registration numbers.

All sessions are virtual via Zoom to preserve the safety of everyone involved.

YOUR QUESTIONS, ANSWERED. Clients are able to request workshops led by a therapist to any group of people, including students, retirees, elderly, employees and other regarding emotional health in a variety of situations. The therapist comes prepared with a presentation and is available to answer all questions. Help your family, friends, students, employees, or colleagues on their path to emotional wellness in these uncertain times!