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Get a free quote from this professional

Get a free quote from this professional


Hi! My name is Lena and I am a gardener with five years of experience in the residential landscaping industry and a two-year full-time Horticultural Technician diploma.

I'm currently booking consultations for July for one-time visits. I am currently not taking on new maintenance clients at the moment.

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Unfortunately, I have to evaluate the property in person in order to accurately quote the work.

I always keep my distance when consulting with clients and wear a mask when I am in close proximity to high touch areas.


For most average-sized properties that have not been looked after by a professional landscaper, the initial clean-ups start at $200.

I specialize in pruning and training vines, shrubs, and trees up to 10'. I also shear formal hedges. Eco-friendly landscaping means pruning based on knowledge of the flowering and growth habit of each plant.

The typical clean-up also includes:
-Leaf and debris clean-up
-Shaping, dead-heading and cutting back herbaceous perennials
-Weeding of garden beds and hard surfaces
-Blowing/sweeping hard surfaces
-Bagging/tying all debris for p/u

I provide regular maintenance visits for small to medium sized residential properties. I visit properties once every two weeks from April to November for a cost of $150-$250 a month. The cost depends on the services included and property size. As of now, I can only provide lawn mowing if you have a lawn mower for me to use on site.

I love using native and non-invasive plants in my garden designs to ensure your garden is adapted to the Toronto climate and supportive of the local eco-system. In addition, I only use organic fertilizers to enhance plant health and soil nutrition. By using my services, you will see the difference between your garden surviving and thriving!

I will assess your property conditions and design a floral and foliage display for spring (April-May), summer(June-August), fall(Sept.-Oct), and/or winter (December).

A single season costs $120 for up to four 12 inch diameter flower pots (or two 18 inch diameter pots). For a garden bed, I can design and install a seasonal display for $120 per 15 square feet. Prices may go up for larger containers or extra soil costs. Summer annual flowers (June-August) are the most requested for our hot and humid Toronto summers.

Floral container design costs can be integrated into your regular garden maintenance package.

After your free consultation, I can create a personalized presentation with a basic garden design concept for $50-$100, depending on the complexity, due upon receipt of the design. I will then provide you with a free quote for labour and materials to install the design.