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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


My mission is to educate people in developing their highest level of awareness and empowerment to lead a meaningful life.

I am a human behavior specialist, and I successfully demonstrated over and over to all my clients the hidden order in the relationship dynamic and how to make sense of the chaos and the lopsided perception.


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12 March 2020

George Negm is inspirational! He helps you delve deep into your self, ask questions and reveal the inner voice. I reached out to him to achieve balance and peace. . he is so far over exceeding my expectations, I look forward to working with him further. More...

18 February 2020

I highly recommend George as a Business Coach. He provided value in his ability to evaluate my challenges effectively and offer tools to accomplish better balance in my life. He enabled me to clear my mind and focus on a course of action that got me the desired results. George is skilled, professional and a great listener. More...

15 February 2020

I appreciated attending the training. It helped emphasize the necessity to understand how to acquire the balance in one person s personal or professional life.

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To empower people and provide them with the methodologies and the tools that I know will make a difference in their lives, personally and professionally.

My mission is to empower individuals to develop their highest level of awareness and to become conscious and mindful leaders. I coach people to balance their perceptions, to clarify their thinking and navigate issues effectively. I enable my clients to overcome challenges, harness explosive growth, actualize decisions and avoid downfalls.

After overcoming several of my own personal and professional challenges, I set out to educate myself and maximize that knowledge in order to develop the Triad Model of Consciousness. This model is the soul of my coaching and has proven to be very successful in allowing individuals to increase their influence and promote leadership, to develop caring relationships, unleash their creativity and maximize their feeling of fulfillment in their life.


One-on-one Coaching provides a highly personalized and flexible approach to personal and leadership development by tackling specific challenges and providing practical ways to leverage your impact, performance, productivity, communication, and engagement. My Coaching focuses on you becoming better able to: • Evolve through conflicts and challenges • Honour your unique values and beliefs • Ignite your creativity and leadership • Awaken your vision and achieve the desired results • Understand relationships where you and others get your needs met • Dissolve any fear, unbalanced perception and behaviour patterns • Communicate honestly without guilt, blame or shame

My coaching is designed to activate personal and professional development, providing optimal methodologies toward high fulfillment, achievement, and true leadership. Here are some of the key topics that we cover in the coaching session. Every coaching is personalized to the client's needs. - 13 TIPS TO SHAPE YOUR DESTINY - 7 AREAS TO EMPOWER YOUR LIFE - 3 KEYS IN RELATIONSHIP DYNAMIC - DISSOLVE RESENTMENT AND GRIEF - 6 ACTIONS TO DRIVE LEADERSHIP - FOSTER AND INCREASE ENGAGEMENT