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5555 Avenue Westminster, Côte Saint-Luc, QC H4W 2J1, Canada

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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


From the Ground Up is a health education & physiotherapy clinic offering prevention, injury management and personal training services.

What distinguishes us from other physiotherapy clinics is that we don’t simply focus on our clients' symptoms, but rather address the root causes behind their pain to help them find long term solutions.

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16 March 2021

I went to see Greg at From the Ground Up after a hamstring injury and have nothing but good things to say. Whether its rehabbing an injury, improving your mobility or increasing your flexibilIty, Greg is passionate and knowledgable on getting your body in shapeor back in shape, whatever the case may be. Facility is great and he has all the space and equipment that you could ask for from a physiotherapist. Highly recommend seeing him! More...

16 March 2021

I was referred by my family doctor for assessment of ongoing shoulder pain; as an active 76 year old woman, I feared this was part of the "aging" process and somehow I needed to accept those new aches and limitations. That myth was soon dispelled. Over just a few sessions, Greg taught me a series of non-strenuous daily exercises that relieved my physical pain; and just as importantly, he offered sound advice on breathing technique, nutrition, sleep, and stress reduction. His truly is a holistic approach, an integration of art and life, body and soul. More...

16 March 2021

I could not be happier after the multiple sessions I have had with Greg. I came
to him with no injuries or pain, but to learn to move better in sports and day to day life. We discovered multiple patterns of compensation from old injuries and bad habits and he guided me through patterning correct movements. I am not only feeling and performing better, but have a new passion for understanding the body and how it moves. His passion and knowledge are truly contagious. More...

16 March 2021

Just in the past few months, I learned about my body in ways I never have. Literally the name speaks for itself. Greg will guide you through the challenges that you need to overcome to maximize your true potential. Coming from disk hernia a few years ago, I'm embracing the knowledge provided and becoming more aware for the imbalances to work on. Recommended! Many blessings. More...

16 March 2021

After separating my shoulder pretty badly, Greg has done wonders for my recovery. All the more astounding since our sessions have been completely virtual!

After years of physio for all sorts of sports injuries, his approach to recovery and strengthening is the most unique and intentional that I’ve experienced and the results speak for themselves. Even though we’re only “focusing” on my shoulder, the rest of my body is benefiting so much from the exercises and overall I’m getting back to moving and feeling the way I’m supposed to.

So thank you Greg & the Ground Up team!


Performance, injury prevention and pain all come down to optimizing movement quality to load your body in a more distributed way. Whether you're seeking to improve body composition or pursue an athletic objective, we'll teach you to move better all the while guiding you to reach your goals!

Consistency. You need to keep showing up with your movement and nutrition lifestyle. The body of your dreams doesn't just come from 3 hours a week of exercise. It comes from adopting a lifestyle where health is a top value and an integral part of your routine and mindset.

It is also essential to follow an intelligent plan that will focus first on movement quality to build a solid foundation. From there, it is definitely important to progressively load your body and measure your progress for optimal results. What gets measured gets managed.

Guiding my clients on their movement journeys. As someone obsessed with human movement, I love to teach my clients to have their own aha moments and spark new awareness for how they view their own bodies. It is interesting how often in life, the relationship that one has with their body and movement practice often plays out in other areas of their life. By getting people out of pain and getting them back to their activities, I am able to change people's lives in very meaningful ways.

My passion for movement and helping others along their own health journey developed from my own physical struggles. In 2013, I sustained an ankle injury that would forever change my life. What appeared to be a routine ankle sprain while playing football, developed into a chronic problem in my foot that caused me constant pain for 4 years.

With From the Ground Up, my aim is to help guide people through their own path of self-discovery on their health journeys and guide people to not only be pain-free, but to thrive in their everyday lives. Injuries are not only a process of recovery, but discovery; an opportunity to learn, be curious, to better understand your body, to correct issues and improve efficiency and performance.

You won't find someone more invested in their education and learning. While I have a Master's degree in Physical Therapy, I continually pursue other education opportunities to learn from different perspectives and the brightest minds in the field of fitness and movement.

While our studio is officially a physiotherapy clinic, it doesn't look the traditional layout of curtains and treatment tables. Rather, it's a big open movement space with state of the art equipment (rower, assault bike, squat rack, cable machine, dumbbells, kettlebells, turf, Indian clubs, steel maces, etc.) I believe everyone should learn how to load their bodies well to become more resilient and the best version of themselves.

Go to https://groundupphysio.janeapp.com/ and click remote session

From the Ground Up Physiothérapie takes all the necessary precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and ensure a safe environment for our clients.

These are certainly unique times, but we want to assure that you feel comfortable getting the treatment you need.

-Clients and staff must wash hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit of the clinic, as well as in between each appointment.
-One therapist/one patient at a time in the treatment area
-Masks must be worn at all times
-Clean, modern studio with state of the art equipment cleaned after each client
-HEPA filter air purifier to provide the highest air quality
-At the time of booking your appointment, you will be asked questions regarding COVID-19.
Each client will be screened with the following 4 questions. If, between booking the appointment and the date of your appointment, your condition has changed and you answer “yes” to one of the questions on the following list, it is important to contact the clinic to cancel your appointment as a preventive measure.

1.Do you have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell?
2.Have you returned from a trip outside the country less than 14 days ago?
3.Have you had a positive COVID-19 test less than a month ago or are you waiting for a test result?
4.Have you been in close contact with a confirmed or probable COVID-19 case less than 14 days ago? *


No matter your age, if you are dealing with an acute or chronic issue, looking to stay pain free or optimize your athletic performance, we are here to help you reach your goals!

Our mission is to empower you to take responsibility for your health by educating you and treating the root causes of your pain.

We treat your feet, ankle, knee, hip, low back, upper back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist pain by taking a holistic perspective of how your whole body is moving rather than simply focusing on your symptoms and isolated muscles & joints.

Let us help guide you towards better movement and help you reclaim strong, resilient and pain-free bodies.

Prior to beginning personal training together, a movement consultation will be conducted. During the initial assessment, we discuss your fitness goals, previous injury history and take a detailed look at how your body is moving to design a comprehensive program based on your movement profile.

From there, we will meet for our sessions as per your desired number of sessions per week/month.

Our sessions will be challenging to help you achieve your goals of improved body composition, muscle strength (fill in your goal) while also promoting good movement quality so you feel better leaving the sessions then you did walking in.

We will conduct an initial consultation to discuss your fitness goals, previous injury history and take a detailed look at how your body is moving to design a comprehensive program based on your movement profile.

From there, we will go review the exercise program together to make sure you are confident to perform them on your own.

The program will include:
A detailed warmup protocol, based off your specific movement capabilities
Daily plan catered towards your access to equipment, goal preferences
Weekly check ins via email to assess progress, review video and make adjustments if needed
Monthly updates to your program, based off your feedback and progress