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I specialize in training women specifically for weight loss, toning, body building, nutrition, functional training, and earobic fitness. I've worked with all ages and all goals in mind. Concentrating on a healthy body and mind lifestyle.


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I work with their specific goals and target those areas, as well as improve nutrition as that is typically the biggest factor and takes up 80% of the result.

Consistency and understanding that this is not a quick fix result, but a lifestyle change for longevity.

Seeing the mindset of the client change to more positive as they see their body changes. Also the fact that their mood and sleep improves, and better eating habits.

Once the gyms closed in March, I knew I had to do something to keep my current (gym) clients active.

I put the client first. Work with their goals in mind. I make sure I work with the whole person; mind, body and soul.

Yes, both. Online bootcamps 3x a week. Private gym location for 1on1 training. Online 1on1 training as well.

Using a private gym that is by appointment only. Clean up and wipe down all equipment after use. Make sure no symptoms of being sick before training.


Sports nutrition and holistic nutrition

Function is purpose. Training your muscles to work together properly for every day movements outside the gym.

Focusing on increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing fat.

Losing body fat % in a healthy way.