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Embrace HR Solutions Inc. is a professional Human Resources consulting firm. We offer practical and cost-effective Human Resources services geared to small businesses for a variety of industries, as they evolve.

Whether organizations are experiencing or expecting to experience high growth and enlarging their workforce as a result, we help them prepare for and through these transitions.

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How you make decisions about your workforce is a continual process. Workforce planning aligns the needs and priorities of the business with those of its employees in order to achieve organizational objectives. Decision-making about the people practices in your business should be calculated and standardized. This process relies a great deal on collecting reliable and complete data.

Embrace HR Solutions helps take you through the workplace planning process to set business priorities, assess current skills, forecast future needs, identify and address gaps, create a plan, execute the plan, and then re-evaluate. This allows you to see the big picture and focus on how you grow your business with a forward-focus.

We help choose the right approach for your business, including:

Choosing the appropriate methods of data collection;

Determining key analytics to evaluate;

Forecasting future needs;

Reviewing market trends; and

Setting up your workplace planning dashboard.

Having policies and procedures that dictate how your business operates is essential. This helps guide the expectations of your employees and ensures your values are communicated. Policies must constantly be updated, as a business evolves. As well, Canadian law mandates that certain policies are documented and made accessible to employees. It is important that policies are compliant with labour laws applicable with your industry and the regions you serve.

When policies and procedures are explored thoroughly, well-thought, follow the law and are communicated effectively, this allows your organization to operate consistently and transparently, leading to happier and more productive employees.

Embrace HR Solutions helps develop Employee Handbooks, ensure the right plans are in place for smooth implementation, properly communicate policies to your staff, and affirm that you are compliant with the law. We help develop templates and procedures to follow these policies, accordingly.

Example policies include, but are not limited to:

Code of Conduct;

Attendance and Time Off;

Work From Home;


Health and Safety;

Harassment; and

Drug and Alcohol Use.

Defining the proper structure for your business can help your business in many ways. It can help improve efficiencies and eliminate redundancies of how people interact with one another within and across your business. It is also the motivating force to propel the organization’s performance and growth. To achieve success, it is imperative that the organizational structure and the strategic goals of the organization are fully aligned. A properly coordinated organizational structure improves the flow of information and communication within the organization.

Embrace HR Solutions helps organizations set their structure, by weighing the merits of different options. We help you connect organizational functions and processes to your business strategy. This is likely to continually be modified to your business needs and goals, factoring in political, cultural, competitive, market, technologies, resources, regulations, organic growth, and leadership changes to optimize business efficiency.

Initiatives include, but are not limited to:

Create employee job descriptions;

Finalize reporting structures;

Reconfigure departments;

Determine the optimal structure type for your organization;

Gain understanding of how the work is accomplished;

Refining processes;

Reduce work redundancies; and

Identify job needs.

One of the biggest issues facing small businesses is finding the right talent. This is critical to your future success. One bad hire can have detrimental effects on the entire organization. For many businesses, it seems like a never-ending cycle that impedes growth. It is therefore important that you not just hire to fill a role, but find the right “fit” for your organization. You do not want to just look at what someone can do for you now, but what they will be able to do for you and your organization as a whole in the future.

Embrace HR Solutions helps you put the proper plans and programs in place from how you will recruit for your open positions, to how to assess candidacy, and how to differentiate your strategy as your business grows. We can also help lead your search for the top talent in your industry.

Initiatives include, but are not limited to:

Defining roles you are looking to hire for;

Crafting job advertisements;

Assessing industry talent to target;

Developing recruitment avenues;

Career website creation;

Selection tools generation;

Standardizing interview guides; and

Formulating future talent pipelines.

Let’s face it; managing your employees can be no easy task. An organization with a good employee relations program provides fair and consistent treatment to all employees so they will be committed to their jobs and loyal to the company. There are also many obligations mandated by law to ensure fair treatment. The goal of employee relations programs is to strengthen the employer-employee relationship by identifying and solving issues that arise inside the workplace.

Embrace HR Solutions helps coach and implement appropriate systems to ensure employee issues are handled fairly and consistently.

Implementations include, but are not limited to:

Conducting employee investigations;

Creating plans to overcome future issues;

Monitoring progress of team members;

Enhancing communication of policies and procedures;

Displaying recognition for employees; and

Employee disciplinary actions, such as terminations.

As an organization grows, it will evolve and go through changes. This may be a change in the organization’s goals, processes, consumer habits, the use of technologies or due to crisis. It can also arise from pressures imposed by competitors, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring within a company. If not managed properly, this can have adverse consequences. Not everyone in your organization will react well to these changes, may find some of them hard to accept, and employees will vary in how long it takes them to accept proposed changes. It is important that you have plans in place to roll-out such changes, to ensure transitions are as smooth as possible.

Embrace HR Solutions helps prepare and support individuals, teams, and organizations in making organizational change. We provide a structured approach to manage change.

Initiatives include, but are not limited to:

Define the scope of the changes;

Risk assessment of proposed changes;

Determine who will be the catalysts for change;

Development of action plans to address changes at all levels;

Setting milestones for stages of change;

Design communications to address staff concerns and educate about the change;

Prepare training to help with transition of proposed changes; and

Planning and creating short-term achievements.

When employees are engaged with their company, they are more motivated, committed, satisfied, trust their employers, and perform better. In fact, having high engagement can help alleviate turnover by more than 30%.

Embrace HR Solutions helps companies keep a pulse on their culture and ensure the values they are instilling resonate throughout the organization. It is important to create systems and appropriate tools to ensure your employee engagement is high.

Initiatives include, but are not limited to:

Defining company culture;

Assessing and measuring culture through surveys;

Creating communication plans;

Instituting comprehensive on-boarding;

Implementing activities that reinforce culture;

Embedding culture initiatives in reward programs; and

Conducting exit interviews to get an unbiased assessment of why employees leave.

One of the more time-consuming tasks for small businesses is training and developing your staff. To get a new person up-to-speed doesn’t happen over night and positive results can take months. At the most basic level, employees need to understand how to perform their job. However, proving more advanced training to your employees helps accelerate their development and in turn boosts their motivation, engagement, and satisfaction with your organization.

Embrace HR Solutions helps companies design and implement training programs with their staff, saving key business stakeholders time and money, ensuring training programs are standardized to guarantee information consistency, creating tracking systems to assess training completion, and delivered with a high degree of professionalism that elevates understanding and reduces uncertainty, misinformation, and error.

Program include, but are not limited to:

Company orientation and on-boarding;

Legal compliance training, such as health and safety;

Technical skills development training;

Soft skills development training;

Company software training; and

Products and services training.

The main reason people work is to earn money. It is no wonder that employees highly value their pay and total rewards. It is therefore important that organizations develop a clear strategy to direct their compensation practices. Following a compensation plan helps attract, preserve and align behaviours to propel business success.

Embrace HR Solutions helps companies plan their compensation practices by setting up the right systems and tools. This ensures compensation planning is standardized.

Initiatives include, but are not limited to:

Reviewing and refining the overall compensation strategy of the business;

Evaluating each job;

Performing market analysis to determine fair pay;

Ensuring pay equity;

Creating salary structures;

Defining total rewards;

Providing recommendations for benefits; amd

Building incentive plans.

It is important to have defined sets of procedures to evaluate, reward, and promote your employees. This helps set a clear direction for your staff, stay motivated, and enhances your employees capabilities to reach their full potential. As a result, they increase their value to the business and help drive its success.

Embrace HR Solutions provide organizations with guidance on how to: observe, measure and track performance; give feedback effectively; conduct a performance appraisal meeting; and coach to sustain performance throughout the year. We also provide strategic direction and develop tools to be used by organizations.

Initiatives include, but are not limited to:

Goal setting;

Employee development plans;

Performance improvement plans;

Performance appraisal evaluations, including self-assessments and 360 feedback;

Pay-for-performance systems; and

Succession planning.