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8 years of glorious service and success in the real estate work. We focus in 3 Ps positive, patience, professionalism!

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Problem-solving and getting to know the people that we meet and follow over the years after the deals are long done.

I am an entrepreneur at heart. This is my life and passion.

Professional- If professionalism had a score we would be at the top
Positive and enjoyable to work with.
We know our stuff. Try us!

I would be happy to discuss anything remotely. We can provide guidance for any buying and selling services for anyone remotely until you are ready to pull the trigger. All signatures can be done digitally.

Selling- 30 minute showings, with covid protocols. All showings are accompanied with gloves, masks, sanitizer, and resigned forms that they are safe and covid free to the best of their knowledge.

Buyers- Pretty much the same. Safe interaction when necessary.


Full Service- Professional, Calm, calculated approach to every listing appointment. You will know more about your home than every before once we meet. You will meet our team, or at least hear about them and how we can analyze, present and turn your home into the best product possible if that is what you need. Our home selling Strategies guarantee the highest selling price possible. We will guide you every step of the way and all service provided in the commission included:
Professional cleaning,
Open houses (If possible)
Declutting advice
and more!

Full Service! We listen, and advice you according to you to your best needs. We will find you the best home possible for you. Our year of experience will amaze you with minor tips and tricks of the trade. Our full team of mortgage contacts, lawyer, home inspectors and more along with our guidance will set you up to an amazing position. We are positive, supportive and hard-working people. Also, we will have some fun when the moments allow them, after all, we expect to be invited to the house warming barbeque! When everything is done and you have full happy we will occasionally stay in touch and see your family grow!

We have them, we know them. Our Knowledge of the market, tenant acquisition, rentals, multiplexes and more will be a start. After speaking to us for a few minutes we can guide you in the right direction. Whatever investment you are looking for, we will definitely find you the best one possible that suites you and will surely make you a lot of money!