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For almost a decade, Desire Fitness has helped hundreds of men and women achieve their health and fitness goals as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Helping clients create healthy relationships with food and transforming bodies AND mindsets is our specialty!

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5 customer reviews

5 February 2019

Has helped me with my diet so I don't turn into a fat powerlifter. Without sacrificing strength. High communication and making me accountable has helped with this. Follow her program and you will get results More...

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5 February 2019

Melissa is amazing!! She customized my workouts based on my physical conditions and comfort level, her attitude is always positive but challenging, and she pushes me to work hard. She's helping me with whole body fitness including nutrition and has been very realistic about what I should do and expect. More...

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5 February 2019

Melissa is awesome!! I've never experienced weight loss before I met her and she has made me feel so much more comfortable at the gym. I've learned so much from my training sessions with her and she pushes you just the right amount. Melissa has made me feel so much better about my body and I've noticed since I started working out with her that my asthma has been getting better! All in all, Melissa is one hell of a trainer. More...

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5 February 2019

The HIIT Bootcamp is a great experience for a full body workout. We start each session with a circuit and then switch to an intense super set before finishing with stretches.

The excersises are unique but not complex, which make them fun and suitable to do from home throughout the week inbetween sessions.

Melissa is one powerhouse of a trainer! She motivates you to push yourself to your full potential. While she demonstrates an excersise she clearly describes the appropriate technique and what muscles you are using.

You will sweat, muscles will burn, body will shake, you will sweat, there may be profanity, and more sweat, but once it's all over you will feel exhilerated!

I highly recommend Desire Fitness to anyone who wants to challenge themselves to improve their overall personal health.

Awesome workout and fun atmosphere! I am looking forward to the next bootcamp!!

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5 February 2019

Melissa is amazing!! I never thought I would ever enjoy working out but she made training with her fun and yet challenging enough that I was never bored. I learned something new every session! I always looked forward to going to my sessions with her. She also created a diet plan for me that was actually practical and achievable. It was personalized to me so I could eat the things I enjoyed but she also taught me how to eat healthier in general. It was so nice to see results with my weight loss but it was even better to see how far I came from start to finish in regards to feeling healthier and stronger. Overall, my experience with Melissa was great! More...

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I help clients achieve their fitness goals by providing motivation and accountability throughout their fitness journey. I also design workout programs and nutrition plans specifically for each client, their health history, and their goals.

Currently available for online coaching and remote personal training sessions.


Have a workout program made just for your body, your goals, and the equipment you have access to.

Eat the foods you enjoy while hitting your nutrition goal! Your nutrition plan would be made for your body as well as your dietary restrictions and preferences.

Get the motivation and support from a personal trainer in the comfort of your own home. Sessions are 1 hour in length.