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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Defend-it Legal Services Professional Corporation is a legal services firm licenced by the Law Society of Ontario.

Legal services includes defending, representing, advocating and providing legal advice for clients in small claims court, human rights issues, employment law, landlord and tenant , WSIB claims, regulatory disciplinary hearings and other provincial and federal tribunal matters, minor criminal matters (summary conviction) and statutes under the Provincial Offences Act (including traffic offences) and immigration law defence.

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18 July 2020

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24 May 2020

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I love helping people get justice!

My ideal customer is one that their everyday legal services can be fulfilled at one place that is friendly, caring and affordable.

Defend-it Legal Services Professional Corporation started in February 2018.

Leon Presner, the owner and founder of Defend-it Legal Services Professional Corporation retired from the Durham Regional Police Service with over 27 1/2 years of enforcing Federal, Provincial and Municipal by-laws within the Regional Municipality of Durham in the uniform and plain-clothes capacities. While in the Detective Constable role, his specialization was investigating computer-related crimes, frauds and sexual assaults.

Our Paralegal Associates and Private Investigators who are also ex-police now pass on our practical and effective expertise to all our clients.

Being an entrepreneur and helping others is what inspired in starting my own business.

Defend-it Legal Services is a well-rounded legal services provider that can provide a wide range of legal services under one roof.

We are friendly, caring, transparent and affordable.


Defend-it Legal Services is a leader pertaining to Private Investigative Services. Defend-it Legal Services is a fully licenced and insured Private Investigative Agency with the Ministry of the Solicitor General.

All of our Private Investigators are retired/ex-police officers with over 27 years of investigative experience within the Police Service.

Defend-it Legal Services provides investigative services such as process serving of court documents, skip tracing, location of missing persons, corporate investigations, social media searches, open source intelligence investigations (OSINT), infidelity investigations and covert investigations.

We also conduct due-dilegence credit checks and background checks for employers and landlords in search of prospective employees or tenants.

Defend-it Legal Services has many satisfied clients using our investigative services.

At Defend-it Legal Services, let our experienced team defend you for your traffic violations including careless driving, speeding, stunt driving, distracted driving (cellphone), driving while under suspension, turn not in safety, seat belt offences traffic collisions and more.

All of our Paralegal Associates at Defend-it Legal Services are retired or ex-police officers who have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in defending your traffic violations and mitigating the outcomes.

Defend-it Legal Services does NOT sub-contract any files to other legal services firms. The Paralegal that you retained will be the Paralegal that will represent you in court from start to finish.

All of these are great reasons why you should choose Defend-it Legal Services to represent you, your family members, friends and colleagues for all of your traffic offences.

At Defend-it Legal Services, we know that criminal allegations are serious. The ramaifications of a criminal conviction can also have lifelong detrimental effects.

We defend criminal offences (summary conviction) such as assault, mischief under $5000.00, threatening, criminal harassment, criminal driving offences, theft under $5000.00, possession of stolen property under $5000.00, breach undertaking/recognizance, fail to appear court and more.

Let our experienced legal team represent you in these types of allegations. Additionally, all of our associates are retired/ex-police who know the criminal justice system well and will help you manoeuver and mitigate your allegations.

Choose Defend-it Legal Services.

Defend-it Legal Services is a strong advocate in all your civil claims against an individual, business or other entities. We represent clients in civil negligence cases, breach of contract, faulty contractor issues, unpaid accounts, defamation libel and slander, victims of misrepresentation and fraud and more.

Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a multitude of civil disputes involving frustrated contracts, Consumer Protection Act complaints, misrepresentation and more.

We also specialize in account receivables and collections of overdue accounts. This is especially useful for our business clients in getting paid in a timely manner. We also write legal letters warning of pending litigation if accounts are not paid. This is highly effective as most debtors will pay the outstanding account to avoid litigation.

Our monetary jurisdiction is $35,000.00 per plaintiff in a Small Claims lawsuit.

Regarding Small Claims Court, Defend-it Legal Services can represent you personally or your business from start to finish including the initial filing of the pleadings, representation and negotiation in the Settlement Conference and Trial.

Defend-it Legal Services can also enforce court/tribunal orders. This includes garnishments of your debtors bank accounts or employment, marking your debtor on the credit bureau, registering a derogatory lien or filing a writ for the seizure of property.

Choose Defend-it Legal Services for all your civil disputes and enforcement needs.

Defend-it Legal Services represents landlords and tenants in residential tenancy disputes.

We represent landlords in enforcing the non-payment of rent, damage caused by tenants, unpaid utilities and the eviction process from start to finish..

We also represent tenants in complaints against the landlord including unannounced entries to rental property, harassment, failure to maintain the rental property, illegal rental increases and more.

Additionally, we also conduct due-dilegence credit checks and background checks for landlords in search of prospective tenants for their rental units.

Especially during this Covid-19 pandemic, one needs to be well-informed of their rights and obligations whether they are a landlord or a tenant. Many landlords and tenants, especially now are not clear of what the laws are and their obligations. Many have found themselves in legal jeopardy.

Defend-it Legal Services is a strong advocate for either the landlord or the tenant in all landlord and tenant disputes at the Landlord and Tenant Tribunal.

Defend-it Legal Services is a strong supporter and purveyor of equality and human rights. This is reflected in our legal services firm's membership and our wide and diverse clientele.

Many instances of discrimination occur in the workplace and elsewhere. The HRTO grounds of discrimination includes:

Creed (religion)
Place of Origin
Ethnic Origin
Sex (including pregnancy, gender identity)
Sexual Orientation
Marital Status
Family Status
Receipt of Public Assistance

If you believe that you have been a victim of discrimination pertaining to the above-noted grounds, contact Defend-it Legal Services today for a free consultation.

We have been highly successful in some high-profile cases to where our clients have received justice from discimination.

Defend-it Legal Services is a leader in resolving Employment Law matters for our clients.

We represent employess in drafting legal letters, wrongful dismissals, WSIB and benefits and employment standards. We represent employees in Labour Board complaints and in the Grievance Settlement Board.

Defend-it Legal Services also represents employers in Ministry of Labour investigations and assists them with compliance with the Act.

Defend-it Legal Services also has the expertise of a (Certified Human Resources Leader) CHRL on staff with over 30 years of Corporate HR experience.

We also investigate on behalf of the employer as a third-party harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment and violence in the workplace.

Defend-it Legal Services has many successes for our clients relating to Employment Law.