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I'm Debbie and I'm a certified life coach and yoga teacher living in beautiful Montreal, Canada.

I work with women over 40, helping them feel their best in their bodies and their lives as they navigate perimenopause, menopause, and all the changes - wanted and unwanted - that mid-life can bring.

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I love helping women realize how simple weight loss and a healthy lifestyle can be, and seeing their eyes light up as they get break-through after break-through.

Losing my mom to cancer when she was in her 50s inspired me to live a healthier life-style. Now I help women in that age group life healthier, so that they can enjoy life and live out their dreams, well into old age.

I'm a patient coach, I work with my clients step by step to get them the results they want, and I'm with them every step of the way. I believe in learning to deal with emotions rather than diets, and I teach my clients to manage their minds so that they're in control. My goal is to get them to a place where they don't need to depend on me, food, or anything outside themselves to feel good, confident, and in control of their destinies.

I provide my services exclusively online. I use Zoom usually, but I've also used WhatsApp and Messenger.

As I work exclusively online, there is no danger of Covid-19 transmission between me and my clients.


Helping women going through perimenopause deal with the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes.

In particular, I help my clients:
- Lose belly fat
- Eat when hungry, and stop emotional eating
- Get fit doing things they enjoy
- Sleep better
- Reduce stress
- Gain energy, lose brain fog
- Feel more confident, in control, and revitalized