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Hello! My name is Dean Fowler and I'm a Tax Accountant (CPA, CA) that practices in Western Canada. I have 20+ years experience in assisting clients with buying, selling, restructuring and managing taxes. I've worked in large National Accounting Firms as well as owned my own accounting firm.

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Many business owners don't understand the difference between an accountant and a tax specialist and that is OK. Most accountants can properly advise on the tax impact of day to day business decisions. My career has been spent on understanding the complex decisions that business owners must make and how tax can impact those decisions. I often assist accountants in advising their clients on these matters. I'm available to assist in managing your tax implications.

Financial success is one of the key measurements of business success. A great accountant should be able to provide support in the measurement, planning, and achievement of financial success. Tax planning and advice can significantly impact financial success. Any great accountant will know your business, your business and personal goals, and your plans. They will then assist in the measurement, management and reporting of your success.

Assisting businesses and business owners in achieving their goals. I've found that successful businesses and business owners have clear, measurable goals that often lead to tax planning. If I can assist the business and business owner in creating success, then I can assist in the tax planning than can manage the tax implications of that success.

I'm entrepreneurial at heart. I like the idea of selecting my own business relationships and connecting with businesses and business owners.

My strengths are in the area of providing sound business and tax advice along with proper, appropriate tax planning and execution. If you want and/or need this type of assistance, then I would be excited to talk business with you.

Absolutely. I have been conducting business through Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams throughout 2020. Any initial correspondence should be via email, however once terms of business have been established, then I would expect that a video conference would follow so that we can get to know each other.

Almost all business that I do can be completed without the need for a personal meeting. All documents and documentation should be exchanged online and discussions can be by phone or video conference.


Business owners often want to know the tax implications associated with their decisions. I'm available to offer sound advice not only on the tax associated with a specific decision but also as a reliable sounding board regarding your business and it's success.

I'm available to assist in the preparation and filing of your personal tax returns (T1's), corporate tax returns (T2's) and trust tax filings (T3's).

If you are buying or selling a business, then you want to ensure that you understand the tax implications prior to entering into a 'deal'. The structure of the deal can have a significant tax impact and should absolutely be considered prior to making an offer to buy or accepting an offer to sell. I have assisted hundreds of businesses and owners in ensuring that the deal makes sense from a tax perspective.

Successful businesses pay tax. As much as the tax hurts, it's a good thing to be successful. The key is to organize the business structure in a manner that ensures that tax is minimized in accordance with the Canadian Income Tax Act. I'm available to assist in reviewing your current business structure and re-organizing your structure to ensure that it appropriately meets your future needs.