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Bookkeeping & Accounting Services we offer,
Accounting system (Setup, Maintenance, Control and Customize for Your Need)
Training, Support, Cleanup record, Optimize system
Cloud /Online Bookkeeping
Payroll Service (Pay your Employees, Source Deductions Remittance, ROE, Unionized Payroll & Contribution Calculation, T4)

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Full cycle cloud Bookkeeping, Payroll, GST/HST filing, Personal income tax, Year end review, corporate income tax, Audit assistance

Every business needs to hire professional to do bookkeeping, they shouldn't do it themselves without accounting knowledge

20 years working experience with clients from diverse industries

Time flexibility, and I've seen too much messy books, skills had been recognized by top CA, CRA and clients

For the price I charge, you will get the best quality services, and all you need is to provide supporting documents

Yes, Online or remotely services are available, and highly recommended due to its convenient access.

Supporting documents can be provided online, and I helped clients to apply subsidies to keep the financially safe.


Full cycle cloud bookkeeping services
Full cycle payroll service (pay your employees, ROE, T4)
GST / HST filing
WSIB filing

Personal income tax

Year end review
Corportate income tax
Audit assistance