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The cure for boring weddings! We are unique in that we are MORE than just music as Radio/TV’s Scott Barratt (co-author of the book, Remarkable Receptions) will personally lead you through the planning and show you the secrets that will create a wedding that is as fun and unique as you are!

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9 July 2019

My (now!) husband and I are music fanatics. Every vacation we go on is based around following our favorite band. We are kind of music snobs so I was pretty set on making our own playlist since I didn't think a DJ would be able to capture what we wanted. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG. We ended up hiring Scott Barratt at Creative DJ Services and he was PHENOMENAL. As soon as the day started, I instantly saw we made the right choice by hiring him. He brought so much life and energy to the dance floor, but it was even more than that. The timing of songs during cocktail hour, the music played between speeches was handpicked for each speaker, he was able to announce during our first dance when we wanted other guests to join us on the dance floor, the list of ways he helped us goes on and on. He uses his equipment to determine how many beats per minute each song is and picks the song so that they all work together, so that guests inherently get to know the rhythm of the order of songs and know they won't get up for a fast song and have the next song suddenly changed to a slow song. His equipment was all super current and really elevated the evening. We had no technical glitches and volume, timing, energy was exactly right at all times through the day. Aside from that, Scott is a super interesting guy. I wish we could have spent more time visiting with him! He seems to have lived an interesting life and is a social, relatable guy you could easily sit down and have a beer with. I am extremely picky and have been called a bit of a control freak but I trusted Scott's judgment completely. I don't say that about just anyone. More...

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There are quite a few things that contribute to a wedding dance floor being successful. Our expert free wedding planning which is a part of every DJ package is a big factor. We design an interesting, well-paced reception and replace the same-old, same-old tired wedding traditions with a fresher and more compelling alternative with the aim of keeping the guests energy up so they are more likely to dance as they won't be half asleep by the time the dance floor opens. We save these for our clients but we can tell you that one mistake that many DJs make is not having a proper or effective structure with how they program their dancing songs. We play our songs in sets that are targeting each of the main demographic and sociographic groups that are attending. That was when a party rock fan gets up on the floor it quickly becomes obvious to them that they will have a few songs in a row that will appeal to their musical taste so they won't be sitting down and getting up a hundred times during the night as the music changes direction with every song.

During our extensive planning process which is much deeper than you'd normally enjoy from a DJ company we deal with your expectation and vision of the perfect style. That way we can deliver the style that fits with YOUR vision. We are a select and exclusive team of the most experienced performers in the market and consequently we have experience in all styles of delivery.

It is our honor to be chosen to be entrusted with the success of one of the pivotal experiences n our client's lives ... their wedding. We don't take that trust lightly and put in the extra effort of our free expert planning consultation to deliver a wedding that is the best our clients have ever attended.

I was a radio & TV personality in the Vancouver, B.C. market and listeners knew of my experience as a club DJ and were constantly asking me to host their weddings and special events. Eventually I relented and began doing some of their weddings and it just basically grew naturally from there. I am able to bring a level of speaking ability and polish through my experience as the host of 3 national TV series, as Canada's Michael Buffer (Boxing/MMA announcer) for years as well as hosting events like they Symphony of Fire, Canadian Country Music Awards, Hawaiian Tropic, Maxim Magazine, World Weightlifting Championships and many, many others.

We are unique in that our free expert wedding planning will elevated your results before we even play a single note of music by making your wedding more interesting, more compelling and way more fun. They if you add in the fact that this unique service is FREE it makes our DJ services the BEST value in the country. Other companies may charge hundreds more that us but NO ONE has the level of services that we provide!