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Surrey, BC

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Craig Johnstone Photography offers Real Estate, Portrait, Product/Commercial, Event/Location Photography and more. Pictures are often slightly post-edited if any enhancement is beneficial to the image, or special editing can be requested. Craig also does logo and branding design, as well as video editing and photo restoration.

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17 June 2019

Craig was a pleasure to work with. His attitude is great. I was running late and he had already started the work. Offers editing and has experience with different softwares including photoshop.

13 June 2019

Craig's photos were very creative, unique, and captured our personalities beautifully. He did an amazing job!
I also had him do some graphic design work and create branding for my new business, and I was absolutely blown away with what he came up with. I get tons of compliments!
Craig is an extremely talented artist, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a unique and artistic product.

2 June 2019

We could not be happier. An all-around great experience!

2 June 2019

The style and quality of each image is unique and captivatingly beautiful. A very enjoyable experience, as well as a very reasonable cost for this top-drawer photography service!

2 June 2019

Simply STUNNING images! This is your guy!

31 May 2019

Craig is a very imaginative and efficient photographer. His photos are unique and well done.


Knowing how to utilize the available light, and surroundings. And for portraits, also knowing how to cultivate the subject's energy and personality, keeping a strong and natural element of spontaneity.

Does every picture really tell a story...?

Well... I think to say that every picture tells a story is a fallacy. But a good picture always does! There are a few essential attributes to every good picture (We're talking about images with people in them, particularly). These include a compelling composition (negative space, leading lines, depth of field, symmetry, framing, perspective...), the capturing of emotion, and of course, storytelling.

Some other compelling characteristics of a good picture are the presence of irony (like one of my favorite still shots, wherein I captured a flute sitting inside of an old, beat up bongo drum with the skin punctured, as if by the flute) and unique lighting and/or perspective. 

​Attention to detail can be powerful, but so can simplicity be powerful in an image, as well as the "power of suggestion". This uses enticement, leaving the viewer of the image to imagine what might be happening, as much as or more than what may already be obvious. They are invited to fill in some blanks, leaving the story partially up to them. The key word here is "enticement". I always like my images to have the power of suggestion attribute, as opposed to being completely obvious. 

I think I'm going to write Rod Stewart a letter...   

What time of day will it be/lighting, what kind of a look they are envisioning, ideas they may have or how much creativity I can offer.

“This is, perhaps, the greatest risk that any of us will take: To be seen as we truly are.”
— Cinderella
I like to begin with a clear understanding of what the client's expectations are and the direction they wish to take. I will establish the ratio of creative license required of me verses the client's vision. Depending on the project, this may require the client filling out a questionnaire or going through a check list. With all the bases covered, the shoot itself can be more relaxed and enjoyable for all involved, and this always makes for better pictures!

Type of venue/setting, date and time of day, number of people involved, number of images required and any special must-have shots the client has in mind. These crucial things and others will be discussed prior to shooting.

New challenges, meeting new people. I love figuring out how to adapt to and make the most of all the different factors of a given situation.

Imagining earning a living doing something I very much enjoy.

Integrity, value and quality. You will have a stress-free experience, and it will likely even be enjoyable!