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I'm Kennedy! I am a personal trainer and coach because I believe that fitness is for everyone.

My mission is as a coach and trainer is to help folks accomplish what they never thought possible. Exercising is meant to be enjoyable and every workout is an opportunity to better yourself (whether you know it or not!

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19 December 2019

Fun atmosphere! My sister and I dropped in on a class while we were in town visiting our father. This will be our new gym away from home for sure!

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I think the question of "What does 'healthy' mean to you?" is a more important question. Everyone's definition of health and wellbeing looks different. My definition of "health" and "wellbeing" may be completely different than another coach/trainer's - and this is true for any client I have, too.

By asking hard questions, by being thorough and flexible in my approach. Anyone who believes that there is a cookie-cutter solution to any and every fitness goal are out of date.

Consistency, sustainability and enjoyment. I am still pursuing the body of my dreams - I do not believe in 90 day "quick fixes", "detoxes" or restrictive diets. I believe in nourishing your body to support your activity level and support your lifestyle.

It is never a dull moment. And I LOVE when my clients and athletes accomplish what they never thought possible, when they start to move without pain and get excited about the work they get to do to make themselves better.

I "started my own business" in a slightly unorthodox way - this was a dream of mine I hoped to get to start later in adulthood. I was so fortunate to be able to get to start this dream at the ripe age of 20 - I can't imagine my life any different.

The only way you are going to be able to get rid of your pain without needing to take time away from the gym and have it come back is to do a thorough assessment, and every client of mine does a movement assessment before we begin training.