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120 Terence Matthews Crescent, Kanata, ON K2M 1P7, Canada


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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


We are an independent boutique financial services company. We offer integrated holistic solutions including all aspects not just investments insurance and mortgages. With international planning standards and award winning innovative approaches, you won’t believe the difference in efficiencies that are possible, with the application of efficient education and best in class solutions.

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18 November 2021

Concierge Wealth Management is an empathetic, pragmatic, positive and above all extremely efficient firm. Simon's mastery of his area of expertise is phenomenal and put me at ease instantly. He took the time to educate me on financial matters without making me feel like a failure. Once he got a portrait of the situation, in proposed a pragmatic plan for me, which he was able to set in motion at an impressive pace and was there to accompany me through it the entire time. His associates, Dylan and Matt, were also very helpful and pleasant.
Outstanding service all around!

21 July 2021

After many years with another institution, I recently decided to transfer my financial portfolio to Concierge Wealth Management Inc. My financial advisor, Simon Garner, listened attentively to my needs (present and future) and helped me plan accordingly. He is very conscientious and takes all the necessary time to explain in layman's terms more complicated matters in order to help make important decisions. I am highly satisfied with the financial returns and do not regret transferring my financial portfolio to Concierge Wealth Management Inc. I highly recommend them. More...

26 April 2021

Mortgage Advice

Simon, Dylan and the whole staff at Concierge Wealth are amazing! They were very helpful during a very challenging time and went above and beyond what I was looking for. They have provided sound advice on a continuous basis and have a breadth of knowledge and experience in all financial matters. I would highly recommend their services. More...

22 April 2021

Simon has a great passion for wealth management and offers a comprehensive service. Over the years, he has proved to have an excellent knowledge of the industry and an ease to share it with his clients so that they understand the details. Simon acts as your wealth manager and also as your financial educator so that you feel comfortable with the strategies and wide range of services he offers, which include financial and tax planning, retirement and estate planning, among others. Moreover, he is available when I have questions and is always quick to follow up. Simon is an independent wealth manager with integrity that I have no hesitation in recommending. More...


Tax planning, advanced concepts and reduction strategies, personal and corporate returns, consulting and training.

A good financial plan with the help of our in house accountant will turn it into a great financial plan. Some accountants just look at last year and present it to the tax office for you, we look at the future and where we can save you money going forward.

We help transform peoples lives by making every part of your finances work together. We protect you from everyday risks and help you grow your wealth. Our clients tell us they feel like part of our family!

I lost my Father suddenly to meningitis when I was only 7yrs old. As a direct result, my Mother lost our home. A few years later she contracted Lymph node cancer, she died when I was 16 years old . I learned the hard way about lack of financial education and the importance of good planning. I resolved to help people avoid the financial risks of everyday life and help them build their wealth with a comprehensive education program tailored to cover all aspects of their finances.

Because of our personal background, we have a genuine passion and desire to help people.

We can provide most services online and remotely, however we still take in person meetings for prospective clients that have been fully vaccinated.

We have adopted all of the procedures and guidelines recommended by Health Canada to keep us all safe and minimize any potential exposure.


Rather than using a bank or mortgage broker for a traditional mortgage product, (which are usually inflexible and expensive), we invite you to let us educate you on the more flexible and cost effective products and services available, specifically tailored to your situation. When you have seen what is possible, we are confident you will want to employ your new found knowledge with us and clear your debt much sooner, saving thousands of dollars in the process and reaching your other financial goals in a easier more efficient manner.

Most Canadians do not have a valid will in place, never mind a plan to minimize taxes. This will lead to many financial complications, with more money going to tax and the wrong beneficiaries, not to mention unnecessary delays in distributing the estate. Let us guide you in building a comprehensive plan that incorporates all these issues and leaves your legacy as you would like it ideally. Your family will be glad you did!

As an independent broker, we can offer un-biased products and advice for any of the Canadian life insurance companies. But which company or insurance product is right for you? Are you paying too much for existing insurance? Do you have the right amount? Should you have temporary or permanent insurance? Are you aware of the significant tax advantages of using insurance? Are you considering insurance for the first time? Let us Help guide you through the maze!

There are a bewildering array of different types of investment vehicles, let us help you make sense of what type you need, relative to your risk tolerance and time horizon. You may have under-performing investments already and need a second opinion, or you may need help choosing what to invest in and what tax treatments apply. We build specific tailor made portfolios using a holistic approach that encompasses all your finances and goals. Come and see the difference!

Using award winning, state of the art planning techniques and sophisticated software, we can help you design the ultimate financial plan. Make every single dollar work by combining best in class solutions across all your financial products and services. Homes, taxes, vehicles, insurances, debts, businesses, retirement sequencing, income projections, estate preservation's, each part working with the other components to achieve the best efficiencies possible.

Do you need an income replacement solution if your health suddenly declines, or you have a critical illness like Cancer, Heart attack or stroke? Most home repossessions in Canada occur due to lack of planning for these issues. We all know someone who has been impacted by these dread diseases, we can incorporate planning for these situations in a way where you won't lose the money if you don't make a claim, and with a one in three chance of claiming, wouldn't you want to know more, before its too late? Let us guide you to a solution that will help you sleep better at night and provide you a financial benefit in any event, whether you stay healthy or otherwise.