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Montréal, Canada

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I’m a personal trainer, Pilates Teacher and a running coach. I was 200lbs 12 years ago and almost committed suicide and with help of my doctor and trainer I lost 75lbs and I’m still here to tell my story and changed my life around and became a trainer to help others. Hopefully I can meet you all and help you.

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8 September 2018

When you’re struggling to stay on track with your goals, health and fitness you need to call Nicky !!! Not only she's a great trainer , she's as well a great marathon runner and an inspirational coach. If you need motivation and your ready to get out of your comfort zone your one step away of achieving your fitness goals!!! What you know, you might end up making a great friend like I have . Good luck with your goals Whatever it might be from loosing that ten pounds or just to feel better and much healthier about yourselves. More...

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I listen to there needs and push them where they need to be pushed and motivate them as much a a I can.

What I say all the time 80% is food and 20% is exercise so they need to do there part too. To get there body of there dreams.

Seeing the goals. Seeing people faces on how they achieve there goals I love that.

Well I was a sick person worked in a job for 22 years that hated and almost committed suicide and my trainer changed me and became a trainer to help other.

Because I have what they need with my own experiences, I understand them and listen.


People who are looking to loss weight I can do that I can give a meal program and what to do on your own and with me and guide you through it and I’ll be there through out your journey.