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We present you with a whole new way of achieving wellness in your life. We offer a variety of clinical and educational services in a professional and inspiring environment.

We are passionately committed to supporting you in reaching your potential and feeling better by adhering to an integrative mind-body approach. It’s time to start thinking for yourself!

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7 customer reviews

27 July 2019

Great experience

Reviewed on Google Maps

23 June 2019

Just amazing stuff
They’re are wonderful

Reviewed on Facebook

23 June 2019

Good energy all around! Best experience with therapy I've had... I highly recommend it!

Reviewed on Facebook

23 June 2019

Amazing experience, amazing people! Thank you! I recommended, with trust and confidence, to various friends and acquaintances.

Reviewed on Facebook

23 June 2019

The owners are outstanding ! Very caring and compassionate .
Very innovative , always interesting and knowledgeable topics.

This oasis only complements to offering a comfortable ambiance to make anyone feel happy and at peace . I Highly recommend !

Reviewed on Facebook

28 May 2018

This clinic is definitely the best I've gone to in Montreal! Stephane and his team offer a high quality service, always fitting in their clients' needs. I definitely recommend it if you or any of your friends are going through a difficult time! More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

28 May 2018

LOVED my experience at PsySanté! Everyone is so warm, welcoming and friendly. From the glass of water or tea offered when you walk in, to the payement process at the end of my visit, I never felt out of place at this clinic. The staff is very attentive to my needs, they listen actively to things I have to say, and really take concern about helping me the best they can. I definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who needs someone to talk to! Great job PsySanté team, and I'm already looking forward to my next visit! More...

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Welcome to Clinique PsySanté
We are delighted to present you with several effective and scientific approaches that can help you. We offer a variety of clinical and educational services in a professional and peaceful environment. We are committed to supporting you in reaching your potential and feeling better by adhering to an integrative mind-body approach.

Our Unique Integrative Health Approach
The integrative approach in health care has gained tremendous popularity in recent years and is quickly becoming the philosophy of choice for those of you seeking to be in charge of your health. At Clinique PsySanté we pride ourselves by adhering to the following principles:

We work with an open heart
We recognize that any type of healing occurs in an environment of safety and each practitioner is committed to working in a compassionate, caring and supportive way. At Clinique PsySanté you will meet people who truly care about you!

We focus on lifestyle change
Our intention is to support your recovery process every step of the way. We support your change in daily behaviours and encourage you to establish new patterns of healthy living. The result is that you may improve your well-being, and promote your enjoyment of life in a perspective of self-responsibility.

We promote your empowerment
Our goal is that you become fully successful in managing your own health and life in an effective way. We encourage you to be a full participant in your life. In this way, you will be able to create the life that you deserve.

We educate you about general health and wellness
Our passion is teaching you how to best care for yourself by explaining to you the inner workings of the mind-body system, and the many ways you can support your healing process and maintain optimal health.

We follow and support the scientific model
We are committed to using tools and techniques that have been scientifically tested and have proven their effectiveness over time. We are also keen on demonstrating how to incorporate these scientific techniques into your daily life.

We address the causes of a problem
We believe in getting to the root of a problem. Managing only the symptoms does not constitute a long term solution as the causal underlying condition can often reappear or become aggravated overtime.

We promote optimal vitality
We wish for you to become more energetic, peaceful, clear minded and have a balanced lifestyle. We will go beyond just addressing your symptoms as we are dedicated to contribute to your optimal vitality.

We care for you using an integrative approach
Our staff enjoys working together and collaborating with your health care team; we strive to support you in the most caring and competent way.

We walk the talk
All of our practitioners have demonstrated a commitment to their own self-improvement and achieving excellence in their respective field of practice. In fact, our staff consists of experts in various different fields. Many of us are also talented artists, singers, performers, writers and athletes. We are proud to be your guides.

We are happy to offer services both in person or remotely via tele therapy (zoom) or via telephone

We take significant precautions to keep our clients and staff safe. We all wear masks, have several hand sanitizer stations throughout the clinic, disinfect all surfaces several times a day, disinfect the air with air purifiers, use aromatherapy diffusers. We limit the amounts of sessions going on at the same time to reduce the number of in person contacts. We also carefully screen all people coming in to the clinic by asking them to pass health questions.
In order to accommodate the high demand for therapy we are also offering remote sessions via tele-therapy or telephone.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a successful form of psychotherapy that focuses on helping you change the way you feel by choosing a new way of thinking. For instance, if you feel sad, it is likely that you had a sad thought that preceded the emotion.

By addressing your negative pattern of thinking, we can find healthy alternative thoughts to replace them. CBT is a great tool that allows you to see life and reality more clearly, similar to taking off dark sunglasses and being able to see the true colors of our world.

Why would you consult?

Are feeling depressed?
Do you have a low self-esteem?
Are you anxious all the time?
Do you tend to see the glass as half empty most of the time?

Systemic Therapy
Systemic therapy views a problem as a whole. People are social beings, and interpersonal relationships play a large role in our lives. Using a systemic approach we seek to understand the particular dynamics that play out in the group setting, such as your romantic relationships, your family, your workplace organization or your sports team. Each member of a group plays a role in allowing a problem to persist.

When each member understands his or her role and responsibility in affecting the whole, a new way of communicating occurs! This empowers all the members of the group. Here, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole!

Why would you consult?

Is your family life struggling?
Do you have trouble motivating your staff?
Are you having marital difficulties?
Does your team need more synergy?

Imagery and Hypnosis
Imagery and hypnosis are amazing tools that help change unhealthy behavior patterns. We use these tools as a complement to a behavior modification program, where we look at all aspects of a problematic situation.

These interventions work by getting the brain to create new neural associations and process information in a healthier way. By changing the automatic images the brain plays out, we affect the unconscious and reprogram the mind. The process of imagery and hypnosis is much like a film director who creates a movie by selecting the characters, the plot, the theme and the outcome. Come be the film director of your life movie!

Why would you consult?

Are you going through a life challenge or life change?
Would you like to find meaning in your life circumstances?
Are you feeling that you need to change something but don’t know what?
Do you believe that your mind and body are inter-related?
Are you looking to feel better with a short-term approach?

Psychodynamic Therapy
Did you know that your general attitude, self-esteem and emotions originate in your formative years of childhood? Psychodynamic therapy is a very helpful therapeutic process that allows you to gain insight into why you are experiencing personal conflict, emotional difficulties, or dysfunctional relationships.

By gaining awareness of the origins of your issues, you will learn a lot about yourself and be able to make better life choices, and lead a healthier, more peaceful existence! This process is like gardening, where you will clear out the weeds in your beautiful garden!

Why would you consult?

Are feeling chronically depressed?
Do you have a low self-esteem?
Do you tend to have problematic relationships?
Do you have trouble managing your emotions?
Are you recognizing that you are making the same mistakes over and over again?

We explore all aspects of your life. Of course we want to know about your thoughts and feelings, but we are also interested in your overall health, your life habits, your relationships, the kind of work you do, and whether you feel aligned with your mission and purpose in life.

Integrative psychotherapy is a scientific-based short-term approach that integrates the best of the best psychotherapy techniques. This means we are focused on finding solutions using a short-term approach by making use of powerful techniques such as counseling, emotion-focused therapy, imagery, mindfulness meditation, as well as personal, and lifestyle coaching.

We believe that, just like in nature, people can go in and out of balance. Our goal is to help you regain your balance and in the process develop awareness, clarity, and learn a bunch of useful life tools that you can always use to help you stay in balance. We think that adversity is a great opportunity for self-growth.

Why would you consult?

Are you going through a life challenge or life change?
Do you like to find meaning in your life circumstances?
Are you feeling that you need to change something but don’t know what?
Do you believe that your mind and body are inter-related?
Are you looking to feel better with a short-term approach?

Sports psychology helps us better understand the mental health of our athletes. It is a science that draws from many disciplines, including physiology, kinesiology, and psychology. It focuses on sport performance and motivation, improving the mental health of our athletes in and out of their sport.

It can help with team building and motivation for a competitive team sport. Our sports psychologists are also there to help you get back in the game after sustaining an injury.

We support professional, semi-professional and amateur athletes.

Our goal: empowered athletes!

Why consult us?

Reduce anxiety
Optimize your performance
Sharpen your focus
Silence your inner critic
Overcome defeat
Enhance your motivation
Improve self-confidence
Deal with an injury
Release mental blocks
We offer services for the following sports:

Figure skating

We invite you to discover yourself in a whole new way! Holistic Life Coaching is an empowering process where you learn new ways of seeing and experiencing life. With a greater awareness of your connection to self and your relationship with the world around you, you will realize how powerful you are in creating many of your life situations. You will be guided on your own personal path of transformation and self discovery while being empowered to help yourself reach your potential and create the life you deserve.

Just as each individual is unique, so are the sessions and modalities used, which vary according to each person’s needs. This unique empowering mind/ body approach will help you deal with various challenges such as low self esteem, stress, anxiety, fears, anger, social skills, bullying, self expression, goal setting and life transitions.

All ages – Children – Teens & Adults

When working with children, a personalized intervention plan appropriate for the age and situation of the child is created. These services can be offered in the form of individual fun and innovative empowerment coaching, parenting, and or group empowerment workshops. Unique therapeutic crafts are incorporated in individual empowerment sessions & group workshops with children for them to take home which acts as a reminder of the tools learned.

Why would you consult?

Would you like to be more empowered and reach your potential?
Do you need help with developing coping skills when faced with life’s challenges?
Do you need support to reach goals in your life?
Would you like to feel more alive, energized and more balanced ?
Would you like to attract more love, joy, abundance and creativity into your life?
Do you need a supportive ear to help accompany you in your journey?
Need advice on how to balance the various areas of your life?
Do you need help in making an important decision?

Do you, your teacher or doctor suspect a problem with ADD or ADHD?
Are you looking to have your child assessed for ADD or ADHD?
Is your child experiencing difficulty retaining information even though they spend a long time studying?
Are you wondering if you have ADHD?
ADHD is a mental disorder that is characterized by problems with attention, excessive activity, or difficulty controlling behaviour.
ADHD is divided into three different types:

predominantly inattentive type
predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type
combination type
The type of ADHD is determined by the prevalence of symptoms. Symptoms of the disorder must impact everyday function significantly to be considered for a diagnosis.

ADHD presents itself in different ways. One with ADHD may find difficulty in:

Following instructions
Focusing and sustaining attention
Dividing attention efficiently
Selecting and focusing specific details
Recalling information
Organizing tasks in an efficient manner
Completing tasks on time
At Clinique PsySanté, we specialize in helping children, teens, and adults that have attentional issues.
We offer:

Screening for individuals at risk for ADHD.
Full Psychometric Assessment packages to assess and diagnose ADHD
Treatment recommendations
Follow up supportive treatment for those with ADHD
Although ADD and ADHD is fundamentally a neurological medical condition there are some effects of this condition on academic learning, emotional development, social relationships, and difficult family dynamics. People who have ADHD have a difficult time controlling their thoughts, regulating their emotions, and controlling their behaviour.

Are you struggling with your mental health and are in need of immediate intervention? Are you simply looking to see and speak to someone instantly to get a fresh perspective and some guidance? We know that it can be challenging when you are struggling with your mental health. We also understand that it can be quite frustrating to be told that it might be a while before you get to see a mental health professional. Your wellbeing is our priority! Therefore, our clinic is happy and pleased to offer you Same Day Counselling. Call our clinic at 514-542-6888 for more information and to book your same day appointment. Both English and French clients are welcomed with open arms. Consultations will take place with our qualified Naturotherapist, Wellness Coach and Intake Coordinator. Whatever your circumstances are, you can hope to walk out with a little bit more support, hope and guidance.