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BuzzMasters utilizes a team of skillful and experienced video production specialists to ensure your video production project is carefully planned, executed, and assembled throughout all phases of the video production project lifecycle. Our backgrounds are in production, journalism, design, and technology.

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9 customer reviews

12 November 2019

The final product was exactly what we were looking for.

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8 November 2019

Great service and quality production. Would highly recommended for your photo and video needs. Thanks Brandon

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29 October 2019

Professionalism and high quality product were what we got it spades when Buzzmasters captured our YMCA North Bay/YMCA Sudbury golf tournament. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ would recommend!!!!! More...

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12 January 2019

Buzzmasters proved their name when working with Tourism North Bay during the Ford World Women's Curling Championship; an international event. The online excitement Buzzmasters created drew local, provincial, national and international attention. More...

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12 November 2018

Fun and professional! I highly recommend this dynamic team :)

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12 November 2018

If you need any marketing assistantance or content creation of any kind Buzzmasters is the first phone call you should make.

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18 May 2018

Professional and fun!! I highly recommend this team :)

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15 October 2017

Great people who really kicked up our social media presence during a couple of events I've been connected with. Pre, during, and post event, the content and number of eyeballs on our events were dramatically increased over previous years. We connected with a new and engaged audience and couldn't have had the same reach without them. Highly recommended. More...

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8 August 2017

Great group with enthusiasm galore. Talented individuals and can get the job done. If you need a service like this, these are the ones to call. Don't hesitate!!! Great work guys.

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Awareness and timing. The best photographs capture a moment between people. They evoke the emotion on display and help the viewer enjoy a vicarious experience through observation. The best photographers are the ones who are watching carefully and have the technical ability to get set for an anticipated shot so they can capture the honesty of a shared moment.

How do you prefer to be communicated with?
What is your end game for the media content?
How does that align with your business objectives?
What is the timeframe we're working within?
What is the key message being conveyed?
Do you have concepts you'd like us to run with?
What media assets do you already have?
Are there any other resources that can support the success of this project that we should be made aware of from your end?

The first step is to get the whole picture of what the client is trying to do and why they're trying to do it. Armed with that information, we begin our research and discovery process which arms us with the information required to start putting ideas together. We pitch concepts to the client until they find one they like then we develop a script. Once the script is approved by the client, we create a storyboard. Throughout all these steps, also known as pre-production, we're gauging the scope of work and identifying resources that might be required. Once the the storyboard is approved we finish pre-production by securing the necessary resources to complete the production. Once filming is complete we assemble the best takes into the storyboarded narrative structure before providing a rough cut to the customer. If the customer is happy with the direction then we produce a fine cut for review which may take one or two more minor revisions but most of the creative lift has been completed before cameras and crew ever mobilized.

We must understand the goal of the video product(s), where those video products are intended to be distributed and the accompanying audience and technical requirements, how much time we have to complete the work in it's entirety, and what we're allowed to spend on creating the desired video product. Beyond those key items, an intimate understanding of the desired messaging and the target audience are also paramount.

Learning about others and seeing a story come to life. It's one thing to be briefed on a coming project but to witness the final product in its full splendor has sent shivers down my spine on many occasions. The art of storytelling is one of the noblest arts known to man and we are really blessed to be craftspeople of that trade.

Aside from my elementary school crush's father who was able to provide a wonderful lifestyle for his family running a creative business, I admired Bill Gates a lot growing up. It was his Road Ahead book that inspired me to follow innovation so closely which has completely transformed my life in countless ways.

We have a very successful track record of not only identifying video products to support client objectives and developing creative directions for those products but also planning and executing projects to the highest degree of professionalism. We work within the constraints of our clients timeline and budget to deliver truly exceptional video products to support their objectives.

Everything outside of actually filming a project can be done remotely and we have worked across the province to film projects to a very high degree of success.

Daily screenings before shoot days. Masks on at all times on set. Face shields available if needed. Gloves, hand sanitizer, and sanitizer wipes are always accessible to support the goals of maintain a safe set. If a set has more than 10 people then we also employ a zoning system detailed by Film Safety Ontario.


Recruit and retain top talent, attract and retain engaged customers, or just tell a story. Whatever your video production needs, we have you covered.

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