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BLK Flame Marketing is about sharing our obsession with you. The ever-changing market fuels us to conceptualize and create strategies that WILL help your business grow. We help various businesses grow their online presence through several marketing strategies.

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14 customer reviews

5 April 2021

Web Design

Very professional (Great communication, prompt response) with assisting with websites.

2 January 2021

Professional talent, we will use them again. Synopsis, highly recommended!!

29 November 2020

Graphic Design

They were friendly and efficient. I will be using them again.

25 November 2020

Hired BLK flame marketing to help me get more clients and I couldn't ask for a better results, this company is truly helpful and are willing to spend a lot of time with their clients to help them with their needs.

25 November 2020

Great customer service. We couldn't be happier to have selected BLK Flame Marketing to work with. I highly recommend them as they are extremely professional, helpful and punctual.

25 November 2020

One of the best marketing companies out there with an amazing team, I needed help with digital marketing and edits to my e-commerce website and they were very helpful and provided a great service with decent prices. Highly recommend!

25 November 2020

Hired Black Flame Marketing to create a website for my business. Sarah and other members helped me tremendously and met all of my needs. Very professional team, highly recommend. More...

24 November 2020

Very high quality and timely service and amazing staff. I definitely recommend BLK flame marketing for all marketing needs

24 November 2020

I asked BLK flame to create a website for my online store and i was able to get my website up and running in no time, the team was very helpful and they were able to capture all requirements and edits efficiently. Great team to work with...highly recommend More...

13 October 2020

Graphic Design

Sarah and staff worked with us on our Product labels. It was a pleasure to work with them.

5 October 2020

I hired black flame marketing to create a website for my business and also to do digital marketing and they were very helpful and very knowledgeable.

They were able to create my website and setup my digital marketing in a quick period and Sara was very helpful with addressing all my questions.

I highly recommend black flame marketing as I've gotten great results for my business.

29 September 2020

Web Design

I hired Black Flame Marketing to build a new website for my business. It is great experience, so professional and on time. Very attentive and helpful. Sarah and her team are great asset to any entity. I highly recommend them and trust them More...

2 June 2020

I was very satisfied with this company. They were able to help with my project. I highly recommend this company for your marketing needs.

31 May 2020

Amazing, outstanding service my to go to person everytime I need any Marketing.


Your business website should be a welcoming space that compels your customers to hang out; maybe even linger awhile. A place to tell them your story and how they are an important part of it. It’s about giving people an experience they can easily connect with; that identifies and relates to them.


We are your ally.
Black Flame Marketing grows your business, your way. We care about your vision and your objectives. Using your voice and brand goals, we create effective marketing strategies, inspired by you.

Stand out

You know you’re awesome; so do we.
At Blackflame Marketing, we know how to get the word out that you’re business is leading the charge in town. Marketing strategies that get customer attention and reflect your brand’s purpose is our objective



Black Flame discovery sessions have evolved into a highly effective and streamlined process. Our Uncover Your Greatness program includes a half-day facilitated session with stakeholders. This leads to a report that becomes a blueprint for next steps – a readable, plain language document that one client called, “the most useful marketing plan I have participated in”.

1. Brand Story Development
The story surrounding your brand should be more than just product and service description. It should connect you with your customers; create a relationship with them. Black Flame develops brand stories by communicating the purpose, beliefs, and values of your company.

2. Brand Naming
Great names don’t just happen, they’re engineered with care and precision. Black Flame Marketing uses up-to-date research analytics to find you a name that works for your brand. We understand the importance of using the right name for your brand, and how using the wrong name can prevent your company from making your potential known.

3. Logo Design
The right logo is essential for your brands foundation. Your logo becomes your company’s visual identifier and should be easily recognized by your clients. Less is often more when designing an effective logo design. Black Flame knows how to create a logo with impact that your company can stand upon.

4. Corporate Identity Systems
Consistency is key when developing a secure relationship with your clients. Using the same brand elements consistently, across all platforms, will create a stable, successful, detail-oriented image of your business. Brand identification, regardless of media platform, should be easily recognized in the public domain; it will build your clients sense of trust and dependability in you.

5. Tagline & Positioning
Taglines should speak to your customers, while being concise and precise. Ideally, taglines should also evoke emotion AND explain your product. Too tall order for just a few words? Not at Black Flame Marketing. Creating the right tagline that engages your customers while promoting your vision is just one of

6. Illustration, Photography & Video
Delivering your brand’s message to consumers has never had so many options to choose from. In addition to print and radio, more brands are choosing to include social media and online options to share their brand. So, why choose one when you can choose them all? Black Flame uses all platforms in your marketing campaign and includes illustration, photography, and video formats.

Your business website should be a welcoming space that compels your customers to hang out; maybe even linger awhile. A place to tell them your story and how they are an important part of it. It’s about giving people an experience they can easily connect with; that identifies and relates to them.

1. Custom Website Design
Website users don’t want to know about the layers of code, interfaces and other design tools used when building sites. They want to scroll, click and be informed; quickly and easily too. With Black Flame custom web design your audience can have all that, and in a pretty package too.

2. Template Website
Catch their eye and show off your potential! A great-looking, informative website is always in demand, especially when easy to use and enjoyable to visit. You know you are on a well-designed website when you don’t have to think about using it.

3. Content Creation
Content cannot be compromised. It is the mortar used to hold your viewers attention. Content compels viewers to dig deeper into the experience you’ve created for them. Content should be created for your audience, about your audience, and to your audience. Properly crafted, content will immerse your viewers and leave them with a sense of engagement and belonging.

4. Content Management Systems (CMS)
Online users expect websites to be fresh, with new information added regularly. Content has a short shelf life, it expires fast and is quickly forgotten. Adding freshly squeezed info to your business website has become easier than ever; it can often be done without a team of IT specialists. Black Flame Marketing builds sites that can be tweaked and edited easily by the end user, saving time and improving company efficiency. For those not on tech-savvy bandwagon, Black Flame can always assist with routine updates to keep your site deliciously refreshed.

5. E-Commerce Development
Online retail shopping is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Up to 20% of all purchases are being made online, and that number is set to grow. Don’t neglect the potential of including online shopping options to your website storefront. Black Flame Marketing can help you reach all potential customers; with the inclusion of easy-to-use shopping solutions added to your site.

6. Support
Website support is equally important at Black Flame as creating beautiful, easy-to-use media pages. And our support is customizable to your needs. Want a site that’s completely in your hands? Yeah, go for it! Black Flame will be here for you if troubles do arise, just give us a call. Need more of an IT department approach? We can do that too. Black Flame website support is here if you need us. But if you don’t, we’ll cheer for you from the sidelines.

Black Flame believes no business should pay people to follow their social media initiatives. But, how do you get people to push your online buttons? Instead of buying followers, engage them. Invest in a strategic online media marketing plan that will make people to WANT to connect with you! Black Flame’s Content Marketing team will help you create a social media presence that BOTH your customers and your bottom line will love.

1. Online Marketing
Online marketing is big business. But, it’s also as big potential for your business. A lot of time, energy and resources can easily be wasted in your online marketing strategies aren’t supported by experts who understand the constantly changing factors connected to online marketing. Search engine algorithm changes, internet policy adjustments, compliance standards updates; all are in constant flux, and can be costly if your business doesn’t keep in-line with them. Black Flame has people who are in the know, and like to stay in the know, especially when it comes to quality control and assurance for their clients.

2. Social Media Marketing
Every avenue that people are drawn too is an avenue to find potential customers. And social media is a powerful avenue; one that marketing specialists have locked in on. Effective and efficient, social media marketing gives unparalleled bang for your buck. Black Flame has social media strategies that can grow your business by utilizing all relevant platforms in the online realm.

3. Search Engine Optimization
OK, let’s say you have the perfect website, guaranteed to blow some socks off. But, if no one knows about it, how does that benefit your company? Simple. It doesn’t. That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO is a combination of tactics and strategies that get search engines, like Google or Bing, to take a look at your site and rank it. The better the SEO, the better the ranking. And, once you have a good ranking, everyone will easily find where you are. Black Flame SEO engineers work to get your website the attention and acknowledgement it deserves.

4. Paid Search Advertising
Pay only for advertising that gets results? What? How is that possible? With paid search advertising, of course! Paid search advertising allows marketers to pay only for efforts that result in a positive action. Like, only when their ad is clicked, or once the ad has been viewed a thousand times. Other options exist, and of course, there are multiple options and layers that come in to play. Black Flame knows each option and will help your business select the right ones.

There are several platforms to consider when creating a site. Drag and drop builders is what fuels the more recent industry in web development. However, there comes a limitation that simply dragging and dropping content onto your website may not be the best in looks and speed.

Which is why having a reliable web developer is a must when it comes to website creation

Our web development team strives to provide quick turn around times at affordable prices and aesthetically styled WordPress web pages. Tell us about what your business is about and how you would like to go about presenting this idea.

Otherwise, our web developers are more than happy to assist with planning the perfect website for you.