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8 January 2019

My Name is James. I am currently a Condo Board Member that shares the decisions with other fellow board members. I had taken the lead of a betterment project at our site that houses 128 units in the NorthEast of Calgary Alberta. Having the need to increase security features has been only beneficial in many aspects. Such as assisting police with camera footage, monitoring access to our buildings and facilities, and enforcing our policies and bylaws on an equal and fair basis to all our residents. The project started with the Condo Board getting more than 75% of the owners to agree to the betterment project with sharing evidance on the expense would firstly pay for itself in the long run with evidence of damage charge backs and less physical maintenance fees to locks and keys. Then the Board shopped around for quotes. And came across Authorized Security. A new name that we never heard of. But was willing to give them a shot in providing us with a plan and quote. We did share our budgeting expectations. They were able to work with us in different options to save in some areas to be able to spend on more required areas of the project. There were some surprises that came during the project, such as shipment delays and CCTV software not hitting the "expectation mark". But Authorized Security never gave up on us. Their willingness to have our project completed was greatly appreciated. And we now have fully upgraded IP CCTV and access control, all with remote access abilities. Working with the staff and management of Authorized Security has always been pleasant to the point of not being "customer service drones" but they really listen to the customers concerns or ideas and being able to work on it and complete the vision. We are also thankful in switching our fire monitoring to Authorized Security due to a slightly lower rate then our previous provider but also less false alarms/calls. We are now looking forward to a another opportunity. Authorized Security is going to quote our annual fire system testing. If this service is equal to the previous ones, then I am confident our Board will look into this as well with them. More...

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