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19 June 2020

Nakita is amazing at listening to the human body. She has been helpful with controlling the pain of my teenage dancers knees and back. My daughter adores her.

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4 May 2020

Nakita at ATFirst Therapy was integral in helping my daughter work through her hip discomfort. Nakita completed thorough assessment, explained everything to my daughter in language she could understand, and provided her with a follow up program. Since being in isolation, Nakita has continued to show her dedication to her clients through zoom meetings, she helps my daughter make adjustments to her form, gives her positive feedback on healing methods and provides detailed online program. Thanks to Nakita my daughter can continue to build strength and heal during this time with no dance classes. Highly recommend! More...

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4 March 2020

From the assessment appointment to my follow-up appointments, Nakita has been nothing but professional and extremely knowledgeable. I have been suffering from knee problems and Nakita listened to my concerns and designed a program that was attainable and reached my targets. More...

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27 February 2020

Suffered with chronic back pain for years, with a discectomy in 2017. New disc bulges and stenosis recently caused multiple flare ups that would leave me in bed for days at a a time. Revisited with the surgeon to receive little information regarding my condition, and just suggesting a referral to a pain clinic for injections to help with the flare ups. Visited Nakita four weeks ago, and she was like a breath of fresh air. Took the time to read my MRI’s and fully explain what the medical terms meant, and more importantly what was causing my flare ups. I was provided exercise techniques that were safe to start to strengthen the area, and ideas for lifestyle changes to prevent flare ups, and...... I have felt better, and I have not had a flare up since or missed a day of work because of pain, and I don’t wake up with that fear of triggering something that will disable me for days... because now I understand my diagnosis. All because Nakita from ATFirst Therapy took the time at my consultation, when no other medical professional did that for me. More...

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26 February 2020

Nakita at Atfirst Therapy, is Profesional, thorough and personable. She does a complete assessment, and provides her reccomendations and exercise ideas with full, easy to understand explanations. I highly encourage anyone seeking an Athletic Therapist to go to ATFirst Therapy. More...

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