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21 August 2020

I will not recommended this company to my worst enemy, they set rules as they go. They even tow my truck for a parking that I paid but not recorded by the property manager. I loss a day of work trying to find my truck since they are not responding and not returning my call. Now need to fight with them for compensation. More...

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27 March 2020

A 1 star review is without a doubt the biggest flattery for such an organization. To call them an organization is a stretch; highway robbers seems more of an apt description for this group and their practices. Upon applying for a place, paying the damage deposit, and signing the lease almost 2 WEEKS before walk through and possession, the COVID19 virus led to my partner being laid off along with thousands of other Albertans. When we explained over 1 week before the walk through date that we could no longer take the place due to the unprecedented COVID 19 impact; we were told that we would surrender the full damage deposit and that if we did not sign the tenancy release that they would come after us for 12 months of rent. During a global pandemic. Real humanitarians working here! We had not moved in, or even done a walk through but Astoria Management claims that not only would they keep the deposit in full with no exceptions, they strong armed us into signing this tenancy release which stated that they could apply the entire damage deposit as a "lease break fee".....on a place we hadn't even set foot in. And that if we did not sign they would come after us in court for 12 months of rent Bottom line: If you sign a lease Tuesday, and the virus' impact leads to you being laid off Thursday...count on Astoria to keep the deposit in full, indicate a lease breaking fee that just so happens to convert the full damage deposit amount over, and if you complain don't worry! They'll only threaten to sue you for 12 months of rent. All of this during a global health pandemic? Leave it to Astoria Asset Management to take advantage of a crisis to earn a few bucks off those impacted. My sympathies to their next victim... Hopefully they wait til after the health pandemic to borderline extort you! More...

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10 March 2020

They could improve by posting that Visitors need to get a pass from the renters that they are visiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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30 October 2019

they could improve by picking up the phone.. when they picked up the phone it was a (Hello?) not (Astoria Property Management, how can we help you? ) and it is taking over a month for my security deposit to be returned in which they think they can keep before i even move in.. and they took my first months rent.. lost almost $1000 so far just trying to find a suitable place.. these people will take you for all you can get and i have not been there a day More...

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