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14 January 2019

Amazing, knowledgeable, trustworthy dog trainer and dog walker! I don't think we would have made it through puppyhood in one piece without Angel's help and support.

When my Mini Schnauzer, was about 4 months old I had issues with aggression and severe separation anxiety. He would cry all day long when I was at work and I was receiving daily complaints from neighbours. I arranged for a first time assessment with Angel. We immediately put new practices in place and then started training in home with his puppy package. Angel has programs designed to teach all of the fundamentals, but the advantage of having private training in home meant I could ask a million questions and we could customize the training for my dog and home. Within a month I started to see a huge improvement in my dog and we were really happy with the service.

Angel also offers daily group walks at lunch. When I am at work he goes to my home, picks up my dog and then collects the other dogs in his pack for the day. They have a nice long walk and sometimes supervised offleash play in a park. Who better to walk your dog than a certified trainer Angel and Kerry post daily on their instagram and I can check in after lunch to see snippets of their daily walk.

Since meeting Angel, we have completed a couple of the training packages and he regularly walks my dog a few days a week. Angel and Kerry also offer in home boarding. While I haven't had the need for this service, I would not hesitate to take advantage.

I can't say enough good things about AngelKerr Dog Training. They are passionate about the animals in their care, understood our concerns and helped us to find suitable solutions.

14 January 2019

Angel and Kerry are an amazing team to work with. Kerry was great at arranging and scheduling appointments around our busy schedule. Angel changed our world with our dog Max. He's our first dog and a rescue and we were not sure where to start with training as he is 6 years old. From the first session we saw changes right away and finished our sessions with flying colors. We miss having Angel come to our house as he was part of our family and plan to have more sessions in the Spring. If you're looking for help/support with your dog you are in the right place! More...

14 November 2018

Amelia our sheepadoodle, spent a week with Angel and Kerry. She was excited to see them again and seemed very happy when we picked her up. In fact, I think she is better behaved than when we dropped her off! We were happy knowing Amelia was in such good and capable hands. Thank you again!! More...

11 October 2018

I cannot rave enough about Angel and Kerry from AngelKerr. When we adopted Tessa we were made aware that our family would be her 3rd home in her short 18 months on earth. Within the first few months of joining our family she was attacked on 2 separate occasions by 2 different dogs and her anxiety soared. She developed a fear of every and any dog. Walks were a nightmare - she would pull, lunge, wet herself and bark frantically every time a dog crossed our path. She would bark incessantly at the windows at even the hint of anything going by. When she eventually growled and snapped at a family friends dog, we knew we needed some immediate help. Rehoming her was NOT an option - she had been through enough. We found Angel's card at our vet and I reached out to him regarding what was happening. We scheduled a free consultation and after talking to Angel for just a few minutes I cannot explain the sense of relief. He knew exactly what was going on and had no doubt that if we put in the work we would be able to help her. Tessa responded immediately to him. It was obvious from the very first visit that he has a way with dogs! After just 6 sessions with Angel we had a completely different dog. He not only provided clear training instructions but also explained the 'why' behind her behaviors. He really helped us understand things from her perspective. We started out with a dog who could not be around other dogs. By the last session we were at the dog park! We also left her with AngelKerr for a weekend getaway and were quite nervous about how she would be with the other dogs in their home. Kerry provided constant updates about how great she was doing and even sent this picture - Tessa is on the right and she couldn't be happier. We cannot thank these guys enough for what they have done for us. I would not hesitate to recommend AngelKerr for training or boarding - you will not regret it and your dog will thank you! More...

2 July 2018

We found Angel through our local global pet foods. He had some fantastic advice for our new rescue regarding barking and recall. We hired him for 6 sessions and he was extremely helpful He had innovative suggestions (white noise at night to calm barking) he's got a great sense of humor and a fantastic way with dogs. More...