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Get a free quote from this professional

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Virtual- ONLINE - Cloud based - Accounting & Income Tax &Coaching firm- Check out our Services Tab - (virtual/cloud bookkeeping, Shared file access, Digital Signatures, CRA My Account, Online Document systems, Photos of Receipts. with your smartphone or scanner) Peace of Mind for our clients.

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29 January 2020

Easy program, loved the Do it yourself bookkeeping DIY , Training was great, And awesome business coaching , thanks for the Tips, Got my Biz Year end done on time, Thanks to Analysis360 - No hidden fees, and no surprise end of year charges.

24 January 2020

Outstanding service and very caring with regards to my personal needs. Thank you so much Analysis360, I will always recommend you!


Review of Bookkeeping systems- Accounting for Personal Tax returns
Corporate Accounting for Corporations Income tax Returns
Cost accounting, Project Accounting.
Review of Monthly Financial statements.
Reporting for Commercial or Personal Loan situations.
Assist you and attend your Finance or Bank Meetings - (loans or other). Cost-Effective and Value-based fees.

To get Great Advice on Accounting, Income Tax, and Business issues.
An Accountant who will support, and provide you the help to reach your desired goals.
An Accountant who will not Bend the CRA rules and support being in Compliance with CRA as to minimize the impacts of CRA Audits.

1. The biggest reward is having a "Life-Changing Effect" On the lives of small business clients. We love providing the extra care through planning, for clients to Grow wealth, Travel, Sell a business, Collect on CI insurance, or even collect on life insurance that we promoted to buy. And in some cases work less play more. #2. We love to get people caught up and current with Tax filings & get Clean CRA Audits, to hear the sigh of Relief from you... "I'm so glad that's over and behind us!"

Spending years in Financial Audits, & Controllership positions Inspired me to start a small business that would work with Small businesses. To provide professional Guidance, value-based, support growth &profit.

Based on what new Clients say to us. "Our last Accountants never took the time to educate us, And you Have! " another new client said: "you understand running a small business, our only time to meet is off hours" . Held Meetings in evenings and on weekends via Zoom.
We support local charities, & Do Free tax returns for the Elderly& new immigrants. Free Coffee or tea.
Any question from you is ok. Of Course, we will let you know when we don't have the answer and refer to and expert in that area. Ie. How are Appraisals calculated on my house?


We offer a flexible bookkeeping service. One that designed around what you need. We utilize software tools and Online apps to be effective. Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly depending on what your specific needs are. Billing invoicing, AR AP, Payroll, cash flow, and forecasting. Monthly financial statements. Fees are reasonable , as a result of collaboration- Save money and Make money

Our Unique DIY (Do it Yourself) FREE bookkeeping service: We provide whatever level of training you need to use the system. This FREE system is dependant on an LTD company Year End Fee. The Fee is determined ahead of time, based on the complexity of your business. Our value is the more work you do, the lower the Year-end Tax Preparation fee is.

Our Year-end fee is inclusive of preparing the Financial year-end with all the related adjustments as well as preparing the Corporate Income Tax File. Email us to do a Discovery meeting with a purpose to provide a Quote on our fees.

Our Payroll Services are an add on to the bookkeeping system. This is inclusive of Job costing of labor, timesheet recording With an APP for Smartphones. Direct deposit as well as detail Time reports/Time log by Geo location.

Advisory services: We advise clients on a variety of matters- Such as Wage vs Draw or Own vs Lease, or Advise on Loan Applications, or AR debt collections or HR planning reviews, position descriptions.
Some custom need you have- I.e. Contract Negotiation, Lease reviews, etc.

Business Coaching - using our Online platform of Zoom Meetings. coaching programs to fit your needs. Either 4,6,8 or 12 week programs. Gain insight into your business performance, and your role - Improve communications, confidence, working with others, leadership, and goal setting.

Life coach - Only offer Online virtual coaching Use Zoom meeting for our sessions. Life coach Around personal development, capacity building, Public speaking, Confidence building, Career coaching, Developing Positive habits, Stress reduction (others or yourself) Outside job stress, Don't forget you will get homework assignments too. Don't forget to have fun.