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3 December 2019

I chose Ambleside AH when relocating temporarily to the area based on reviews online and a personal recommendation.  My older pup has many health concerns, and brought with her a veritable book of past vet notes for the first visit.  We've been to the clinic 3 times, for an initial visit and follow-ups for nail trims.  We've found the entire staff to be very friendly, and Dr. Wilkie to be very personable and knowledgeable....and happy to discuss all of our concerns and our baby's issues. They are a bit high priced, and Dr. Wilkie has very limited hours for general veterinary services (can't speak for the other vets however).  But they do offer some evening hours...which is handy...clean facilities, and a caring, capable staff. More...

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13 May 2019

We started seeing Dr. Wilke when the vet we had been seeing for the last 9 years of our dog's​ life had no options in terms of how to treat our dog after they diagnosed her with Kidney Disease, they​ told us she likely had a month to live. I researched and researched and found that acupuncture​ could help kidney disease, this led me to Dr. Carla Wilke. We did both acupuncture​ and chiro - I figured it couldn't hurt. Our dog was bouncing when she came out of her appointments​. She had several other suggestions for treatment and after our old vet told me not to do IV fluids, and talking with a vet at AHH about it, we decided to switch to AHH exclusively for the palliative care stage of our dog's life. I have no doubt, that if we had stayed with our old vet, our dog would have died in about a month. After the IV treatment, she was re-born! She had 5 very happy months with us, until one night, she seemed very uncomfortable. We knew we were on borrowed time and that things could turn very bad very quickly. Ambleside had given us the name of two vets who do home euthanasias and that's what we did for our pup. I miss her, but I feel that we did everything​ we could and that she didn't suffer, so no regrets. :) Thank you AHH for the extra 4 months! ;) More...

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5 August 2018

Best service! We love bringing our dogs here. We were in Mexico when our dog got injured. They took great care of him. Both our dogs are treated with such amazing love and care. Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a vet in North and west Vancouver. More...

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30 August 2017

I love Dr Carla Wilke. Her bedside manner, knowledge and willingness to listen is stellar. She has a wonderful way of explaining why she feels the treatment plan is what is best. I treat as holistically as I can and she is so respectful and supportive of that, supporting that with acupuncture and TCM. The reasons I am not giving this clinic a 5 star rating is because I have had too many emails and voicemails fall through the cracks and not be returned or returned very late (which when dealing with a sick dog in pain just doesn't work for me), and because one of the vets allowed their dog to roam off leash throughout the clinic during one of our appointments which for a reactive dog (like mine) is awful so waiting in the waiting room was incredibly stressful. I can't imagine too many sick dogs would appreciate a random dog approaching them either. But if you are looking for wonderful care for both your dog and you, Dr Wilke is definitely it! More...

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6 July 2017

I have been going to Ambleside Animal Hospital since 2008, and I don't have Pet Insurance. My two Yorkies are my children and spoiled rotten. I would not trust them with anyone but Dr. Booth. I have moved out of the area since 2009 and still I make the drive to W. Van to see him. He actually tells me I don't need this or that.... He is always very knowledgable (it must be all those conferences he keeps going to) and explains treatment plans. The health and well being of my pups is very important and no one has unlimited funds, and because the way he deals with me, I can trust that the money I am spending is going towards their well being.  That is priceless, knowing that based on his advice I did the best thing for my pups and there is peace of mind. When I have left my pups there for surgery, the would call me the moment it's done. Dr. Wilkie always calls. Peace for mind is what I would say about this place. Thanks to everyone at the hospital. More...

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26 April 2015

Dr. Wilkie was very kind, informative and knew what she was doing when I took Kingston in today for acupuncture. He recently herniated a disc and I was told to take him to acupuncture by the specialist. As always, I had a lot of questions and Dr. Wilkie was more than happy to hear them out and provide me with her knowledge. I can't say yet whether or not the acupuncture was helpful, but I did instantly notice some relaxation. Also, I booked an appointment with her next week but she was all booked up.. She didn't hesitate for a second to schedule me later in the day when they don't typically do acupuncture. Kingston is limited in movement so when I need to pay the techs watched over him and even helped open my car door when I left. Thanks for all your help. More...

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6 June 2012

Sometimes I feel like going to the vet is like going to a car mechanic - you never quite know if they're being honest with you, and the littlest thing can cost a zillion bucks!  This is NOT the way I feel when I walk into Ambleside Animal Hospital - their front desk staff is very knowledgable and so friendly, while Dr. Booth has the best bedside manner of any vet I've met!  I trust his word and it never seems like he's pulling a fast one.  I think even my cat likes him, and she is a total stress case.  I live in East Van and it is absolutely worth the trip to Ambleside! More...

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