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A gracious host, Dave makes your guests feel welcome to interact and be part of your evening with requests. Dave knows how your wedding day should flow and will ensure the highest quality service. Music has been part of his life since childhood, from being in the Royal Conservatory as a child to drumming with his top 40 dance band as a teen, he knows how to pack a dance floor for all ages and styles.

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20 customer reviews

15 November 2019

Dave made our wedding so much fun. He knew from the crowd what music to play. Everyone commented how awesome he was. Thank you so much dave. Lori

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14 November 2019

Dave made our wedding the best it could have been!! Everything ran perfect from the beginning song of the ceremony to the last song of the night! !! Everyone was gushing about the music!! As soon as 90's started playing it changed my night and it was like he knew I needed it!! Pick Dave for your DJ he is by far the best!!!! More...

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28 October 2019


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20 October 2019

We were lucky enough to have Dave provide his services for our wedding reception. Even with some technical difficulties with the equipment at the hall (not Dave's equipment) Dave powered through to ensure our night went off without an issue. Very professional service and very easy to communicate with. More...

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16 September 2019

Dave was the DJ at our wedding at the end of August. He contacted us prior to the wedding to figure out the timeline. He was there well before the wedding started and had all of his equipment set up. He went above and beyond not only with the good song choices but assisting guests throughout the night with all different things. Thanks again Dave! More...

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27 August 2019

Dave DJ'd my wedding May 24th and did an amazing job! I was very pleased :) Thanks Dave!

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22 April 2019

Dave, thanks to you, the party was a great success :)You created a fantastic atmosphere, we were all happy, because you pleased us with all the requested songs. :DYou are a professional with an optimal personality.Gracias! :) Until next celebration! ;) More...

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6 January 2019

Dave was our Dj at our New Year’s Eve wedding. We are so glad that we booked him! He was easy to communicate with leading up to the wedding. He kept all age groups up dancing and his equipment was very professional. Definitely recommend! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

23 November 2018

What an awesome talent to play music appropriate and relevant for such a wide range in ages of wedding guests! This DJ kept the the dance floor full all 4 hours that he played. Appreciated his willingness to take requests from guests, to efficiently and subtly confirm with the bride and groom that it was okay to play them, and then to get them on as requested. Awesome! Wouldn't change a thing. Fantastic DJ!!! More...

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24 September 2018

Dave was our DJ at our Wedding in July. He did an amazing job and we couldn't have been more happy with his service :) He didn't miss a beat or cue and timed everything perfect all day/night long. His set-up was perfect for our outdoor Wedding, Reception, Dance and indoor Dinner at the Mill Restaurant and Pub in Cobourg. Thanks again Dave for helping our special day be complete and simply perfect in every way :) More...

Reviewed on Facebook

1 September 2018

DJ Dave. Did are wedding in 2011. And he is the best! No Question. 10/10

Reviewed on Facebook

4 June 2018

Dave is always a great DJ to work with. He works well with us here at the Banquet Centre as he always ensures everything runs smoothly. He's professional with a great attitude and knows how to get everyone including all ages on the dance floor. Thanks again Dave for a great wedding night! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

22 May 2018

Dave was terrific, throughout the whole process.He was very prompt with correspondence and very helpful.We loved his enthusiasm, attitude and good “read on the room”. You were great and everyone loved the music. We appreciate all you did! More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

22 May 2018

I can't say enough about how great this DJ was. Quick communications, professional, and, an incredible night of music. We couldn't believe the great time had by all. His price was also reasonable. I highly recommend him!!! More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

22 May 2018

Our experience with DJ Dave was perfect! He made the entertainment portion of our wedding planning easy and effortless for us; he accommodated our music request, was professional and personable, and all around a great DJ! His services came at a fantastic price to boot! I would highly recommend DJ Dave! More...

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14 February 2018

DJ Dave was awesome to deal with, had a huge selection of music that met our musical preferences, was professional and personable and offered a great price for his services! I would highly recommend him! Thanks Dave for helping make our wedding everything we hoped it would be! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

12 February 2018

Always a good party with Dave. Great music & a great guy!

Reviewed on Facebook

9 December 2017

Dave can keep the people dancing alllll night long!!! I know from several experiences, keep being great Dave!!!!

Reviewed on Facebook

8 December 2017

Everything went off without a hitch; from the wedding party introductions, timing our first dance, to playing our fave songs. We even had my maid of honour sing and Dave had everything set up and ready to go! I had many requests and each one was met and he exceeded my expectations with his own creative spin. The dance floor lighting really added to the ambiance and kept the party going. I highly recommend Dave and cannot say enough good things about the services he provided. More...

Reviewed on Facebook

8 December 2017

I have used DJ Dave more than once for birthday parties and he has been outstanding every time! With his wide range of music he has something to satisfy the youngest to oldest. He DJed my daughter Shawna Jean Sovie's 16th birthday party who celebrated with her friend Shannon Dillon's 16th birthday so there were a lot of teenagers there. Dave kept them entertained all night long(I'm sure the girls will agree) and gave them a 16th birthday they won't soon forget. He even had huge speakers they could dance on! I'm not sure he still has these though as they were very massive and hard to move, I'm sure! Kids loved them though. Even the adults were up dancing. Dave just DJed my 50th birthday party last year(also did my friend Toni McEathron's party). Again, with his wide range of music he made the night very special for me. There was no repeating the same songs and he played everything that was requested. He never stopped playing till everyone had left and even played while we were cleaning up. He is the most amazing, easy going guy I know and completely professional when it comes to DJing. He is highly recommended in my eyes...in fact if you don't have DJ Dave, it's not the same party. More...

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There has never been so much information available to do the research you need to make an informed decision. I'm just going to touch on a few of the major points, but, I'll touch on a few points that may help you find the right DJ.

Things you should ask for in my opinion.

Talk to them. The DJ should be knowledgeable and friendly. You should feel good about the conversation and their discussion with you should prove that they will be the right fit for your guests and your family. Open, friendly, approachable and professional.

Ask for references from their last 3 events.
Every event should be successful for a pro. There should be no hesitation. Make sure you make contact and ask as many questions as possible with those references.
Ask them who they would recommend for local DJ's.
A good DJ is busy enough and confident enough to promote other good DJ's in the community. If a DJ starts bad mouthing other DJ's, you should move on. There are a lot of great DJ's in the area. When I'm asked why some are so much more expensive then I am, I tell the truth. Some have excellent reputations and have worked hard to be where they are and they can charge accordingly. I strive to be the best and my fees are affordable, but, I'm far from the cheapest. I'm told I should charge more.
Do they have pictures of their equipment and their set up? Does it look neat and professional or are there wires hanging out everywhere? Does that image suit your event?
If you're having a backyard bash, that may not be very important to you, but, if you're planning a beautiful wedding that you'll look back on for the rest of your life, you may want to consider appearances.
Are they licensed to play music for the public?
With pirating and the internet, anyone with an ipad can go rent a set of speakers and call themselves a DJ. You really do get what you pay for. It's not fair to profit from stolen music. I pay for a service called Content Unlimited. My main body of music comes from ERG Music, which is licensed by the AVLA.
Are they insured?
I carry liability insurance. You are protected.
How early do they arrive?
You know some of your guests will arrive early. You want your DJ ready with the mood set to the music you've planned. I'm early and ready before your first guests arrive.
Will your DJ provide the dinner/cocktail music included in the price?
Cocktail hour and dinner can be a great time for a DJ to get to know the crowd they'll be playing for...to pick up on their vibes and also to get a feel for their tastes or take their requests prior to the dance. My package pricing is inclusive of this service.
What are the things you do at an event during the dance. Do you become the show by dancing, singing, or do you talk a lot on the microphone when it should be time for dancing?
I tend to let the music speak for me by playing the right tunes and getting your party going. I work with the light show to provide excitement as well. I'll do your shout outs and make some short announcements, but, I let the dance floor do the talking! There are a lot of DJ's out there that do a show and provide some antics and laughs...they're really good, if that's what you're looking for at your wedding, that's great. If you weren't expecting your DJ to jump onto the dance floor and do a dance show and some karaoke, that might be awkward for you. There are also DJ's that talk a lot...They're well received by some people but it's not for everyone...
Do they have the ability to read the crowd?
A great DJ will mix up the music genres to see what works on the dance floor throughout the night and then hone in on what is working. They watch for cues throughout the audience and adjust themselves. I also work with your crowd and their requests to provide the interactivity that every great party needs from their DJ. I build excitement and get people singing out loud and dancing in the aisles. It's the music that they've asked for after all, and, it's played at the perfect moment! Loud music at the beginning of the dance can make the older folks leave early. The older generation are important and they really want to visit when they come to your special event, so they need to be respected. The louder newer music tends to get played more so after your older guests thin out but should still be played throughout if your guests are requesting it in order to keep them interested in sticking around.
Is there a light show that's included in the cost or is it extra?
I provide a nice light show that's included in the price. It adds to the dancing atmosphere you're looking for. Some DJ's turn on all the lights for the dance and leave them that way the whole dance. Slow songs played with a huge light show rolling. I like to dim the lights for slow songs and build up excitement and stagger my light show according to the energy and genre of the music.
Is a wireless microphone provided for me to use?
A wireless microphone is included in the all inclusive pricing.
How often do you take breaks? Do you smoke? Will you drink alcohol during my event?
I don't take breaks, I don't smoke, and, I make it a rule not to drink alcohol at any event.
Do you own your equipment or will you bring rental equipment?
I provide premium professional equipment. I take care if it and keep it looking new. ( Some rental equipment can appear damaged, dented, or scuffed. If you're concerned over the image of your event, this won't be welcomed)
Is there back up equipment?
There is back up and redundancy for everything at your event. Ask questions? What will you do if something breaks down?
How do you dress for an event?
I'll dress to respect the event. Shirt and tie with dress pants for a wedding or to respect the theme of the event. Some operators dress in T-shirts with their business names and logos and jeans. That may be fine for some types of events.

These are just a few of the questions I feel are important to ask.

I would say I add to the vibe of your party by showing my joy at providing excellent music that gets people dancing and enjoying themselves.

I love to be part of a large group of people that enjoy each others company and I love giving them the party of a lifetime!

I love music and people and my knowledge of excellent service and great music!

They should choose me because I guarantee a great experience! My reviews, references and past customers experiences clearly prove that your evening is in great hands!