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Toronto, ON

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I provide Life Coaching and RTT hypnotherapy.
I help people uncover and get rid of blocks/traumas/habits etc. so that they can be free from the things that keep them stuck on repeat.
I also help people be kept accountable, make achievable goals and re-design their lives so that they can start living the life they truly deserve and desire.


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I really enjoy helping heal others from their past wounds and helping them letting go of it for good. It's always really nice to see when a person finally transform and heals from their past, they start designing a new future for them by simply letting go of everything.
Such a deep and beautiful process.

My own healing and life journey. I was one who went through a lot of difficulties and trauma from early on in my life. While it was challenging and had many low points, I discovered my own will and wisdom from those challenges, often helping others do the same and having them set free from their past.

I love being peoples personal own cheer leader, that whenever they lose their way I am right their behind them reminding them of their potential and will to start creating a new life. At the same time, I am brutally honest as most coaches/therapists should be to remind people of the stories they keep playing and how they are sabotaging themselves. It's a perfect balance of tough love but done in the right way, where the client can start stepping out of their comfort zone that holds them back.


Working one on one with people to keep them on track while designing their NEW and IMPROVED lives and letting go of their old ones.

* Set up achievable and maintainable goals.
* Work on pieces that are MOST valuable for you.
* Find blocks & get rid of them for good.
* Putting yourself first and designing a life you want.

One on one session where we work on the MOST important aspect/area of your life you absolutely want to change for good.

RTT is a very effective, fast and easy solution in finding your root causes of your issues/blockages/traumas, while inputting new positive and empowering thoughts and beliefs into your subconscious mind to produce long lasting and life changing results.