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Kinsale, Ireland

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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


I help people get the life they want. This is a very general statement, and the details of what people want vary greatly. However, the majority of people come to me because of an underlying feeling of being unfulfilled, and with the knowledge that they want and need to make a change.

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11 October 2023

I first contacted Alan in March when I was at a low point, frustrated and somewhat directionless. In Alan, I have a found a fantastic coach, business mentor and guide who has helped me resolve these issues, and therefore allowed me to develop inner strength to change my life. His natural style made it easy for the concepts and ideas he was trying to impart to sink in.

It's easy get advice, it's difficult to get good advice, but it's really rare to get good advice that you can use to change your life. Alan is one of those rareities

13 September 2023

Working with Alan over the last few months has been incredible. I started business coaching due to lacking confidence and struggling to manage my anxiety going into a new role. Alan provided me with tools and helped me develop skills to overcome these issues. I’m now excelling in my career and can manage situations to reduce anxiety. I can’t recommend Alan enough. More...

31 May 2023

Alan is a top quality coach who has helped me to achieve my goals and understand what my motivations are. He has a unique ability to ask the right questions to expose tactics that will resonate most with my personality.
I would absolutely recommend Alan to anyone on the lookout for a coach.

30 March 2023

I would highly recommend giving Alan a call. I got in touch with Alan without having a clear idea of the type of coaching I was looking for, but after the first session, I knew I had made the right call. I would end up noticing differences after only a few sessions. His knowledge and experience mean he has a vast toolkit to pull from, and his personable approach puts you at ease if, like me, you are initially apprehensive about coaching. This has been one of the best investments in myself that I have made. More...

22 February 2023

I am very glad I found Alan on Bark. When I decided to try executive/life coaching I threw my questions out into the universe of Bark and then was able to analyze responses from potential coaches. I decided that with technology I did not need to limit my choices. I needed to find the right person and I did!

Alan is awesome. He consistently checks in to see if our sessions are going as needed (or if we need to change direction) and great at objectively looking at the issue as described and drilling down to the issues that really need to be addressed.

I keep a notebook handy to capture all the great information he shares, capture books he references and capture my homework/journaling/outlining processes.

Overall, Alan is not only very knowledgeable, he is very personable and is to relate to. I leave every session feeling energized and love testing out the homework. Alan also knows that not every approach works for every person, so he always has ideas if you don’t like a particular method for trying out a new idea.

So, two things, give Bark a try and I would HIGHLY recommend Alan. I'm from the US and he is from Ireland. His perspective is amazing and objective and he has a real talent in his field. I don't think you would be disappointed.

If I’m ever in Ireland again and he’s there, I’ll be looking him up to shake his hand! Great coach! Great individual! You can't go wrong!

15 November 2022

For any one thinking of giving Alan a call, I would highly recommend it, whether it’s personal coaching or Buissness Alan is very knowledgeable in both, I found him very easy to talk to, I never pictured myself as the kind that would have picked up the phone an called a life coach, but I can honestly say that it was 1 of the best decisions I have ever made. I can’t thank Alan enough for the way he put things in perspective for me an helping me change a few small practical things in my life has gave me instant an amazing results. His introduction is absolutely brilliant as u know from talking to him the first time hes genuine. More...

15 November 2022

I highly recommend working with Alan if you’re at a crossroads in your career and/or feeling burnt out. He’s helped me enormously! I started working with Alan after my company was acquired to help me figure out what I wanted to do next and what I wanted from life. I wasn’t sure on the best way forward; I was totally burnt out but I lacked confidence to take necessary steps. The knowledge, support, and tools he’s given me have made a huge difference to every aspect of my life – not just in my career. He’s helped me to find a new path and he’s given me the confidence to make changes that I really needed to make.

Alan is so knowledgeable. I really like that he’s worked with so many people in a similar position that he’s able to share real stories & examples of other individuals and how things have worked out.

If I’m honest, I was a bit sceptical about coaching but without Alan there’s no way that I would have turned my mental health and career around in the way that I have – and we still have several sessions left!

12 November 2022

Working with Alan has given me new way of looking at things. Alan has helped me put some past issues into perspective and worked with me to look at things differently. I throughly recommend working with him if you are looking for a life coach. More...

11 November 2022

Exceeded all expectations. I have had 7 sessions and can see and feel the changes already. From a position of initial reluctance to engage in coaching, I now cannot recommend Alan highly enough.

10 November 2022

I can highly recommend working with Alan. I imagine with something like coaching each person will have different requirements, and from my experience over several sessions, i'm confident that Alan has the tools and experience to tailor his sessions to best fit the needs of the individual client.
Personally, I've signed up for business coaching and have been pleased that takes a thoughtful approach to what success means for me and I'm confident that he's helping me to achieve my version of happiness and fulfillment, while unlocking my professional potential as a nice bi-product (which is the right way around IMO).
The road can be long, but with Alan it feels a little less alone!

12 August 2022

I would strongly recommend Alan to anyone looking for help with their careers or looking for a change. I came to Alan as I was unhappy in my current career, but couldn't see a way to change, or what I could become.

He has helped me to set myself in a new direction, but moreover has helped me develop useful life skills to ensure the new direction sticks.

The things that set Alan apart are:
- His ability to simply cut through the noise of a decision-making process and help you to decide, with clarity, what direction to take.
- His real-life advice and wisdom are drawn from a lifetime of experiences and learning - it gives the advice and learnings significance that would be hard to manufacture otherwise.
- His easy-going nature, good humour & pragmatism helps ground the sessions, making them easy to navigate - especially as someone who was skeptical of 'life coaching' going into this!

10/10 experience.

28 June 2022

I went to Alan because I felt as team we were a bit stagnant and unfocused. I wanted to shift things up a gear but was finding it difficult to decide the best course of action. Alan's individual coaching has been enormously useful to all team members but especially useful to me as CEO.

Within just a few sessions Alan had supported me to gain complete clarity on what my goals were for the business and which levers I needed to pull to make the biggest impact towards those goals. Since working with Alan we have made so many positive changes. We've gained better direction and focus, we've restructured and we are all much more happy and motivated.

As well as giving me focus in my business decisions, Alan has also helped me to become clearer on personal goals and to keep those in mind as decisions are being made.

I'm excited to keep having sessions with Alan and struggle to see a point they won't be useful.

20 June 2022

Once I began working with Alan, I quickly realised all of the senior managers in our business needed to work with him. Alan has provided the tools to enable us to redefine our business, stretch our ambitions, remove fear based decision making and prioritise the activities which will deliver the greatest impact. I can’t recommend Alan highly enough in providing clarity, tools and support to any business that is ready to maximise its potential. More...

15 June 2022

Working with Alan has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my family. We’ve had 7 sessions so far and I’m amazed at the progress over the past few months in my work life, family and relationships. He’s relaxed, knowledgable and friendly. None of this felt like work yet it’s the most progress I’ve ever made after years of trying.
The best part is that now I have a toolbox of sustainable and practical skills that I can draw from whenever I need it and I’m sharing this knowledge with my partner and children. I’m more confident now of what path I’m taking for the future and am happier in my true self. I really can’t recommend Alan enough and am hugely grateful for everything so far.

8 June 2022

When I started working with Alan I had just celebrated my 50th birthday and had no idea what to do and where to go in the second half of my life. Alan helped clarify and focus my vision. He was so helpful because he was future oriented and practical. Instead of digging through ancient “feelings” and abstract theories, he focused on practical and tangible outcomes in the short as well as long term. We shaped my perfect life in a way that is real and feels just right —custom made for me. A life coach is exactly that, he gets you in shape for your life. Worth every penny, and just like physical training, you get out of it what you put into it. More...

13 April 2022

I found working with Alan to be extraordinarily helpful.He is very easy to relate to and imparts information in a clear,concise ,practical and very applicable way . On a personal level I found he moved me into action and away from procrastination.He has a great sense of humour and is not afraid to share his own lived-experiences and self reflection .I would highly recommend him to anyone considering life coaching. More...

21 March 2022

Working with Alan over the past several months has been eye opening and invaluable. This was my first experience with coaching and I’ve found it to be hugely beneficial.
Alan is knowledgable, insightful and passionate. He is a great communicator and listener, and this combined with a good sense of humour means he is a very easy person to open up to and feel comfortable with.
The skills and techniques he has shared with me are now important tools for successfully managing both personal and professional life. The clear and actionable steps and goals we worked on together formed a great foundation for future development.
I would highly recommend Alan to anyone seeking coaching or advice.

18 March 2022

I came to Alan with quite a specific aim in my head about why I thought I needed a coach; how to deal with a difficult boss! Alan took this on board and showed to me, through clear explanations and real examples, what was going on and why - with actionable 'tools' to help me learn and positively change how I felt and responded to this situation.

What I didn't expect was how this would expand to encompass nearly all aspects of my life. Alan listens really well - picking up on cues that have led to clarity and positive actions across many situations both in and out of work. It is clear, through the stories that Alan uses to explain, that he has a wealth of experience - I highly recommend him to anyone.

22 January 2022

I have been being coached by Alan since October 2021 and can honestly say the impact on my life has been huge.
Alan is very personal and clearly very knowledgeable - I throughly enjoy the coaching he provides. He has a good sense of humour & is really relatable.

Alan asks thought provoking question & allows you to really think about things - for me, his coaching has opened my eyes & I have started to really understand more about my own life. My perception and awareness of self has massively improved and this down to Alan & the guidance he has provided to me.

Alan provides great techniques and support - the majority of which are now embedded into my life - not sure how I coped with out some of them before!
The examples Alan provides are relatable & this really helps when drawing comparisons to your own life.
Would highly recommend Alan if you are looking for guidance and support at understanding your own life, wanting to do more & just being the best version of self - Alans your man!

17 January 2022

Alan is an exceptional coach. Like many, I came to life coaching with a wariness as to its value and benefits. I really wish I hadn't waited so long in doing so. Insightful, passionate and pragmatic, Alan has a gift for abbreviating my internal thought process and deftly enabling me to arrive at critical points of self-clarity. It's not an understatement to say that his assistance in helping frame both my questions and life experiences has been profound. With a genuinely infectious and positive world view, I have come to value his thoughtfulness, intellect and candour. I would strongly encourage anyone to make the first step and approach Alan for an introductory call. More...

15 January 2022

Working with Alan has been an eye opener for me. I came to Alan focused on setting up a "side hustle" work project. But over the course of 10 sessions, we've covered everything from a relationship that wasn't working to how to handle a health emergency in my family – all of which has been very useful.

Since starting with Alan, I feel I have gotten a much better handle on what I'm aiming for in life... and how to get there.

He's generous with his time... and easy to get along with. Highly recommend you have an introductory session with him, if you are looking for someone who can help you work through different sticking points in your life.

5 October 2021

From our initial introductory session, Alan took time to make sure we had a good connection and would be comfortable working with each other, before embarking on a programme. Trust was built from the beginning by his non-judgemental approach, realism, understanding, guidance and tools. There’s no question that I’m in a much better place in my life because of my sessions with Alan over the last few months. He has really helped how I deal with situations and is reigniting the positivity within me. I’d highly recommend Alan as a life coach. More...

22 August 2021

Taking up coaching with Alan over the past few months has been unquestionably the best decision I've made in years. In the era of "woke" and self-help evangelism, Alan is a stand-out.
There is no formula, but there is a process. Sessions are dialogues where we entertain and explore a variety of ideas to find the things that matter to me personally. Armed with the conclusions drawn from these initial discussions, later sessions have been about helping me develop the tools to take action for myself and align my inner wants and needs with my outward actions. Alan calls it the process of learning to "coach yourself," but, in my opinion, he could easily have said "see the matrix" instead.
I feel like I've recaptured something I'd lost somewhere along the road of life, and, beyond the obvious changes I've begun enacting on my life, my view of the world is a few shades brighter these days. Reason-based and results-oriented, I can't recommend Alan enough to anybody looking to make tangible improvements in his or her life.

18 August 2021

I have been working with Alan for the last number of months and it has been a really great experience. He has really tuned me into what's important in life but also how to deal with issues that arise using really great tools. His approach is so refreshing and for me it has been all positive. I'm looking forward to working with him in the future and would definitely recommend Alan to others. More...

6 August 2021

Personable life coach with a toolkit to improve your life

26 July 2021

Working with Alan has been a most enjoyable experience. From the introductory session, I felt we made a good connection which has put me more at ease discussing the challenges I am currently experiencing. The initial sessions were focused on painting a picture of where I am currently in various aspects of my life. Spending time on this detail initially has been invaluable as Alan has been able to provide me with a tool kit best suited to my needs and set tasks to set me on my way to achieving where I want to be in life. Alan has opened my eyes to the benefits of journaling and making time for myself. This has helped me to face life's challenges with a greater sense of calmness and certainty. More...

22 July 2021

He is a knowledgeable coach, with good tips on how to direct your journey of life. It was a good investment of time and money to work with Alan.

15 July 2021

Alan has demonstrated a great ability to understand and offer real solutions to issues raised during our consultations. Would highly recommend

9 June 2021

Alan has a great relaxed approach which I found really easy to settle in with and therefore made working together a pleasure. A fantastic balance between work and home life on the coaching approach which was such an essential thing for my circumstances. Alan picked up very quickly the need for a certain direction and gave me a set of tools to help me deal with an incredibly challenging time in my life and business. More...

3 June 2021

I'm 7 weeks into a 10 week course and chatting to Alan is proving immensely beneficial. I didn't know what to expect before I signed up but I can honestly say I knew after the first session that it was the right decision. He is very easy to speak to and can relate to you in a broad range of issues. Id highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their lives. You won't regret it! More...

30 May 2021

Alan made me feel comfortable and listened to from day one. He has helped me to find clarity and confidence in the decisions I make in my professional life. He has thought me several strategies to work with in case my doubts ever come back in the future, and now I'm more open to taking the opportunities that life has to offer. I am so thankful for all his dedication and genuine interest in helping me. I truly can't recommend him enough! More...

21 May 2021

I am truly grateful that I found Alan. Because of his help I was able to find a space where I could honestly assess my talents and clearly distinguish between what I care about and what I don’t. As a result I am now at a pivotal moment in my career and I couldn’t be more excited. If you find yourself languishing, Alan can make a difference. And, for me at least, that difference is profound. More...

18 May 2021

By working with Alan I have regained my confidence. Alan has coached and mentored me with tools and guidance that have taught me to handle whatever challenge I face. A true gentleman who's easy going professional approach makes working with him a complete joy with remarkable results. More...

2 April 2021

Alan really helped me to think more positive, to be more proactive and to focus more on what is important to me.
If life coaching is a journey he's an excellent travel companion and a pleasure to work with.

28 March 2021

Alan has been great to work with. He offers valuable insight which helped me find and implement tools to improve my work and home life.

28 March 2021

I started with Alan as I wanted to gain clarity around various aspects of work and home life and that has been achieved already after just 10 weeks. I haven’t regretted the commitment to coaching once since getting started. I would strongly recommend talking to Alan and if it feels like a good fit, to go for it. More...

24 February 2021

A small review on a website will never do justice to how grateful I am to Alan for his help. I can unreservedly recommend Alan's services, he is easy to speak to, knowledgeable and incredibly supportive. If you are looking for a life coach then give Alan a call, you will not regret it. More...

11 February 2021

Working with Alan over the past few months have been great. He’s given me the advice I needed to steer me in the right direction, and found the motivation to get me going. He has been a genuinely good person to work with and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for help in any aspect of life, he has for sure helped me with mine. Thank you Alan! Looking forward to continuing our talks together. More...

23 January 2021

Alan Quinn is a brilliant coach who set me on the path to completely changing my life. I was at a point in my life where I was considering a few changes and had not been able to achieve my goals on my own. The difference I experienced working with Alan far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Alan to anyone. More...

24 November 2020

Alan really helped me get to the bottom of the issues I was having through the right combination of listening and asking questions.
He allowed me to see for the very first time that the solutions I’d been looking for all along were actually in my own hands. That sense of personal empowerment that Alan has given me has helped me more than I imagined was possible when I started off looking for help.

8 October 2020

Alan is passionate and fully immersed in his work as a Coach. He has a genuine, authentic style that makes it easy to engage with him. He is determined to identify realistic and actionable steps towards achieving your goals in each session and I would certainly recommend working with him. More...

2 October 2020

I was nervous about taking the clarity call with Alan, but needn't have been. I felt immediately comfortable, and am so glad I took the leap and said yes to his coaching. I feel like I have already gained so much more understanding of myself and like I am finally on the right path to achieving my goals. More...