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Get a free quote from this professional


1. Digital Referral System $1,677
 a month. This is a holistic approach to your marketing needs. 

2. Social Media Marketing $904
 a month. This offers a strategic method to your Social Media campaigns to generate warm leads and provide you with an audience to market to.

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12 June 2021

Web Design

I highly recommend Eva to anyone that needs help with a website. She has been very accomodating with my project.

Even after the project was completed Eva went back to give it a last touch up. Wich to me shows that Eva has pride in her work. More...

Zon Digital Services

Reply from Zon Digital Services

Thank you Nesrin. It was nice to work with you too. I look forward to working with you again if anything comes up.

20 May 2021

Zon Digital Services is a great marketing agency. Eva is very knowledgable in marketing and SEO. I would recommend this business to anyone looking to grow their online presence and get more customers.

Zon Digital Services

Reply from Zon Digital Services

Thanks Dameon. It's good to work with professionals who understand the value of what I can offer.

15 May 2021

Eva is excellent! Highly recommend!

Zon Digital Services

Reply from Zon Digital Services

Thank you Phil. It was great to have the opportunity to work internationally.

6 May 2021

I am so glad I found Eva, she has set up my website, made over my Facebook page and within a couple of days I could see the increased traffic. She is easy to work with and gave me some great advice and was happy to collaborate on ideas and accept input. It makes you feel like part of a team with the shared goal of making your dreams become a reality. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. More...


A great website doesn't just look good. In fact the only thing that the looks help with is keeping someone from clicking away. But there are 2 other more important components to a great website and they are: 1. Getting found (via effective SEO), and 2. Getting a website visitor to take action.
These essential items are achieved through good copywriting, and good content writing. Both of these areas are covered by Zon Digital Services

* What is it, that you are selling and what is the unit selling price?
* Do you know who your target audience is?
* Do you have any existing online content that we can link to?
* Would you like us to produce the content and images or do you have access to these assets?
* If you are using your own assets, would you mind if we adjust some of the copy or images to suit the needs of good SEO content?
* Are you OK, with us taking the lead in the production of the website (with your approval stages), so that we have the opportunity to do our best work for you?

* I love producing the results that my client wants to see.
* I love helping my client gain more financial freedom in their life because their incoming leads are consistent.
* I love the fact that my work can help my client have a more fulfilling life, because they can be happier doing the work that they enjoy on their own business and not have to worry about how to get new clients.

I started my own business for the same reasons that I believe many of my clients would have. I wanted my independence to be able to excel at what I do best, without having to go to work every day doing something that I don't enjoy. I believe that when we enjoy our work, we can enjoy our lives more. My philosophy is that we should be enjoying life now, not just waiting until we retire.
I also love the fact that I have found a business that can help others achieve that same goal of enjoying life more, and that to me is a bonus.

I have the ability to deliver far beyond the 'single' item. The single item that people buy when they want to grow their business via online marketing, will not get them very far. They are just buying one piece of the puzzle. There is so much more to it. I do not provide simple services, I provide systems. Each system has different elements that are designed to create a final outcome of some sort for my client to experience a win from the process at different stages. Even when there is a larger process to accomplish, there are small wins that can bridge the gap until the larger elements produce the most important results.

I can provide services remotely because I operate as an online business on the whole. My meetings are online, so that it is convenient for both parties involved and my work can be delivered online. I can also use programs like Zoom to share my screen or view the client's screen so that the work can be explained clearly without any issues.
I have clients that are even overseas that I service remotely. My time is flexible on the whole and I can make appointments outside business hours which makes things easier for many people who have busy office schedules. I always try to keep my appointments between 30 minutes to 45 minutes to avoid taking up to much unnecessary time for my client's sake.

As I work mostly in an online capacity, this is not an issue that is relevant.
Where I have visited people at their premises, I would always use a hand sanitizer before and after the visit and use a mask if the law required it at that time, or if it made the client feel safer.


This is our #1 service at Zon Digital Services.
It is a complete program for businesses that are serious about the results that they want to see from their online marketing. This system incorporates a number of processes that helps to:
* Promote your services online in an effective way;
* Get the best reviews showing up for your business
* Develop your Social Media presence to increase your number of warm leads that you can run ads to;
* Improve your overall SEO in a number of directions so that you can start turning up on search results that are relative to you and your locality
* $1,677 per month - so that I can deliver results, this product is set as a 4-month contract.

This service focuses on developing a strategic method of building your audience on your Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
By posting strategically and frequently, you are able to grow your audience with our Audience Build service (part of this service).
This gives you the advantage of developing an audience that has shown interest in what you provided in your products or services. Then when you place an ad in front of these people they:
A) Have heard of you before (so they are not a cold audience)
B) Have already shown interest in what you talk about on your Facebook page which means that they have qualified themselves as an effective lead.
* $904 per month - Fees 'include' Facebook Adspend for audience build. 4-month contract.
This gives you to run more effective ads, but that will be an added service.

Message marketing is a system where you send out messages via SMS and email to your existing list. It is a form of flash sale in a sense, where you just send an offer to your leads and see how many respond. If you have leads, this is the ideal service to use.
NB*It is not a cold sales method. It works more effectively if you are using it to send messages to your own audience.
We take your existing leads and send them an email and/or text on a monthly basis and send them an offer.
$750 a month.

No leads should be left behind just because they did not decide to buy today!
Email marketing is still the most effective method of marketing and provides the opportunity for you to keep in touch with people who have shown an interest in your services or products, and continue to provide warm communications to them until they are ready to buy.
Email marketing also gives you the opportunity to serve your customers further by providing more offers to them, even after they have purchased from you. In fact, it is easier to sell to the same people that have already bought from you, because they already like and trust you from their previous dealings with you.
*Weekly Newsletters at $570 per month. Or Daily Newsletters At $850 per month.
* Email sequences at $150 per email can be bought (and owned by you for re-use). Typically a 7-piece to 14-piece email campaign.
[Please note that this service is currently booked out. If you wish to be informed of when it is available please contact me on Bark.com stating 'Email Service Orders']