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Will It To Be supports you and your loved ones to efficiently and painlessly, navigate the piles of administration in preparation for serious illness, injury or death with a coordinated approach for both before and after death and enables you to make clear, in legally binding documents how you want your assets, health care and guardianship matters dealt with when these issues become relevant in your life.

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7 July 2020

Cheryl is a strong advocate with a lot of passion and practical experience to assist people through the process of knowing what is needed in their own estate planning, or helping an elderly relative to have all their affairs in order.

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My business is not a job it is a way of connecting people with their families to ensure they are all aware of their wishes throughtout certain events in ones life that is not always easy to deal with.

My business came about because of my Mum and Dad.
My Dad was diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer in 2011 and passed away in 2012.

In 2016 my Mum was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment which has led to Alzheimers hence I became her carer.

She needed help filling out forms and talking to people over the phone and was generally confused.
This is when I discovered all the paperwork and places that needed authority for me to speak on my Mums behalf.
I started collating all the forms and the more I found the more there were.

In the end I was able to create a file with all the information I had found to ensure that I am able to be my Mum’s voice when she needs me most.

On top of that I know when mum gets sick or injured, or even dies we have everything covered and that gives me and my family peace of mind.

Her End of Life wishes have been documented in an Advance Care Plan, her Will is complete along with Power of Attorneys.

Even if mum goes into a facility I know that having these authorities and forms in place I will have no problem cancelling her utilities or accessing My Aged Care for her specialist requirements. And these are just a few of the areas needing attention.

My mum deserves the best I can offer her, after all she has looked after me for a very long time and it is only fitting that I now take on the role of looking after her in her time of need.

Will It To Be supports you and your loved ones to efficiently and painlessly, navigate the piles of administration in preparation for serious illness, injury or death.

With a coordinated approach for both before and after death, enables you

The services I offer I have lived, I know the importance of having plans in place to ensure that your family do not have to panic when the need arises to speak on their behalf.

I have done all the research and collected all the forms required to assist you in creating a plan for yourself and your loved ones, which will reduce the stress, anxiety and conflict that can arise in certain situations.

By filling out the questionnaire on the Will It To Be website will give you an idea of some of the items to think about when looking at creating your Estate and Life Plan.


To make clear what you currently have in place and identify gaps you need to address.

Advocating and Equipping you with practical resources and information to support your Estate and Life Planning needs.

We welcome the opportunity to help you create an extensive plan to ensure that you maintain control and at the same time provide guidance for your loved ones should you become unable to communicate for yourself in the event of serious illness, injury or death. We will bring you peace of mind knowing that your house is in order and empower your vision of how you want to live and die.

This may include supporting you to meet with your family and friends to discuss and clarify your Estate and Life wishes. Or book a Death Over Dinner.

We are available for community groups and neighbourhood events such as:

Presentations on all aspects of ‘Getting your Affairs in Order’,
Advance Care Planning and
To inspire conversations about death and dying with Death Cafés and Death over Dinner events.