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Established in 2001, WebiteStrategies is a professional website consultancy services provider that works with Australian and New Zealand businesses to enhance their online marketing strategies with the aim of improving their websites’ performance.

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I love problem solving and training clients in order to grow their own SEO knowledge.

Wanted to drive the business in the direction I choose.

Honest and ethical, goal driven. I use a lot of data analysis to drive SEO success. Very good communication.
No contracts and flexible pricing.

I provide SEO Consultancy or Full service SEO online and remotely. SEO Training can be provided in person.


My SEO services are tailored to your exact requirements. I can advice and train you to do it yourself, or provide full service where I do it for you. Or we can do a combination.
My services are ethical and supported by alot of data analysis and reporting - I communicate with you constantly in order to ensure goals are set and met.
I have no contracts and pricing can be adjusted as needs change.

This service is very popular. I will be your Internet Strategist and will do all of the heavy SEO lifting (tracking, analysing, strategising) and will provide you you with recommendations for SEO activities. These could be general strategies, or specific tasks. I also provide explanations of why we do these tasks as well as a training element to show you how to do it. This could involve me sending written instructions, a phone call or creating a quick instructional video.

This service is very flexible and involves me training you or your staff in SEO at a level that suits your specific needs. So it is tailored and we SEO your website together, as i train you. Training can be in person (travel expenses will apply) or via Zoom or similar. It can be based around general SEO knowledge growth or specific strategies.