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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Viva School of Music is a boutique music school in the heart of Camberwell, offering individual and group lessons in singing, piano, guitar and drums to all age groups and abilities.

Our teachers are a specialised group, who all have higher education degrees and years of experience performing in the professional music world as well as many years of teaching expertise.

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28 January 2021

Highly recommended music school. Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” - William Butler Yeats . My kid leant musical singing with Sabrina since 8 years old. She is now 11 years old. Sabrina knows way to make lessons fun & enjoyable for kids. She is also a very caring teacher. During class time, Sabrina can always spot any problems. My kid has experienced so much growth in her performance skills, confidence and vocal singing skills. And she is now so interested in musical theatre. I can’t thank her enough to help my shy kid to get this far in singing. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” - William Ward . This is what I would sum up how I feel about Viva school of music. More...

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1 January 2021

Great music school, really well run by Sabrina who is always enthusiastic, supportive, and well organised. Awesome music teachers who have engaged my children really well and helped them work towards reaching their musical potential.

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16 September 2020

I believe I commenced lessons with Sabrina sometime during May this year. Moreover, it has not been an incredibly lengthy amount of time yet my singing has improved drastically. I'm honestly in awe. I didn't think it was possible to come so far in such a short space of time but I guess it goes to show: with the right teacher, milestones can be reached! At this rate, I'm very excited to see where my singing is at in a few month's time :) More...

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6 December 2019

An extraordinary school of music! Run by an incredible, young and vibrant, highly supportive teacher (Sabrina) who brings out the best in her students and goes out of her way to prepare her them for excellent results in AMEB exams.

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Piano lessons occur weekly, following the government school term dates. Lessons are catered to you and vary in structure depending on the age and level of the student.

Our teachers are classical music specialists and we also have dedicated teachers who teach jazz improvisation & contemporary piano.

New students are welcome to enrol at any time throughout the year.

At VIVA MUSIC students are encouraged to participate in:

AMEB Exams

As an example, a beginner child's first lesson will typically look like:

Explain proper piano posture & hand position
Go over finger numbers, keys and letters
Explain simple note rhythm
Play through their first piano piece

Singing lessons are offered in a variety of styles and we have dedicated teachers specialising in Classical, Jazz, Musical Theatre or Contemporary voice.​

We apply Estill Vocal Science, Bel Canto, Richard Miller and other highly regarded techniques to help keep your voice healthy while maximising your potential in whichever vocal genre you choose.

Our teachers have also trained to assess any vocal problems or technical issues and use exercises to help remedy these.

At VIVA MUSIC we prepare students for:
AMEB musical theatre, rock school & classical exams

During a typical first lesson we would:
Go through breathing exercises
Do some technical warm-ups
Have you sing through a song of your choice
Discuss your goals

Guitar lessons are tailored to the individual student and lessons can be as simple as tab learning, or more in-depth, involving note reading.

Our teachers are familiar with different genres of music, including Jazz Improvisation, Classical Notation and Contemporary Tablature.

Beginners to advanced students are most welcome to commence at any time throughout the term.

At VIVA MUSIC we have the option for students to participate in:
Rock School Exams
VCE Performance

A beginner guitar lesson will run similarly to below:
Getting familiar with the guitar
Learning the string notes

If you can't stop tapping a beat or you want to start an instrument which requires rhythmic learning rather then notation, then Drum Kit Lessons are for you.

​Our teachers have experience in Jazz, Funk, Rock, Latin American and African drumming.

Many students who are learning other instruments find Drum Kit lessons particularly beneficial for consolidating their rhythmic knowledge.

A VIVA MUSIC we encourage students to participate in:
Form rock bands with other students

A typical first drum kit lesson will typically look like the following:
Learning how to hold the sticks
Learning the different parts of the Drum Kit
Learning basic rhythm notation
Leaving with some rhythm patterns to try at home