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I am a corporate Wellbeing Consultant, Clinical Nutritionist as well as Personal trainer. I specialise in group boxing and bootcamp, online nutrition seminars and webinars, health and wellbeing consultations among others.

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As much as i think diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle, not being too stringent and allowing yourself to have those treats every once in a while is just as important as having broccoli. Your relationship with food is much more important than have a "clean" diet 100% of the time.

I have been there myself. Before I was a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist I lost 20kg. It was through losing weight and getting a Personal Trainer myself that I found my passion for helping people to live their best and fullest lives. That doesn't only mean exercise, it means you're whole mental attitude around food too.

There is no secret. You get out what you put in. That doesn't necessarily mean slogging it out in the gym, going for walks, runs, bike rides, getting up and getting active all counts.

That look on a clients face when they achieve something that they previously thought they wouldn't be able too.

Being able to do something everyday that helps people - there's no other feeling like it.

I am not your average Personal Trainer or Nutritionist. I'm realistic. I'm not going to make you go on some green juice detox. I make every nutrition and workout realistic, achieveable and something that you can stick to and not something that aren't going to get bored of.


Group or individual training both in person (Sydney) and online for remote clients

An initial consultation allows for a deeper understanding of your health concerns and diet.

In this thorough review Victoria goes through previous medical history, current health complaints, lifestyle, exercise and a dietary analysis.

This allows for a detailed action plan to be established so that you are moving forward to regain your optimum health.

This includes

A nutrition and supplement plan to suit your nutritional needs and lifestyle.

A comprehensive E-Book titled "The Balanced Meal" detailing not only meal suggestions but also meal timing and an understanding of what carbs, protein and fat are and the various vitamins and minerals

Access to Exercise programs

A number of recipes to help keep you inspired and to make cooking fun

Weight and Body fat measurements

Continual email and face to face support

NOT a diet but a healthy lifestyle

Health fund rebates may be available

Struggling to feel healthy?
Don't know if your food intake is nutritionally adequate?
Don’t know what type of exercise to do?

My 8 week program is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change that will help you regain your energy and love for life.

Many people say that they try diets and they lose weight and work for a short time until it all comes undone and they gain all the weight they lost plus some.

This will ensure that you have all the tips and tricks to regain your life and keep weight off for good.

Why check in every week?

This keeps you accountable. Checking in every week, especially in the beginning will help you not only stay on track but any difficulties or problems that you have can then be discussed.

1 x initial consultation (60 minutes)

7 x extended follow up (30 minutes)

What the program Includes?

A comprehensive 8 week health boost program book detailing not only meal suggestions but also meal timing and an understanding of what carbs, protein and fat are and the various vitamins and minerals

A nutrition and supplement plan to suit your nutritional needs and lifestyle.

A tailored exercise plan

Weight and Body fat measurements before and after

The first and last session have to be conducted in the clinic but the rest have the option to be phone/ skype consults

Continual email and face to face support

NOT a diet but a healthy lifestyle

Just like there is no one size fits all to nutritional advice or training, there isn't one health and well-being solution that is going to suit every business.

Our corporate well-being consultancy services works with you to tailor a well-being initiative that suits your business and your employees.

Having a solution tailored to your business with someone who takes the time to get to understand your business and what your employees would like out of a well-being program is going to ensure that it is not only cost effective, but also that your business and employees receive maximum benefits from it.

Interactive Nutrition workshops and seminars can be presented to your workplace on a variety of subjects

Nutrition seminars are a vital part of your wellbeing strategy. Over recent years there has been a growing trend and awareness of the importance of having a healthy diet not only for physical wellbeing but also mental wellbeing and helping to reduce stress levels.

By providing your employees nutritional information and education it will empower them to help make healthier, wiser choices.

In turn this will help:

- Reduce employee absenteeism and also presenteeism

- Reduce health costs associated with sick leave

- Improve focus and productivity

- Improve morale in the office

- Improve workplace culture and increase energy level amongst employees.

Some of the topics that can be covered:

- Feeding your mood
- What actually is a healthy diet
- Making smart nutrition choices with a busy schedule

- Nutrition to optimise your training and performance.
- How to navigate the supermarket
- Fitness to reduce your stress - why exercise is the key

- Fitness and Nutrition for weight loss

- Common food and fitness myths and misconceptions

- Breaking down diets; what does and doesn't work.

A whole day well-being retreat will provide the ultimate team day bonding experience for employees. Book in for a day of health and wellbeing activities that will leave your staff healthy energised and motivated.

Each well being retreat will be tailored to what is going to best suit your business and employees.

Some of the things that you can expect are:

- Well-being workshops

- Health sessions

- Nutrition consultations

- Goal setting

- Meditation

- Boxing bootcamps

- Juice bars

- Healthy cooking classes

A nutritional health check gives employees an overall picture and greater insight into their health.

Many people wanting to lose weight or improve their health don't know the best measures to look at to see if they are improving and just step on the scales and go off that weight.

These checks go further in-depth and look at not only weight but also
- Body Mass Index
- Body Fat Percentage and Kilograms
- Visceral fat rating
- Hydration level
- Muscle Mass
- Bone mass
- Metabolic age
- Basal Metabolic rate
- Optimal daily caloric intake

Health Coaching – ‘One on one’ coaching for employees by phone, email or in person.Victoria helps create long lasting physical and lifestyle health improvements and tailors individualised programs to the employee’s goal and health status

Nutrition & Diet Consultations (both in house and skype/ phone) – Our nutrition expert, Victoria, provides individuals with information and advice regarding their current health, diet and lifestyle issues. Recommendations are made for an individual’s fitness regime, nutrition, stress resilience and health/lifestyle behaviour, suggesting any changes that may be required.

Nutritional Cooking Classes
A nutritional cooking demonstration that will show employees that even being time poor, you can still have healthy nutritious meals that you can either pre-prepare before work or take minimal time to make a busy day at work. Also some tips and tricks on food wastage and how to maximise your groceries and not-over spend at the supermarket.

A healthy snack afternoon
Why not treat your employees to an afternoon of healthy snacks and treats. Not only is this a treat but also educational and healthy, as the employees learn why these would be good snacks at work to help them focus and help them if they feel hungry mid-afternoon.

Pop up Juice or smoothie stand
Juices and smoothies are one of the best ways to get in nutrients when you're time poor and when you need a bit of a quick energy boost. A number of nutritious and healthy juices and smoothies can be provided and the employees also learn about why these ingredients are good to help improve their energy, bloody sugar levels and digestion and aid in reducing stress.

Supermarket and restaurant tours
Victoria can do interactive supermarket tours going through the aisles explaining the best options in each section. Also some tips and tricks on food wastage and how to maximise your groceries and not-over spend at the supermarket.In popular restaurants that employees like to eat in she can recommend the best options to have and also show the healthiest lunch options in and around your office location.

Fitness and boxing classes – When people become time poor and stressed one of the first things to go is their fitness and exercise but it is one of the things they should be focusing on the most to help them to hlep them get through that time and to keep their health on track. A before work or lunchtime group fitness class will not only promote team bonding but also increase productivity due to the endorphins.

Group Event training and Nutrition for a sporting event - if your work place has entered a sporting or fitness event, Victoria can provide a specific training and Nutrition plan to take the stress out of training and help you reach your employees achieve their personal best.