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Our mission is to provide you with a customized tutoring program. Our educational consultants connect with you either via phone, on line or face to face. Our aim is to discuss a customized specialized tutoring plan for your needs. This includes achieving higher distinctions at school, improving university grades, passing exams, sitting for scholarships, getting good grades at your college, TAFE and University.

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4 May 2021


Working with Tutor Doctor Adelaide has been nothing more than professional, easy to deal with recognised my daughters needs and came up with an appropriate Tutor. Very impressed. Thank you

4 May 2021

Maths Tutoring

I rang around to a few tutoring places but was glad when I spoke to Lana at the Tutor Doctor Adelaide. Lana was was so helpful and explained everything to me. I wanted tutoring for my great Grandson with Maths. I'm so happy I went with them as my grandson loves his Tutor and Zak is thriving. He gets on well with his Tutor and he opens up to her. Thank you Lana for all your help and giving Zak such an amazing Tutor.

6 December 2020

There are still some legit managers out there. I have been scammed before and I almost went into depression not until I saw a payment screenshot on a page and I inquired about the manager, I took a bold step by trading with Mrs Bella Chris and right now I have made all my lost cash back within 7 days of successful trading You can contact her via Email:bellachris2828@gmail. com WhatsApp: +14197763318 And see things for yourself More...

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27 November 2020

I am so impressed with Tutor Doctor. My son is a Junior in high school and he has been with Tutor Doctor for 1 year. He began the journey with a low score on his Pre SAT’S of a 680 and to date he scored a 1410. The tutors are very professional and enthusiastic about the success of there clients. The tutors make u feel so comfortable and have so much patience. Thanks to Mazi, Sylvia and Arron for all they have done!! This is not the end of our journey with Tutor Doctor, we will continue to make my son as successful as we can. We are also going to have personal tutoring for my son, because we are forced to stay at home from this Pandemic. Can’t wait for more exciting moments with the Tutor Doctor Team. Thank!!!! Michelle More...

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25 November 2020

We purchased 96 hours a few years ago for our son and had a great experience until now. Long story short it had been a while since we used any hours and then COVID hit so everything came to a halt, at that point my son was in grade 9. Beginning of November I contacted Tutor Doctor to enquire about our hours and to find another tutor for my son for math as grade 9 was a write off and he was set to begin grade 10 math mid November. At that point I was told that our account had been closed and our hours were written off due to inactivity! Which apparently is done if you have gone 1 year without using hours. Why wasn’t I notified? Why not send a courtesy email to let us know our hours were set to expire? I’ve spoken with the franchisee and head office and have gotten no where! I’m appalled at the lack of compassion this company has shown at both the franchise and franchisee level! More...

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19 September 2020

I’m seeing very negative reviews from the Vyn family regarding your very unethical business. You should do what reputable businesses do, and pay your tutors properly and refund outstanding debt to customers who have depended on your services. It’s never worth having negative reviews in a community like Ancaster. More...

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12 September 2020

Do yourself and your child(ren) a favour and stay clear of this company, especially if you are in the Hamilton, Ancaster, Cambridge area. We had a wonderful tutor, however the franchise owner stopped paying her for hours worked, and she couldn’t get in touch with him. Of course, we couldn’t continue to ask her to tutor for us and not be paid for doing so. In the meantime, the previous owner left and the new owner won’t return any phone calls or emails. We prepaid for almost 100 hours and have used half, however despite emails, no one is providing us a solution, yet alone our money back. Please look elsewhere and safe yourself the aggravation. More...

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13 August 2020

My children have very differing abilities yet they have both flourished with same fabulous tutor for both general learning and 11+ prep over the last 18 months. I have been particularly impressed with the Bramble remote whiteboard video / tutoring during lockdown in keeping the tutoring routine going in difficult times. Thank you TutorDoctor! More...

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15 June 2020

Tutor Doctor has really helped our son in both English, with all subjects and in French. His tutor’s have been match great to meet his likes as well. Thank you Tutor Doctor.

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15 May 2020

Past Tutoring session. Dissatisfied customer. Initial tutor was subpar and my child did not receive adequate tutoring. The tutor spent a number of sessions with my son before FINALLY realizing he was ill-equiped to help him. My son consistently failed quizzes and tests that the tutor prepared him to take. When I complained I received another tutor (no refund). The second tutor helped but no refund for poor service. Furthermore, nearly nine months later I received a bill for 4 tutoring sessions I had to have because of the four sessions that were wasted. There was a mistake on Tutor Doctor's part (ONCE AGAIN) and I had to pay. When I referenced the prior issue with a neglible tutor I was told that they secured another tutor but would not offer credits or a refund for those sessions. Horrible customer service and ZERO consideration for the parent or student. ALEX was insistent about receiving a final payment NINE months after service but did not insist on making sure my child had the best tutor to start his program with Tutor Doctor. More...

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8 May 2020

So I hired tutoring for my son in December with Tutor Doctor which was going considerably well with the exception of a change in tutor within a couple of months. My son's tutoring schedule was 1x a week with the exception of March break. Last session took place on March 12th, then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and in one way or another has affected us all. Tutor did not show up at my home for the next scheduled session on March 26th so I waited to hear of any updates and received none, no email, no phone call, nothing! I sent an email on April 3rd asking for an update as to how this situation is being handled. Only then, did I find out about the transition to an online tutoring platform. After explaining to Mike that online tutoring is not an option for my son who has attention issues and I don't want to continue paying over $50 an hour to have my son tutored online when I know it will not be effective and cannot bank the hours as my son is away with his father for the summer, he advised me if I break my contract there is a penalty of $150 which I did sign for in the contract. After alot of back and forth by email, he let me know he was unwilling to waive the $150 fee even under the pandemic circumstances. I paid the fee of $150 as I really had no other choice, however, am completely appalled at how this whole situation was handled. I for one, had to reach out to receive information regarding the tutoring and what was going on during the pandemic. Not once did I receive a phone call to discuss the situation. At the end of the day, I understand I broke this contract, however, under the circumstances of the pandemic, I feel like an exception could have been made for the $150. I would definitely not recommend this company. Very unprofessional!!! More...

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15 April 2020

Great service. Great tutors.

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27 February 2020

We have used Tutor Doctor twice: once last spring for English and this spring for Algebra Honors. Sacha has been very helpful to my granddaughter in motivating her and getting her back on track. He was able to see the obstacles and get her past those. He is very knowledgeable, flexible, and patient. I would highly recommend Tutor Doctor and Sacha for their expert services. More...

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6 February 2020

Such a great tutoring program and it helped our son with Advanced Functions immensely. Morgan was so great!!

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4 February 2020

Highly recommend this program. One of the best, and it works. Look no further than Tutor Doctor. They have the best tutors. They are experts at figuring out what is needed and providing top notch service. Keep up the good work! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

3 February 2020

The company has been very flexible while taking care of all of my daughters needs. Very professional and caring. Thank you Tutor Doctor!

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24 January 2020

Tte service worked around the family's schedule. My child was struggling with English however our tutor worked with her throughout the sessions to accomplish an understanding of the subject with amazing results.

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17 January 2020

We had a maths tutor after my daughter failed her GCSE in year 11. Felipe was amazing and she passed !

Reviewed on Facebook

30 December 2019

I am a tutor with Tutor Doctor. It’s a terrific company offering strong support to tutors and families alike.

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17 December 2019

This agency is amazing! My son had greatly improved on his reading and there’s great communication. I would highly recommend!

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Helping people, change the trajectory of the students life

Because we care about our students, we attend them at their home, one-to-one at their own pace, understanding their main issues and helping them about

We do have a platform on-line for those who want the service in such way

All of our tutors are locally recruited and graduated from the best universities in Australia


Our tutors go to your home, with a personalized service in which we assess your academic background and recommend the best possible and suitable program for you; all along with a premium customer service