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Imagine there was an answer to that neck, back or knee pain that you have tried to fix with other therapists over the years, but it is still there?

Imagine if you can get back to doing the things you love doing, including playing with the kids again free from discomfort and with increased energy?

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I love helping people who have tried other mainstream body and health care therapists and have not got results. I love challenges and being able to provide solutions that change people's body/health also changes their lives.

I loved helped people feel better when they were in pain. I had experienced disc bulges in my neck and couldn't get anyone to fix it using physio etc. I eventually found a therapists who use a unique technique that helped me return to work. I wanted to help others who also were experiencing problems that mainstream allied health practitioners could not help with.

• I regularly see people who have ‘tried everything else’ or they have been turned away after they are told ‘there is nothing I can do for you’ and ‘you will just have to live with the pain, etc’ – there is an ALWAYS an answer.

• I use unique spinal osteopathic & muscle release techniques you will not find in combination in Queensland

• I space the appointments 7-10 days or longer apart so that the body has a chance to correct itself, rather than relying on the therapist

• If requested, I can incorporate bio-resonance body scans to see what may be at the root of the health challenges you are experiencing.

• I can use the bio-resonance scans long-distance so that during lockdowns or if you live on the other side of the country, I can still help you.

• I am a qualified Applied Scientist, with qualifications to uncover the latest research on health challenges (e.g. Gut issues, menstrual issues, auto-immune issues etc) and provide solutions with cutting edge products and treatments.

I can provide my skin, detox, bio-resonance and additional income consultations via Zoom (remotely).


Thorough body assessment head to toe of pain and restricted mobility.

Firm yet gentle pressure using the spinal osteopathic and Emmett Techniques to relieve pain, balance your body and therefore reduce wear and tear on your joints.

The whole body is treated in one session leaving you feeling lighter and freer. This treatment is a great start to correct any short or long term body challenges.

Great for clients who just need a quick rescue of areas of distress, or who are short on time.

Light touch to quickly release restrictions and pain (e.g stiff neck) using the Emmett Technique.

Calms the nervous system, balances the body and relieves acute and chronic pain.

Some treatments can be extremely painful, however this is not your usual lymphatic massage.

Very effective whole body lymph treatment using the Emmett Techniques to relieve the build-up of fluid, stimulate your bowel and circulation, and therefore help your body elimate waste and stimulate the immune system.

The major lymph nodes and points are activated (including the sinuses) and offer almost instant relief of congestion and discomfort.

Pregnancy can be a great experience, however there are parts of it that can leave you nauseous, in pain and emotional.

I will discuss your challenges you are facing and design a treatment specifically to your stage of pregnancy and use the spinal osteopathic and Emmett Techniques to relieve all of the associated discomfort of pregnancy you may be experiencing.

Your baby and you, will both feel relaxed and comfortable after your treatment.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and offers protection against the external environment. When things go wrong internally, the body attempts to push it to the outside of the body, resulting in inflammation and discomfort on your skin.

Whether it be hormonal issues, toxins, food intolerances causing the irritation, or, you just notice that your skin needs is losing its elasticity or you are experiencing thinning hair, we can help.

Great for clients who want a thorough investigation and scan of their body to see what is out of balance. From your genes to your subconscious limiting beliefs, this TGA approved Quantum machine will give you an insight as to why things are 'not quite right'.

More powerful than the Healy system, a non-invasive scan will be done to work out what may be at the root of the health challenges you are experiencing.

Application of frequencies makes everything done clinically, easier, faster and more effective. It creates a stable state for integrative treatment.