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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


We are a holistic fitness and health company who offer services that encompass Exercise Physiology, Personal Training, Boot Camps and Online Training. Our Exercise Physiologists are university trained Allied Health Professionals that are registered with all of the major private health funds, as well as Medicare and the Workers Compensation/CTP spaces.

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28 March 2021

Great outdoor gym, love the variety of classes. Training are amazing and fun.

27 March 2021

Absolutely love training with Totum Health! The trainers are all so friendly and helpful and run and amazing variety of classes!

26 March 2021

Totum has got me into a change of mind of a gym I’ve never been interested in weights at gyms but TH has a lot of different varieties of exercise the trainers also scale down movements you might not be able to do due to disabilities, injuries, a lot of out door boot camps working as a team environment is what drew me into Totum aswell trainers are always on point and for the clients they become family in and out of the gym THF....🙏🏽💯💪🏽🔥👌🏽

26 March 2021

Love being part of the Totum “family”. After a loooong absence from attending any gym I found Totum and haven’t looked back. Great variety of classes, great trainers and great group of people to train with who are not judgemental and all encourage each other! More...

26 March 2021

Totum Health have a great range of classes each week and trainers who motivate, keep you accountable and most importantly make you feel welcome - can’t wait to continue training after the 8 week challenge!

26 March 2021

Supportive and helpful trainers. Friendly members. Huge variety of classes to chose from and times.

26 March 2021

Totum Health are just so supportive. The trainers really encourage you to push and challenge yourself. They cater for all fitness levels and the other members are super friendly and supportive also. Would recommend Totum Health to anyone wanting to get back into training in a no stress environment! More...

26 March 2021

Great place to train with great people. A good mix of classes with different trainers so you get a good variety of workouts!! 💪🏻🥊

26 March 2021

I’m so glad I found Totum Health! I’ve been training with them for the past 9 months and have participated in all 3 challenges so far.

All of the trainers are super knowledgeable, helpful and motivating. No judgments here! 🙅🏽‍♀️

It is great to be able to choose from a variety of classes and training locations.

It’s a place where I feel supported and motivated to train while being surrounded by such a great bunch of people. I love being a part of the Totum Health Family! ❤️

26 March 2021

Love Totum !! Great variety of classes. Great trainers , best Atmosphere at all the classes

26 March 2021

Outstanding group of trainers who genuinely car about your wellbeing! Great range of classes and the times they are available ensure you have no excuses of a “busy life”

26 March 2021

I’m so glad I found Totum Health! I’ve been training with them for the past 9 months and have participated in all 3 challenges so far.

All of the trainers are super knowledgeable, helpful and motivating. No judgments here! 🙅🏽‍♀️

It is great to be able to choose from a variety of classes and training locations.

It’s a place where I feel supported and motivated to train while being surrounded by such a great bunch of people. I love being apart of the Totum Health Family! ❤️

26 March 2021

I’ve been a member with Totum Health for almost a year. Such a supportive training environment. Variety of locations and awesome trainers. I have found my love of training again. No judgements or egos and very helpful managing injuries and offering alternatives. It’s great to be able to exercise and have fun whilst doing it. More...

26 March 2021

The reason why I am still with Totum is that the community and all the trainers always are pushing one another. They always have each other’s backs and makes it so much more enjoyable to be working out. Rather then being stuck insides a gym... More...

26 March 2021

What an awesome team of trainers and locations. Plenty of great classes that are easily booked & managed online. Want to get fit and healthy get along to Totum Health

23 April 2020

Really experienced and highly professional E.P. Has worked closely and patiently with me to help me turn around the impacts of chronic health issues. I am enjoying 100% better quality of life than before. Thank you so much Totum Health More...

20 April 2020

Great experienced trainers. I really enjoyed my in-person sessions when I lived closed now enjoy my online PT.

20 April 2020

Fabulous group to work with. Trainers are skilled at getting me to work to achieve my goals . Always a pleasure to go to training


By taking a holistic approach and understanding that no two people are the same. Even if the goal is the same, the path towards your best health should be personalised and encompass every part of your life. Given that your life is not the same as someone else's, the approach that we will need to take with you will be specific to you. Using a very specialised form of behaviour change mentoring, we put the onus for change and the creation of the path forward back on to you. We liken it to a slow dance, you take the lead and we will assist you in moving in the right direction!

There is no secret and we don't pretend to know it. However, to improve your health and make the kind of changes that are required involves introspection and commitment. And that doesn't mean on you, on our part as well. We know that the journey forward is not easy, but we form a deep connection with you and become more than just a 'trainer'. We become your mentor and coach. We aim to help you to find the network in your personal life that you require in order to make the journey as seamless and easy as possible, understanding the entire time that you are about to embark on something very challenging, emotional but incredibly rewarding.

We change people's lives for the better - there is nothing that can be more professionally rewarding than that! Being able to help you through difficult times and navigate significant challenges is what gets us up before the birds! Our approach means that we become more than just a 'trainer'. For anyone that has not done this, there is something very special about being able to give someone's health back to them. To give their life back and assist on the journey is an unbelievable privilege that we don't take lightly.

We wanted to be able to offer a holistic service that we do not see in many other places within the health and fitness industry. Our experience in Fitness and Allied Health of well over 10 years in operation, means that we have a unique insight into the keys to enabling behaviour, and therefore, health change. We know that the keys are in the community and connections that can be built within your network. We form a part of your network and community and walk with you every step of the way. Being able to deliver something different and that caters for this was a driver for us to start Totum Health.

Our experience has allowed us to gain insights into people and the drivers of change that can only come with time. We take an approach that is different to other fitness companies and can offer an unrivalled array of services that will allow you to rest safe in the knowledge that you are taken care of. If you have complex needs, we have a team of university trained professionals - our Exercise Physiologists - that can assist. If your needs are less complex than we can offer a team of experienced Personal Trainers that will help you in the unique way that we do things at Totum Health. Whatever your current situation or condition, we would love to help!

Yes we provide Online, classes and Personal Training, via google meet, FB lives, and our own Totum Health online App.


This session type is exactly as the name suggests, a private session with a personal trainer. We recommend that for the first time you see one of our trainers, that you take advantage of our one-off free initial consultation. In this consultation, your trainer will go through goal setting, nutritional advice and see if you are eligible for exercise physiology and if that pathway is recommended for you. One-on-one sessions are tailored to your needs and goals, with a program created for you and uploaded to our Totum Health Online App for easy tracking and reminders on how the exercises are completed. Your trainer is there to motivate you to work towards your goals at your level of ability, or just that little bit higher.

These Sessions can be done in one of many local gyms, a park, one of our school locations or even at your home.

This session is the halfway point between one-on-one PT and our general outdoor sessions. The sessions, capped at 4 clients per trainer, allow a more social aspect whilst still receiving some closer attention to the clients over an outdoor session. These sessions are planned by the trainer and are based on the training experience and level of the clients in the sessions. If you bring your own group of friends that you like training with or are just added into a session to make new gym friends, these sessions are great for learning how the gym is. Challenge yourself to push yourself harder than your group and see who comes out the victor! These Sessions can be done in one of many local gyms, a park, one of our school locations.

Let’s take your training outside and work with a whole group of people. This type of session is fantastic if you are not quite sure if the more private sessions are right for you. The trainer may bring some portable equipment, or just work with what is available. Guaranteed that no session will ever be the same, they will challenge you at whatever fitness level you are at! We currently have approx 120 sessions that run every week in southern Sydney and Sutherland Shire. Run Group, Boxing, Bootcamp, weights, Yoga, Pilates, just to name a few session types.

If you’ve got a niggle or subtle pain, an old injury that you can’t quite shake off or something a little more acute, one of our experienced team will be able to help you. Exercise Physiologists specialize in the treatment and management of injury recovery and rehabilitation. Our focus is on what we call functional strength and conditioning, that is that we focus on bringing your fitness and strength back up to the level that it was at prior to your original injury.

We differ from Physiotherapists in our specializations and approach. Rather than being experts at diagnosis, we are the experts at designing programs to help you get back to, and exceed, your previous best health. We promote a philosophy of rehabilitation through movement, rather than rehabilitation through inactivity. Meaning, we will work with you to ensure that you are still able to exercise through and around your physical limitations.

One of the great shifts in the health system over the last decade has been the growing awareness around the benefits of consistent exercise and physical activity. These benefits extend not only to weight loss, strength improvements, pain management, heart and lung health and capacity but also to a proven reduction in all-cause mortality. As a result of this, Private Health Insurers are including Exercise Physiology services more and more in their service offering.

As all of our Exercise Physiologists are accredited and have Medicare Provider Numbers, we are registered with all of the Private Health Insurers. The major ones that we are registered with include:

Australian Unity
There are many others and we’ve only listed the major organizations above. So if you’ve got an old injury, a new one, a niggle that you can’t get right or just want some help with a tailored exercise program, our team can help you to access your rebates through your Private Health Fund.

A chronic disease is considered to be any ongoing health condition that has been present for more than six months. The number of Australians that are suffering from chronic disease and chronic health issues is growing every year, with the number of Australians suffering from chronic disease expected to reach a staggering twelve million by the end of 2021.

The most common types of chronic disease, and which account for over ninety percent of chronic disease cases, are:

Back pain
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder
Diabetes (I and II)
Heart Disease
Kidney Disease

The list above is only small, and there are dozens of other conditions that are also considered to be chronic disease concerns. One of the only therapies that has been proven, in the most rigorous of research, to help to manage chronic disease is regular physical activity and exercise. Our team of Exercise Physiologists, no matter your location, will work with you, applying our renowned client-centred approach at all times, to design a program that is 100% tailored to you and your needs.

At Totum Health we want to make your journey towards whole health as simple and seamless as possible. We offer a ‘no gap’ service on our referrals. What this means is that all you need is an Enhanced Primary Care Plan from your GP and you will not be out of pocket at all for up to five supervised exercise physiology sessions. We take care of all of the hard stuff and all you have to do is turn up.

If you want to make a change in your life, and start living at your best, we will be with you every step of the way to make the transition to your best health as simple as it can be.

Stuck inside? Have kid issues that you can’t leave them alone? We can help you there! With a select range of our classes broadcast on a digital wavelength, you can maintain your exercise regime as if you were still a part of the class! Further, with the use of two-way video technology, you’ll also feel like you are a part of the class with the trainer talking to you as if you were there too! Some equipment may be required, or you can substitute this with common household items!

Without access to the gym, exercise can be a struggle. That’s why we have developed a multi-level program which allows you to complete your training at home in your time. Packages vary from a complete at home program, all the way to having a video call with your dedicated trainer to take you through the exercises in your program. The training team is always available for you to communicate with and for any questions. The only question you need to answer now is, what’s stopping you from starting now?