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Our level of service and our turn around time without leaving aside the quality of work we do.


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Creating relationships is what I get to do on a daily basis.

I work for the business and ran our partnerships channel

Because our level of service, our efficiency, the quality of our work.

Yes, our platform for settlements is online and we integrated the same prior to Covid.

We have implemented a new CRM and a better way to servicing our referral partners and our clients.


If you’re purchasing an established home, be it a stand-alone house, a unit, townhouse or apartment, you want to be confident your home conveyancer is going to:

read the contract of sale
conduct every relevant search
advise you of any red flags before you put pen to paper
Tick Box Conveyancing’s pre-purchase contract advice will give you a thorough, plain-English breakdown of the contract of sale for the property you are hoping to purchase.

Our advice will shine a light on any special conditions in the contract and will tell you about any covenants or easements on the title and how they might affect what you can or can’t do with the property.

Off-the-plan purchases are attractive to first-home owners and investors alike for a variety of reasons.

From great locations to more affordable prices and the potential of a brand new property, purchasing off-the-plan can be an exciting proposition, but off-the-plan purchases also come with an element of risk.

An experienced conveyancer can help you better understand the nuances of purchasing a property with a building you can’t feel, touch or see, to unpack the deal you are getting into and the contract you are signing.

Tick Box Conveyancing’s pre-purchase advice will help you understand the obligations you will be signing up for by purchasing off-the plan in a particular development.

Once purchased, our experienced team will stay in constant contact with the vendor to ensure you remain updated about the progress of construction, to ensure all will be in readiness when settlement falls due so it goes off without a hitch.

Whether buying, developing, selling or leasing commercial property, Tick Box Conveyancing has the expertise and experience to help you.

With over 30 years of conveyancing experience, we bring a tried and tested process to assisting our wealth of commercial clients with all things commercial property.

We provide sophisticated, but simple-to-understand, advice to all our commercial conveyancing clients.

We can assist with advice and guidance on the following matters when it comes to commercial conveyancing:

Purchasing commercial property
Selling commercial property
Leasing commercial property (Retail leases v Commercial leases)
Treatment of Tax, including GST, Capital Gains, Margins Scheme and Land Tax (in consultation with your accountant)
Going concerns
Zoning queries
Lodgment of plan of subdivisions
Subject to Lease transactions
Vacant possession transactions
Tick Box Conveyancing understands the pain points of commercial clients and we bring years of experience to the table to help them navigate all commercial property transactions.

We have great experience servicing sophisticated commercial clients with multiple commercial assets, ensuring clear communication across several different matters and liaising directly with our clients’ network of trusted advisers to ensure we and our client receives clear and consistent communication across the board.

This helps ensure a seamless commercial conveyancing experience for our clients.
Our pre-purchase advice ensures the commercial property you are considering is suitable for your intended purposes and will ensure that you get the complete picture of the property and the proposed transaction.

If you are in the market for commercial property, Tick Box Conveyancing’s strong network of commercial agents will help you find the perfect property for you, before our commercial conveyancing services see the deal through to settlement.

Our ability to review and create leasing documents for retail and commercial leases means we can be an ongoing ally for you in your commercial property journey.

Looking to sell your commercial property? Tick Box Conveyancing can help you prepare for sale by producing a quality contract of sale and correct and thorough section 32 statement which covers all your disclosure requirements and in all protect your rights until settlement and beyond.

Tick Box can also assist with all commercial leases, ownership structures and much more.

Read on to learn more about how Tick Box Conveyancing can assist you with your commercial property transactions.