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19 customer reviews

5 May 2021

Love there pasty’s think I’ll try a scotch egg today 😀

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23 April 2021

I’m from the UK and the traditional pasty took me right back there. A taste of home. Best pasty I have had in a long long time.

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24 March 2021

The best and most delicious pasties!! Every pasty we’ve had has been superb - perfectly cooked and flavoursome filling inside an equally delicious and well made pastry. Quality like this means we’ll keep coming back again and again - not just for the pasties but for the good chats and customer service as well. Cheers to you both! More...

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22 February 2021

Saves paying for a flight back to UK to sample proper pasties. Bootiful pasties cannot recommend enough...

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12 February 2021

I had one of your delicious Cornish pasties today and it was the BEST I have ever tasted. I’ve tasted quite a few as I lived in England for 14 years. Absolutely delicious - I will be back and will try an apple one too. Lovely to meet you and to hear that great Cornish accent. More...

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8 February 2021

Outstanding! Best pasty I’ve ever had in Australia. Julian the owner is a top bloke - knows his football and supports Exeter. Remembers Pompey bringing thousands to a Plymouth game in the 80s (I was there as a 15 year old). End of Orchard Road in Brookvale. Peppery, perfect pastry, beautiful. It’s where Brookvale’s top caravan renovators take their lunch now.👌🙏 More...

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23 January 2021

As a Cornish ex-pat you always dream of finding the perfect Cornish Pasty, well here they are! Absolutely perfect balance of delicious pastry, filling and seasoning, most importantly the right amount of juice (something I struggle to replicate in my own home made ones! ). A very happy Cornishman now I’ve found somewhere not too far away that gives me that real, shop bought Cornish Pasty experience! Well done Julian and Jen, a confirmed new repeat customer here! Proper job! Now to hunt down the elusive Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream which is (or was) being shipped down under! :) More...

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22 December 2020

Had our first home delivery of Cornish pasties this evening. Absolutely delicious! Will definitely order again, and try the other flavours

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21 December 2020

A proper pasty just like the ones I used to eat in Cornwall !! Thanks for waiting last week can’t wait to have another👍

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20 December 2020

Just had our first home delivery - a real treat and soooo delicious!

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18 December 2020

Love everything we have tried so far. And Julian, you are so right about cold/hot - hubby had had the Thai pasty cold and loved it, then after our special delivery last week had it hot and was amazed! Thank you for the great pasties and your passion More...

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20 November 2020

Delicious Cornish pasties & great service having them delivered. Lovely to have a ‘taste of home’ - proper job!

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13 November 2020

Have tried all the flavours, highly recommend, fantastic service!

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8 November 2020

Tried the sausage rolls today, delicious 👌The traditional pasty is our usual go to and is just like the ones in Cornwall! The coffee is great too, thanks Jenny nice to meet you 😃 Debs & Mark

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7 November 2020

Excellent proper real pasty. Would be Cornish pasty if made in Cornwall - the real thing- proper job

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23 August 2020

Probably the only proper pasty makers in Sydney. I got pasties and sausage rolls for my birthday party and they were delicious. I had friends from all over the world and everyone loved them! More...

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8 July 2020

Best Pasties outside of Cornwall. Cheese and Onion is a must try 😋

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28 June 2020

Absolutely delicious .. have tried the Cornish & Cheese/Onion so far and they're both divine ... very good quality ingredients & perfect homemade pastry

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22 June 2020

Absolutely great people running a great business, Delivered at 9.35 Sunday night after they got lost. lol. 10.20 Pasty in the oven could not resist waiting another day. Cheese and onion pasty was fantastic. Trying ones names after me tonight. Paul's LAMB AND MINT SPECIALS. No wonder we order 28 at a time. Even my Aussie partner loves them even with mushy peas and chips and gravy. You must try these pasties. They are simply the best ! More...

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